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What is Maxalt?

Maxalt is a proven drug for the treatment of migraine and belongs to the group of triptans. Triptans selectively at the locations in the head where the migraine headache. The drug is only available with a prescription in the pharmacy. Maxalt is available as film-coated tablet or orodispersible tablet (lingual). The orodispersible tablet should be placed under the tongue, dissolves and releases the active ingredient. The orodispersible tablet can also be used without liquid ingested and is particularly in the case of already existing Nausea of advantage. Maxalt Film and orodispersible tablets 5 mg and 10 mg in the dosage.

How does Maxalt?

Migraine is caused by a strong dilation of the blood vessels in the head, especially of the vessels of the meninges, which is due to many nerve endings are very pain sensitive.

The enlargement of the vessels is associated with local and severe pain. A cause of migraine is an imbalance in Serotonin levels of the brain. Rizatriptan relieves the inflammation during a migraine attack and blocked the associated headaches by interfering with the Serotonin levels in the brain.

What are the benefits of Maxalt?

Maxalt is a Triptan, the second Generation and is characterized by several advantages:

  • Maxalt effect of all Triptans in tablet form, the fastest, and the maximum drug level is reached within one hour.
  • In 8 of 10 patients, the migraine headaches improve with and without Aura during the first two hours after taking Maxalt 10 mg.
  • Every Second is two hours after the intake is already completely pain-free.
  • A first relief occurs already after 5 to 30 minutes.

Affect the ability of vehicles and machinery Maxalt to use?

Migraine attacks can also be used to reduce the associated symptoms very strong life skills. Many patients, after treatment with Maxalt better. For some users, however, dizziness and drowsiness can be caused. For this reason the driving of a vehicle, operating machinery, and Performing other complex tasks that must be weighed after taking Maxalt.

How to use Maxalt?

Maxalt is available as a tablet and orodispersible tablet. The tablet you take with water. The Orodispersible tablets are designed to dissolve on the tongue. Take one tablet as soon as you feel a headache. Maxalt only works if the migraine attack has already begun. This medication can be taken preventively.


One tablet contains 5 mg or 10 mg of Rizatriptan. The doctor knows which strength relieves your symptoms the best. If the doctor is not otherwise prescribed, the usual dosage of Maxalt:

  • Adults: 1 tablet per attack. Headaches occur within 24 hours, you can take 1 tablet. The time between two intakes must be at least two hours. The maximum daily dose is 20 mg.

This drug is not suitable for children. Read the package leaflet before use.

Side effects

Medications can cause side effects, although these complaints occur in every user. Among the side effects that may occur, including:

  • Pain or a tingling sensation in different parts of the body. These symptoms generally go away within two hours.
  • Gastrointestinal Complaints (Diarrhea, Constipation, Nausea);
  • Fatigue, Drowsiness, Dizziness, Feeling Of Weakness.

On the leaflet you will find a full list of possible side effects. If these symptoms affect you considerably, please contact the doctor.

When you must not use this medicine?

Maxalt is not suitable for every patient. Do not use this medication if you:

  • hypersensitive to Rizatriptan or to any of the excipients used are;
  • is not suffering that is under control, a heart or vascular disease or other serious disease;
  • a stroke or a TIA;
  • certain medicines or have Recently taken (the doctor, knows what the medication is);
  • younger than 18 years.

Specify in your order, what drugs you use, since it could interact with Maxalt.

Pregnancy/Driving Ability/Alcohol

Do not use Maxalt dear, if you are pregnant or in the foreseeable future, and not during lactation. The doctor may prescribe a different pain reliever that is safe for them. This medication can cause dizziness and fatigue. Not be part of the road, if you notice any of these symptoms. Alcohol can increase side effects such as dizziness, and also a new migraine trigger. Do not drink alcohol, if you have Maxalt taken.

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