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What’s sulfasalazine and why is it prescribed?

Sulfasalazine is a form of drug called a disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD).

It operates by changing the underlying disease procedure to lessen pain, and swelling in your joints. It can be prescribed a rheumatologist or by your GP to treat:

Sulfasalazine does not work instantaneously. It could be at least 12 weeks before you see the advantages.

Are there any reasons I will not be prescribed sulfasalazine?

You must not take sulfasalazine if you are understood to have an allergy to salicylates (e.g. aspirin) or to sulphonamides (a kind of antibiotic).

Just how do I take sulfalsalazine and how much time does it require to work?

Sulfasalazine is usually prescribed as Salazopyrin EN-Tabs. These tablets are specially coated so they do not dissolve instantly in your gut.

Sulfasalazine pills ought to be swallowed whole, not crushed or chewed and ought to be used with a glass of water.

Your physician will counsel you on the right dose. Generally you’ll begin on a low dose, e.g. one 500 mg tablet daily. This really is generally grown slowly over a span of about four weeks – normally to two 500 mg tablets. The dose could be corrected based on the seriousness of your symptoms.

How long does sulfasalazine take to work?

Sulfasalazine doesn’t work instantly. It could be at least 12 weeks before you see the advantage. Since itis a long term treatment, it is crucial that you keep taking sulfasalazine (unless you’ve got serious side effects):

  • If it does not appear to be working at first
  • even when your symptoms improve (to help keep the illness under control).

Do you know the potential dangers and side effects of sulfasalazine?

The most typical side effects of sulfasalazine are nausea (feeling sick), diarrhoea, tummy pain, dizziness, headache and skin rashes. These side effects generally happen during the very first three months of treatment and typically up if the dose is reduced. You might be able to boost the dose after a time in the event your symptoms are being helped by the sulfasalazine and in case your fortitude enhances.

Your liver or your blood count cans impact, but these effects might be picked up at an early period by routine blood tests. You might be requested to take this with you when you see your GP or the hospital and to maintain a record of your blood test leads to a pamphlet.

Unless you are having routine blood tests, you should never take sulfasalazine.

You ought to tell your physician or rheumatology nurse straight away after beginning sulfasalazine 500 mg, in the event you develop some of the following:

  • a sore throat, temperature or some other symptom of disease
  • unexplained bruising
  • You which concern.

Your urine may change colour (to orange) with sulfasalazine but this is nothing to be worried about. Sulfasalazine could also stain soft contact lenses and your tears yellowish.

Can other medicines and treatments change?

Can I take other medications alongside sulfasalazine?

Check with your physician before beginning any new medicines and remember to mention in the event you are treated by anyone aside from your regular health care team you are on sulfasalazine.

It’s possible for you to carry on taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) or painkillers, if necessary, unless your physician advises otherwise.

While I am on sulfasalazine can I have vaccinations?

You can have vaccinations while on sulfasalazine.

Can I drink if I am on sulfasalazine?

There is no special reason to avoid alcohol while you are on sulfasalazine.

Can fertility, pregnancy or breastfeeding impact?

We suggest you speak to your physician when possible in the event you are arranging a family, in the event that you are considering breastfeeding or in the event you become pregnant.

Nevertheless, guidelines say that it is not dangerous for girls to keep on using sulfasalazine when striving for a baby and during pregnancy. It is often strongly suggested that you continue sulfasalazine throughout pregnancy to prevent a flare up of your state. It’s also advisable to take folic acid pills (5 mg daily) as sulfasalazine can reduce amounts of folic acid within the body.

Sulfasalazine can give rise to a fall in sperm count, resulting in a short-term drop in male fertility but mustn’t be relied upon for contraception. If treatment is discontinued the effect on sperm count is overruled, and research has not revealed this to be a trouble. Present guidelines advise that it is not required for guys to quit sulfasalazine before attempting to father a baby, although you need to discuss this with your rheumatologist. But you have been trying for a baby for a year or more and in the event you are on sulfasalazine, you arrange to see a fertility specialist to eliminate other issues and ought to discuss this with your physician.

Sulfasalazine is recognized as safe to make use of in the event you are breastfeeding unless your infant is premature or in danger of jaundice. In the event you are concerned about it, speak to your rheumatology team.

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