For the diagnosis of which diseases is assigned Echo EG: the procedure and interpretation of the results

The essence of the study The human brain plays a major role in the work of the entire nervous system. A small failure in the work of this body can lead to impaired coordination of the human body. A thorough examination will help identify the causes of the disease. Brain echoencephalography is a reliable and affordable method of research presented by medicine. The procedure is absolutely painless. It can be… Read Article →

Why there is insomnia after binge and how to deal with it at home

Insomnia can torture an alcoholic after a binge due to disturbances in the central nervous system caused by intoxication of the body. Unhealthy psycho-emotional state of the patient contributes to sleep disorders. Why after binge insomnia occurs To understand why, after a long bout, insomnia occurs, it is necessary to determine which factors cause disturbances in the central nervous system. Systematic use of alcohol causes persistent abnormalities in the work… Read Article →

What herbs can you drink for insomnia – real grandmother’s recipes

Medicinal plants are the best substitutes for many synthetic medications. They are not only no less effective, but also do not have such an extensive list of side effects. Many insomnia herbs are used to produce drugs that can be bought at the pharmacy. This once again proves their effectiveness and harmlessness. Suggested recipes for teas and tinctures for insomnia are easy to prepare at home. No special skills are… Read Article →

What is dangerous intercostal neuralgia in a pregnant woman and what methods can be used to treat it during gestation

The reasons During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a serious restructuring, and neuralgia can develop against this background. A change in the position of the internal organs and the appearance of increased pressure on the nerve endings in different parts of the body are noted. When carrying a child, especially women with spine neuralgia often encounter women who have previously had abnormalities in the spine. The following factors contribute… Read Article →

Brain Encephalitis: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment Methods

Inflammation of the brain is accompanied by the destruction of nerve tissue and impaired functioning of the nervous system. Brain encephalitis is usually infectious. The disease manifests itself either as a result of a previous illness. Recovery depends on the timeliness of seeking medical care. Characteristics and causes of pathology The concept includes a number of inflammatory diseases of the brain. Inflammation of the brain develops as a result of… Read Article →

How does deep sleep affect a person’s well-being and how long this stage should last

What is deep sleep At night rest accounts for about a third of a person’s life, 7-8 hours a day. This physiological process helps to restore the body and goes through 4 or 5 consecutive cycles of changing the fast and slow phases. The first (paradoxical) takes up to 15 minutes of time. The second – orthodox or slow sleep – lasts about one and a half hours, comes immediately… Read Article →

Multiple sclerosis: what it is and how long it lives

Multiple sclerosis A wide group of people aged 10 to 40 years under the influence of various factors, often against the background of a violation of several genes, show signs of multiple sclerosis. The disease is chronic, slowly progressive. Characterized by the occurrence of demyelination sites. According to statistics, about 2 million people around the world suffer from multiple sclerosis. For multiple sclerosis is characterized by a wave-like course –… Read Article →

What are dangerous night leg cramps during pregnancy: causes and methods of treatment

During childbirth, the female body is subjected to a strong load: the bladder, back, legs are affected. Cramps in the legs during pregnancy occur frequently. There are several causes of spasms, which can not be ignored. After all, a woman during this period needs only pleasant sensations that contribute to a healthy pregnancy. What causes spasms Cramps – involuntary contractile movements of the muscles, which are accompanied by acute pain…. Read Article →

What are the consequences if untreated can cause concussion

Brain concussion An uncomplicated injury resulting from hitting the head during an accident, during a fight, falling or performing a sports exercise, sometimes causes a change in the location of the brain in the skull. The gray matter collides with the inner wall of the bones of the head and returns to its place. However, some nerve cells do not keep up with the movement and stretch or break. Read… Read Article →

Brain aneurysm – what is it and is it possible to avoid surgery

This education is present in 5% of people, but in most cases it is not detected, that is, it is asymptomatic. When the aneurysm manifests itself, neurological disorders like tumor-like or stroke-like occur (at rupture). Pathology is detected during a specialized instrumental study. It is treated exclusively surgically. What is aneurysm Any artery, from the aorta to the smallest, is a three-layer tube. The inner layer, or intima, is the… Read Article →