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What is Januvia?

Januvia is an agent that lowers the glucose content of the blood (blood sugar level). The active ingredient Sitagliptin, a so-called DPP4-Inhibitor. This medicine prevents the breakdown of incretin hormones, which play a major role in the production of insulin in the pancreas. In this way, more Insulin can be produced, and the glucose value is stabilized in the blood of diabetes patients.

What is Januvia used for?

Januvia is prescribed by Doctors for type-2 Diabetes. In this Form of diabetes the pancreas does not produce enough Insulin, causing the glucose content in the blood is too high. Diabetes symptoms such as thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, eye complications, and poor wound healing caused. On the duration of untreated Diabetes can also lead to organ damage. Januvia enhances the production of insulin, thereby reducing the symptoms of Diabetes subside.

How is Januvia used?

Januvia tablets should be swallowed whole with some liquid, preferably during Breakfast. Take this medicine daily, even after the decay of the complaints. Did you forget to take Januvia Then you can do this, except it’s almost time for the next dose. You must never take a double dose of Januvia, in order to compensate for the previous dose.


If the doctor is not otherwise prescribed, the usual dosage is as follows:

  • once daily 1 tablet, preferably in the Morning to take

As regards the period of application, please refer to the instructions of your doctor. You keep strictly to the prescribed dosage.

Side effects

The use of Januvia may occasionally cause side effects. The reported side effects of this drug include, among others:

  • a low glucose content of the blood (Hypoglyglämie or \”Hypo\”). This leads to symptoms such as Shaking, headache, sweating, and Hunger. If these symptoms occur, eat the best grape sugar or drink fruit juice.
  • Gastro-Intestinal Complaints
  • blurred vision, dizziness

In this leaflet you will find more information about side effects, application restrictions, and contraindications.

When should you not use Januvia?

Januvia is not suitable for every Person. You can dispense with the use of Januvia, if:

  • Are allergic to Sitagliptin or any of the other ingredients of the drug to react.

Discuss the use of Januvia, with your doctor first, should you suffer from a disease of the pancreas or gallstones, you in larger quantities to consume, increased blood fat values, or other health problems. You use Januvia, other drugs, so you inform your doctor. Januvia may interact with certain medications. The package insert contains further information on contraindications and interactions as well as additional warnings for the use of the drug.

Pregnancy/Driving Ability/Alcohol

Do not use Januvia if you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. In this case, talk with your doctor about the use of other glucose dosage sink through. Januvia may occasionally cause dizziness or hypoglycemia. Not be part of the road, if these side effects occur, and make sure that you have on-the-go grape sugar or fruit juice. Alcohol can lower blood sugar levels significantly, which can lead to hypoglycaemia (\”Hypo\”). Do not drink or large quantities of alcohol and never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

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