Doctors Develop New Drug Against Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis caused by mycobacteria is in this country disappeared from the perception and minds of the population. Nevertheless, the modern medicine is working feverishly on new medicines, with which the infectious disease can be to treat. Still, more than 1.3 million people have at 8.6 million cases (source: Global Tuberculosis Report 2013, WHO) die in the world. It is especially resistant strains of pathogens among the mycobacteria, which cause medical concern. Resistant to current , to develop these tuberculosis-causative agent to a serious Problem.

An international group of researchers from the USA, Spain and Switzerland have now succeeded to develop a new weapon against the causative agent, which can be a by resistant bacteria caused tuberculosis. The trick: The researchers modified an existing active substance.

From old to new

This learning has served the science in a clinical context really only limited them to use the antibiotic Spectinomycin as a base. Through targeted changes in the molecular structure, the Team from the antibiotic has an active ingredient with a completely new mechanism of action. How to Spectinomycin, the active ingredient attacks the ribosomes of bacteria and inhibiting their protein synthesis.

Due to the coupling to a – in comparison with the starting active substance – other sub-unit of the Spectinamide were also against mutant strains of bacteria to be effective. At the same time, the researchers managed to integrate a kind of cloak of invisibility in the active ingredient. This prevents the Efflux pump (recognize this is a transport mechanism, the medically active substances from the pathogen cells), the active ingredient, and an effective use of prevents.

The new drug could be an important first step in the right direction. Just because the against several antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis germs are in the long run a serious Problem and make a comprehensive research is necessary.

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