Alcohol In Medicines


\”The one who has to Worry about, has also liqueur,\” says the people’s mouth. You could also say: \”Who has drugs, alcohol\”. Many drugs, especially herbal preparations in liquid Form containing . Colloquially is understood to be alcohol-ethyl alcohol or Ethanol. He finds himself in the classic forms of alcohol beer, wine or liquor, but also as a preservative and extraction solvent for various drugs. Ethanol is the best known representative of the large chemical group of alcohols.

Ethanol extract medium…

For the preparation of herbal medicines used by the Ethanol, to achieve a high drug content in the drug. This includes, for example, all herbs or parts of Plants over a longer period of time in alcohol be inserted, and then poured off. Ethanol is a natural alcohol that occurs wherever there is wet, sugar – or starch-containing substances by the ubiquitous yeast are fermented cells.

Thus, alcohol is a natural component of many foods such as bread or fruit juices. The human blood contains alcohol in concentrations of 0.002-0.003 per cent – without the use of alcohol.

…and preservative

At the same time Ethanol is a natural preservative, so that the use of alcohol in medicinal products, on the other, artificial preservatives can be dispensed with. Ethanol inactivated enzymes: has a beneficial effect on remodeling, and degradation reactions in the cells and thus promotes the effect of the drug.

Risks and side effects

The alcohol content of medicines is for most people completely harmless, even if you are taking an herbal medicine over a longer period of time. Alcohol in medicinal products shall not apply under pharmacists as a precursor for alcohol dependence. This does not mean, however, that alcohol alcohol should not take medications containing. Here, the requirement of absolute abstinence is a priority. In , however, the ghosts are fighting.

Currently available preparations usually contain 30 to 50 percent alcohol by volume, is taken in single dosages of about 2 ml or 2g. This results in a current blood-alcohol level of 0.01 to 0.02%, which is already degraded after a few minutes again then.

Danger for children?

From a pharmaceutical perspective, there is no hazard of alcohol-containing medicinal products is, therefore, also for children. Rather, pharmacists and pharmacists indicate, in their opinion, a greater danger due to the negligent handling of over-the-counter alcoholic beverages. In addition, parents and educators must be to ensure that any type of medication containing only alcohol – out of reach of children stored.

Alcohol – The liver bears the brunt of Grapefruit juice can tablets be more Medication Rules

Alcohol sentence is problematic

For pharmacists, Ethanol is a undisputed constituent of various formulations. The composition of which is specified in the medicines act and regulated. After that, a drug the extract to a fluid or tincture contains, always Ethanol contain and should not be considered an \”alcohol-free\” means. The physical, technological and antimicrobial properties of Ethanol with that of Supplement so that of Ethanol-water-mixtures easily, and advantageous for the consumer. Although there are substitutes, but are often mixtures of higher alcohols.

Thus, these preparations are not \”alcohol-free\”, but only \”ethanol-free\”. The use of other solvents for the vegetable active substances is therefore not recommended by pharmacists. It should be noted that alcoholics should also take any alcohol, in drugs.

For children, the proper use is considered to be completely harmless – a bottle of beer in a child’s hand is dangerous.

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