Back Problems Due To Stress In Childhood – Is That Possible?

As the Federal Association for prevention and health promotion e. V. (bvpg), back of the main cause of disease-related absenteeism in Germany pain. In many cases, they even lead to an early retirement. As a result, high people on the one hand, economic costs. On the other hand, the Affected persons often suffer from severe pain and significant physical limitations. Often, the complaints can no longer be fully treat, so they always show up again, or even a permanent condition. Possible causes for the Occurrence of back pain there are many. Incorrect plays a Central role. But how it actually comes to this and what possibilities there are to prevent?

Reasons for back pain

Back pain can be divided into two large groups:

  • Specific back pain: you are clearly attributable to a cause. This can be a herniated disc or a narrowing of the spinal canal. Also infections come into question, as well as bone disease, tumors, or Hyperfunction of the parathyroid glands.
  • Non-specific back pain: This group, approximately 80 percent, of the occurring back pain. Here, no specific cause can be made. Instead, call in this case, tension and over a longer period of time, the resulting wear-out phenomena of the complaints.

But how it comes to be the Arising of back pain? Here, too, a distinction must be made. Sometimes the complaints are due to a congenital deformity. Diseases as a Hyperfunction of the parathyroid glands of their own underlying causes, as well as a Tumor. For most of the non-specific and specific back one or more or more of the following things are a pain but responsible.

  • One-Sided Load
  • Poor posture
  • Overweight
  • Little Movement
  • Physically demanding work, often in connection with poor posture or harmful lifting and carrying techniques
  • Mental Tension
  • Unevenly trained muscles.

Often several of these reasons go Hand-in-Hand. Who moved a little, to suffer from Obesity as a sporting contemporaries. Stress quickly leads to attitudes of failure and is frequently associated with an unhealthy and lack of exercise. In all of these cases, the muscle are initially tension the result. The muscles contract and harden. The resulting pressure on the nerves can cause pain that radiate into the legs or arms. In the longer term, chronic tension lead to symptoms in addition to wear and tear, which can culminate in a herniated disc and other severe damages.

Important: Take you chronic back pain do not treat it lightly. This. can cause long term serious damage. In addition, it is never excluded that they are based on serious diseases that should be treated. Contact, therefore, at the latest, longer-lasting symptoms with a doctor.

Mistakes in Childhood are to blame?

Often the reasons for back pain in the recent past. People with office jobs sit often eight to ten hours a day in front of the screen, associated with a lot of Stress and little balancing movement at the celebration evening. Thus, tense muscles and back are pre-programmed pain.

Sometimes, the causes for the complaints to which Childhood can be traced back. As the doctors newspaper reported, studies suggest that more and more and adolescents suffer from back pain. In such cases, the danger is that these become chronic. On the other hand, stress at a young age, can remain completely unnoticed and pain until many years later, and serious consequential damage.

An important role is the fact that the human spine develops in Childhood or adolescence, yet plays in this context. In these phases, especially between 11 to 15 years of age in girls and 12 to 17 years of age when the young posture or one-sided burdens are particularly severe. The consequence may back a round or scoliosis, where the spine is laterally bent.

The causes for such and similar problems are broadly similar to the above. Although the urge to move at a young age, usually particularly large, sitting a number of children and young people today, to much in front of the screen and spend your time a little to the outside to frolic. Possible reasons such as the following:

  • One-sided and heavy loads, for example, by Wearing an unsuitable school satchel
  • Little suitable furniture in school and at home
  • Bad Footwear
  • Psychological Stress

In this case, you are asked as a parent. Make sure your young on a bad attitude and they are noisy, if their children complain of back problems. At the latest then they should be together. It is better, however, back pain at an early stage to prevent.

What parents can do

Poor posture in Childhood to prevent and to avoid one-sided loads, pays off in the long term. As a parent, you have a number of ways to contribute:

  • Encourage your children to do more exercise: children Sit eight hours a day in front of the Computer or TV, and posture are preprogrammed damage. Make sure your child has plenty of movement. Regular is making a particularly important contribution. But also the great Outdoors contributes to a healthy physical development.
  • You pay attention to ergonomic furniture: to Even if you have no influence on the furniture in the classroom, at home, your child will have the opportunity, when Sitting a healthy attitude. Therefore, choose furniture for children’s or youth room carefully. It is important, for example, that this adjust. An additional advantage is that tables and chairs grow with your child and don’t constantly need to be replaced.
  • Healthy eating: The number of overweight children is increasing. With a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise you can prevent this Problem.
  • Avoid heavy loads: children Wear heavy objects, this can have serious consequences, especially if the weight is one-sided distributed. Select a suitable satchel, and they hold their offspring to carry items which are too heavy for him.

In order to follow this advice, you should consider a number of important criteria. For example, for the choice of a suitable school satchel:

  • He should left and right be on the back-padded, so it rests in the middle on the back and a symmetrical load is given.
  • A waist belt relieves strain on shoulders and upper back.
  • Ergonomically designed backpacks, the shape of the spine are modelled on and is very comfortable to wear.
  • A light weight ensures that your child can take as much in addition.

Whether backpack, sports bag or Desk chair, is a Central criterion for play adjustment possibilities. The better you can fine-tune the item to suit your child, the better.

By the way: Also in children back pain is not always only physically. Involve them especially in the case of academic or social Stress, possible psychological causes in your Considerations. This is not a new satchel fix.


For many people, back problems associated with life-long pain and limitations. In such a scenario, in the majority of cases, prevention through a healthy lifestyle with sufficient exercise and a healthy attitude. Both of these factors play in Childhood is a serious role. Therefore, make sure your child spends enough time with sports or outside Play and select ergonomic furniture and a suitable backpack. Such measures pay off in the best case, a lifetime.

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