What are dangerous night leg cramps during pregnancy: causes and methods of treatment

During childbirth, the female body is subjected to a strong load: the bladder, back, legs are affected. Cramps in the legs during pregnancy occur frequently. There are several causes of spasms, which can not be ignored. After all, a woman during this period needs only pleasant sensations that contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

What causes spasms

Cramps – involuntary contractile movements of the muscles, which are accompanied by acute pain. During pregnancy, convulsions affect the calf muscles, feet, legs, toes. Often, women complain of night cramps that disappear after a change in body position.

There are several causes of cramps in the legs at night during pregnancy:

  • Mineral deficiency. During childbirth, a woman feels the need for many nutrients: calcium, magnesium, potassium. Lack of vitamins leads to sharp muscular twitching. Spasms usually bother future mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy and during toxicosis.
  • Iron-deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency may develop in the second trimester of pregnancy. This is due to increased stress on the body. This condition leads to a violation of metabolism, as a result of which the muscles receive less than the required oxygen concentration. There are acute cramps, significantly worsening the condition of women.
  • Phlebeurysm. During gestation, hormonal changes occur, leading to stagnation and a decrease in vascular tone. The last months of pregnancy are accompanied by swelling and heaviness in the legs. At night, this leads to cramps of the calf muscles.
  • Crush vena cava. In the last stages of childbearing, the greatly enlarged uterus squeezes the inferior vein, which is accompanied by shortness of breath, palpitations, and spasms.
  • Decreased glucose concentration, which is the main source of energy for a growing baby. Improper leads to such a deviation.

Frequent consumption of strong tea, coffee, as well as smoking provoke involuntary muscle contraction.

With a lack of potassium, the functioning of the neuromuscular apparatus is inhibited, since the element is responsible for the redirection of signals to the muscle fibers. Calves cramps – the main symptom of potassium deficiency. In addition to spasms that appear at night, the woman is worried about weakness, low , constipation.

A lack of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) causes seizures. This element is involved in the production of amino acids responsible for the formation of protein molecules. Vitamin B6 deficiency provokes the appearance of nervousness, digestive disorders, caries, toxicosis, spasms in the limbs.

Antispasmodic attacks increase with uncontrolled intake of diuretics, which evacuate the necessary trace elements from the body.

Relief of attack

If you begin to reduce the leg, you need to level the foot, pulling the thumb on yourself. This manipulation will stretch the contracted muscle, relaxing it. After the end of the spasm is recommended to massage the painful area.

It should make a smooth rotational motion, slightly rubbing the skin. To warm the muscle fibers, you can attach a heating pad to them.


Therapy for antispasmodic attacks during pregnancy depends on the cause of the disorder. After the differential diagnosis, the gynecologist will prescribe medications that are safe for the embryo and are effective for the woman.

With a lack of micronutrients it is necessary to fill the deficit by taking vitamin-mineral complexes for future mothers. Daily walks contribute to better absorption of vitamin D, calcium.

Women should start using vitamin complexes several months before the planned conception. This will prevent the development of a deficit that causes seizures.

If the blood test results indicate low hemoglobin levels, iron deficiency anemia is diagnosed. The disease is treated with products containing iron. Many women are forced to fight this condition throughout the entire period of childbearing.

Important! Systematic sharp muscle contractions caused by magnesium deficiency can cause miscarriage.

Therapy for involves the use of venotonics, the application of elastic bandages to the affected veins, and the wearing of compression stockings. The doctor selects specific drugs based on the clinical picture of the disease.

Competently chosen treatment eliminates convulsive seizures, reduces the manifestations of toxicosis, normalizes the functioning of the . This ensures healthy intrauterine development of the baby.


The first thing to do with repeated cramps is to adjust the menu. It is necessary to enrich the diet with the missing elements: magnesium, potassium, calcium.

Magnesium reduces the concentration of cholesterol, is involved in the formation of teeth, the skeleton. The substance is contained in seafood, cottage cheese, bitter chocolate.

What are dangerous night leg cramps during pregnancy: causes and methods of treatment

Potassium maintains acid-base balance, regulates metabolism, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The element is found in dried apricots, bananas, honey, greens, sea fish.

Calcium is involved in hormonal synthesis, metabolism, blood clotting. Substance is in cereals, fermented milk products, bean.

Physical activity

Cramps bother women during a sedentary lifestyle. Moderate exercise is beneficial for pregnant women. Exercise improves blood circulation, strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

Doctors recommend lifting up socks several times a day. To stretch the calf muscles, you need to do lunges feet. Sitting on a chair must be rotated with both feet in different directions. This simple warm-up will help avoid the painful syndrome.

Preventive measures

To prevent cramps in the legs during pregnancy, it is recommended to observe the following rules:

  • buy low-run shoes made of natural materials;
  • eat a variety of, often in small portions;
  • use enough liquid to avoid dehydration;
  • before going to bed do foot baths using herbal teas, sea salt;
  • avoid prolonged stay in one position, in order not to impair blood circulation in the legs;
  • go to the left side, choosing a comfortable position for sleeping;
  • play sports, go for walks more often.

If at observance of all preventive measures night cramps continue to disturb a woman, you should consult with your doctor. Since such unhealthy manifestations may indicate serious diseases.

Leg cramps in pregnancy are usually a manifestation of nutritional deficiencies. It is necessary to fill the deficiency of microelements, since such a state is dangerous for the health of the future baby.

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