Does insomnia from overwork sometimes happen: insomnia as a consequence of playing sports

Normal healthy sleep is not only the body’s need, but also one of the sources of good health and good mood. Prolonged insomnia, most doctors consider a serious disorder that most often leads to various diseases. Often, people who are actively involved in sports suffer from sleep disorders. It is necessary to find out its main causes, methods of treatment of this disorder.

Does insomnia from overwork sometimes happen: insomnia as a consequence of playing sports

Nature of insomnia

Doctors call it insomnia. The exact, understandable algorithm for the occurrence of insomnia has not yet been identified, since its nature is rather complex, unpredictable. As a rule, it arises from fatigue associated with increased psychological and physical , constant stress.

The consequences of regular sleep disorders can be the most disastrous, therefore, to solve this problem, it is advisable to contact a specialist in the medical field.

Causes of insomnia from a biological point of view

If we consider the causes of the disorder from the point of view of the biological and chemical processes occurring in the body after exercise, then it can be:

  • Sleep disturbance after exercise due to increased levels of the hormone cortisol, which should decrease during the day (high levels of cortisol explain the disorder after night shifts).
  • In the process of doing sports, a person produces hormones adrenaline and norepinephrine, which give vitality, make it more enduring, active (according to studies, people can have a high level of these hormones up to 2 days after exercise).
  • Insomnia after training often occurs due to an increase in body temperature, when an athlete continuously exercises for several hours.

The remaining reasons

There is a version that after a strong tension the muscles get tired, an overworked organism will help to fall asleep, but this opinion is wrong. Insomnia from physical exertion may occur if a person has “driven” his body, it takes a lot of time for recovery.

Often, insomnia appears with improper, late nutrition. Dietitians do not recommend eating heavy food after 19:00. Moreover, after intensive training, the tired body spends too much energy on its recovery.

Tips for getting rid of insomnia

Experts can give some advice to those who are faced with the occurrence of insomnia: what to do, how to deal with it effectively:

  • Dinner as soon as possible, do not overeat a few hours before bedtime.
  • In no case do not drink coffee before workouts, even if a light, unhurried run is planned.
  • Before going to bed, do not bother with current problems, unfinished business.
  • The body’s stress (physical, psychological) can be removed by choosing comfortable clothes and bedding for rest.
  • It is advisable to finish sports activities stretching, breathing exercises.
  • Do not forget to take a relaxing cool shower.

Those who are intensively involved in sports mainly in the evening, during the day, it is desirable to make unhurried jogs to keep your body in good shape.

Use of safe medications

If we talk about sedatives, those for whom insomnia from overwork, as well as lack of sleep after a night shift have become the norm, doctors advise you to additionally use magnesia (about 300 mg), zinc (20 mg). Quite effectively to cope with the violation of sleep help such popular drugs as tincture of valerian and motherwort. To relieve tension in the muscles, you can use special applicators sold in pharmacies.

Any sleep disturbance from regular workouts is a clear signal that the body needs rest and rest. Therefore, with constant insomnia, it is desirable to temporarily stop classes. You should not strive for perfection, testing your own psyche, muscles for strength. In some cases, even sports can seriously harm health.

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