Can you Use Trazodone for Sleep?


A antidepressant called trazodone, which causes drowsiness as a possibly useful side effect. A current U.S. research in the journal “Sleep” discovered it to be one of most commonly used drugs to treat insomnia.

Trazodone was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1981 as an antidepressant. Though doctors can prescribe trazodone for any treatment. The medication is not accepted to treat insomnia.

In a couple of studies, trazodone is reported to improve sleep. But the drug has not been studied for its security beyond that point or more than six months, therefore little is understood about how well works Trazodone for sleep. Additionally, an effective dose range hasn’t been studied.

But many doctors are convinced, based mainly on their own expertise, that trazodone is a suitable sleep medicine for a lot of people, even if there’s no . This is why trazodone has gotten so popular.

How Trazodone Works

The mechanics of anti-depressants such as trazodone are distinct than that of sleep medications. The chemicals in trazodone stimulate serotonin in the , still another area of the intricate process that is neurological. However it should be mentioned that trazodone is not a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Serotonin is a brain neurotransmitter, as would be Omega 1 receptor and the GABA receptor. The latter two are both goals of sleep drugs that are popular and hypnotics.

Serotonin offers when in supply creates depression symptoms such as mood disorders as well as the symptoms related to insomnia and mood equilibrium. Remember, both are closely related. Because insomnia symptoms might be triggered by clinical depression, the symptoms are considered secondary. This is the primary reason you need to see your doctor.

Advantages of Trazodone

Another advantage of trazodone as a sleep aid in addition to its cost is that it’s not thought to be addictive or habit-forming. Sleep medications lose their sleep-promoting impact over time and patients become hooked on it, requiring more to get each night to sleep.

Trazodone is thought to help improve sleep onset and potentially aid with sleep maintenance. Trazodone takes a little longer to take effect than another prescription sleep drugs, and sleep onset can take you to three hours depending on the person.

Most other popular prescription sleep aids are GABA agonists which calm and slow down the central . Many side effects are reported for these drugs driving, such as sleep walking, eating and other activities that may be harmful while asleep, with patients. Trazodone is not reported to possess these types of unwanted effects, by acting on serotonin receptors rather than GABA receptors, and it works.

Where to buy trazodone tablets safely?

Before you start taking trazodone to improve sleep, please consult with your doctor if there is a possibility. Buy Trazodone Hydrochloride 25, 50 or 100 mg tablets are best online, since it’s quick and easy. You will not need a prescription from a doctor. Also on the Internet, the entire assortment of the necessary dosages is always available.


  • Because trazodone might not work to treat insomnia after a couple of weeks, check out with your physician to discuss how or if it is still working.
  • Take it several hours before going to bed, in case you have trouble getting to sleep; take it over 30 minutes prior to bedtime, if you have problems staying asleep.
  • Keep away from trazodone if you are recovering from a heart attack. Inform your health care provider if you’ve got abnormal heart rhythms, diminished immunity, active infection, or kidney or liver disorder. Use it cautiously if you have heart disease.
  • Watch for adverse effects. That’s particularly important for people over age 55 or so because they’re more susceptible to falls caused by dizziness or nausea as well as abnormal heart rhythms. Close monitoring can be crucial if you’re taking trazodone.
  • As with any sleep medication, never combine trazodone with , also use it if you’re taking other sedating drugs or anti inflammatory drugs. Ask your health care provider or pharmacist about medication interactions that are other.
  • If you develop an erection that is prolonged or occurs without stimulation, discontinue the drug and contact your doctor. Call your doctor if you develop fever, sore throat, or other signs of disease while taking trazodone.

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