Buy Zebeta 10Mg, 5Mg (Bisoprolol) Over The Counter

Bisoprolol Over the Counter

Active ingredient: Bisoprolol

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What is Bisoprolol?

Bisoprolol belongs to the group of Beta-blockers: medicines that reduce , slow the heart rate and ensure that the heart requires so much oxygen.

What is used for?

Bisoprolol is prescribed for the treatment of (hypertension) and / or heart problems such as Angina or heart failure, and to prevent a heart attack.

So you are using Bisoprolol

Bisoprolol should be administered as a whole tablet. The drug should be taken at a fixed time. Note: Stop taking this drug only according to the instructions of the treating physician. You can develop (heart)problems if you stop taking it on their own Initiative. Consult with the doctor about the reduction of Bisoprolol.


Bisoprolol is available in tablets of 5 and 10 mg. The usual dose is one tablet per day, if the doctor prescribed it to you differently. Always use the doctor’s prescribed dosage. If you miss a dose, you can take it still up to 16 hours afterwards. An Overdose can lead to a very slow heartbeat, dizziness, fainting and weakness. In case of Overdose you should immediately consult a doctor.

Side effects

This medication can cause side effects. As this medication lowers blood pressure, may cause dizziness or drowsiness. This phenomenon will disappear over time and your body will get used to the lowered blood pressure. Other side effects are: gastro-intestinal complaints (Nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea), headache, fatigue, cold feet and / or hands, sleep disturbances, skin rashes, and weakness in the muscles. Talk with your doctor if you notice any side effects, or serious symptoms that are not listed in this leaflet.

When should you not use Bisoprolol (contraindications)

You should not use this medication if you are allergic to Bisoprolol or any of the other ingredients. You speak with the doctor about the use of Bisoprolol fumarate if you have an autoimmune disease, COPD, Psoriasis, heart disease or other serious diseases.

Interactions with other drugs

Bisoprolol fumarate may interfere with the effect of other drugs, and Vice versa. This applies, for example, for:

  • Other antihypertensive drugs
  • Anti-Inflammatory Painkillers
  • Alpha-Blocker
  • Glucose-reducing drugs
  • Adrenaline Injections

Talk with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any of these drugs or other medications.

Pregnancy / Lactation

Do not use bisoprolol fumarate if you are breast-feeding. Also during pregnancy, this is not recommended.

Ability to drive

Bisoprolol may cause dizziness in the first applications. In most cases, the dizziness will disappear after a while and you are participating in the location on the traffic again.


The combination of alcohol and Bisoprolol may cause dizziness. Be careful with alcoholic beverages.

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