Meta-Study Of Vitamin D Deficiency Doubts

A lack of Vitamin D is considered by many medical professionals as a trigger for various diseases. , , inflammatory bowel disease, or Diabetes – all diseases of the Vitamin to have a significant influence. A study in the journal The Lancet now throws a different view on the importance of Vitamin D deficiency. The analysis is based on different scientific Works dealing with the different aspects of the vitamin in the absence of employees.were

The result: the authors of The study believe that the Vitamin D deficiency various diseases, not underlying cause. In the context of the various primary studies identified low Vitamin D levels are rather a direct consequence of the underlying disease. As an example, the authors reported inflammatory processes, as a consequence of the affected patients to a Vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin D prophylaxis in part, questionable

The meta-analysis has not only considered the lack of Vitamin D, but also with the question of supplementation is concerned. Here the authors come to the conclusion that the supplementation of Vitamin D has only limited positive impact.

In connection with diagnoses such as heart attacks or , the meta-study no significant improvement simply by additional Vitamin supplementation. Where positive effects showed, it went to bone fractures (e.g. hip) where, in parallel, a calcium-gift.

Against the Background of the published meta-analysis, Vitamin D prophylaxis is to be seen in Parts critical to. This applies, among other things, also against the Background of the now controversial daily doses. For the rickets prevention in or in connection with the osteopathy of risk in seniors a more meaningful Use, however, is in question.

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