Clozapine tablets (Generic Clozaril) to buy in US

Clozaril Over the Counter

Active ingredient: Clozapine

General information

Clozapine is an antipsychotic drug. It works by changing the balance and action of certain chemicals in the brain, which improves the symptoms of severe schizophrenia. It can also be useful for reducing the risk of suicidal behavior in people with mental disorders. Frequent doctor visits and blood tests are required while taking Clozapine to rule out developing an infection, the signs of which may be sore throat, fever and sudden weakness.

Taking Clozapine during pregnancy is not recommended, as it can cause the newborn to experience stiff muscles, tremors, fussiness, withdrawal symptoms and breathing problems. However, sudden withdrawal can result in more serious symptoms and problems in the mother, so you should keep taking the drug even if you get pregnant, unless recommended otherwise by your doctor.

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Dosage and administration

The usual dosage of Clozapine for schizophrenia is 12.5 mg once or twice a day. If the initial dose is well tolerated, it can be increased in small increments up to 300-450 a day, bit no more than 900 mg a day. To reduce the risk of suicidal behavior, this drug is taken at the same dosage. You can take every dose with some food or without. You should follow your doctor’s recommendations when taking Clozapine. Your dose may need to be changed occasionally for you to get the best results. You should never exceed it or take Clozapine for longer than recommended.

Side effects

Clozapine commonly causes side effects that are mostly mild and include increased sweating, headache, blurred vision, weight gain, dry mouth, nausea, drowsiness, increased salivation, fast heart rate, constipation and dizziness. You should contact your doctor if your initially mild side effects get worse or persist, or if you develop any other side effects.

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