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Time to take a breather most people in our society. The work, family, friends and Hobbies take up your time almost completely. And indeed, this saying is not just a cliché, because your breathing has, in fact, a direct influence on your mental and psychological health condition. In the case of high physical effects on your breathing, which will lead to a loss of Oxygen, your body resulting even. This in turn restricts their mental and physical performance, and causes a chronic malaise. Through specific breathing exercises, it is possible, however, that you get more and even in stressful situations. In the meantime, the respiratory therapy is exercises to the part of the area of the breath, an integral part of regenerative therapy after surgery, respiratory diseases or mental complaints.

What happens in the case of a shallow breathing? – The effect of breathing exercises

In stress situations, many people tend to have a flat respiration, the lung capacity is not fully exploited. Through this process, it can lead to a loss of Oxygen in their tissue cells. In the process, your remain inspired air in the alveoli and does not reach fully to their destination – their bodies. As a result, they are no longer able to retrieve its full performance. If your brain is not due to the sufficient oxygen, you will notice this very quickly. It comes to chronic fatigue, headaches and reduced efficiency.

Your breathing is subject to the control of your autonomic . On the other hand, however, it is also possible to regulate this yourself by your breathing. This means that you can exercises to achieve through breathing, improved oxygen supply to your organs, which can eventually affect your health, your efficiency and your stress level is positive.

Although respiratory therapy is offered by many specialist doctors and therapists, but this can be applied through simple Exercises even at home. A Central aspect of the diaphragmatic breathing. The diaphragm is a Central component of your entire respiratory muscles. As soon as you inhale deeply, arching the body down, expands and your chest lifts.

Breathing exercises for the home

The Diaphragmatic Breathing:

The diaphragmatic breathing also known as belly breathing or abdominal breathing, and is especially suitable for the relaxation of your physical and mental condition. In this breathing exercise, you breathe through your diaphragm, which creates a negative pressure. As a result, the lungs expand and air can be sucked in. The diaphragm relaxes, the exhalation takes place automatically. This respiratory system requires only very little energy, as only a few muscles, the respiratory muscles are addressed. Often singers make use of this method of respiratory support.

  • Relax and stand upright
  • Your arms hang relaxed at the sides of her body down
  • Breathe in as deeply as possible. Imagine your belly would be a bellows.
  • Now, try the air out of your lungs squeeze, by feeding your belly
  • To check whether you were really working with your belly, it could place your hands flat on your belly
  • You focus on the Lifting and the Lowering of its belly
  • After just a few minutes you will feel relaxed and energetic

The Lip Brake:

This Exercise is particularly helpful if you should suffer from acute shortness of breath and hardly able to exhale. This is a common disease with various pulmonary or Asthma. With the lip brake, you can empty your lungs better.

  • Tips during the test, the exhalation of their lips
  • Breathe only through your nose holes
  • Try to fight when you Exhale against the resistance of the lips to squeeze in without too much air to the outside
  • The exhalation is a passive way
  • After a few repetitions you will notice how your lungs are emptied gradually

Tensing and Relaxing:

This method is suitable especially if you are suffering from strong tension or muscle tension.

  • Breathe in slowly and deeply
  • Try it on the Inhale as many muscles in your body at maximum contraction hook
  • Stop the air momentarily
  • Breathe out as slowly as possible and relax your tense muscles
  • Due to the large tension, your muscles are supplied with blood. During the slow exhalation of your blood dilated vessels, allowing increased blood flow
  • You will feel after the Exhale, a relaxing heat that persists even if you stay for a few minutes, then sit quietly

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