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Active ingredient: Atenolol

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What is Atenolol used for?

Atenolol is used for the treatment of , Angina pectoris (chest tightness), functional cardiovascular disorders (hyperkinetic heart syndrome, hypertonic regulation disorders), and heart rhythm disorders.

What is the effect of Atenolol?

Atenolol belongs to group of drugs of the beta-blockers. It acts specifically due to the Blockade of Beta-1 receptors, which are located predominantly in the heart. The two stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline can no longer bind to the Beta-1 receptors, the result is a slowing of conduction of excitation in the heart. The heart rate decreases and as a result, the heart is relieved. The special thing about Atenolol is that it is hardly fat-soluble. It therefore, cannot enter the Central , and thus there are no side effects cause.

When should Atenolol not be used?

Please note that Atenolol should not be used if:

  • A Hypersensitivity or Allergy to the active ingredient or ingredients is
  • A severe peripheral circulatory disorders has occurred
  • Congestive heart failure (heart failure)
  • A tendency to constriction of the respiratory tract is
  • A low less than 90 mmHg at the first value (systolic)
  • A serious heart rhythm disorder with a Blockade of the impulse conduction (AV-Block 2. or 3. Degree)
  • A low heart rate (less than 50 beats per Minute).

May Atenolol in pregnancy or lactation to be taken?

The use of Atenolol in pregnancy should only be done if better Alternatives such as or Alpha-Methyldopa was looking for can not be applied.

The active substance Atenolol passes through the placenta into the blood of the Unborn, and reached there about the same concentrations as in maternal blood. Taking Atenolol should be regularly the growth of the foetus examined, as the active ingredient can also affect blood flow to the placenta (afterbirth). It can also come in the newborn within the first 24-48 hours after giving birth to a decreased heart rate, hypoglycemia, or respiratory disorders.

The use of Atenolol during breastfeeding, there is currently little clinical investigations. In individual cases, a decreased heart rate, hypoglycemia or a low blood pressure in breast-fed infants. If possible, the better tested Alternative Metoprolol should be used.

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