Drinking Water Contamination By Drugs

Pharmaceutical residues in drinking are, in the opinion of environmental experts, a growing Problem. Ten substances had been detected, including various painkillers and x-ray contrast agent, says the toxicologist Dr. Hermann Dieter from the German Federal environment Agency. The famous theorem of the French chemist Lavoisier from the conservation of mass gets, when it comes to the most important foods of all, a special meaning: Nothing is lost, but apparently our drinking water.

Ten , including Bezafibrate (used to lower blood fat levels), Diclofenac 100mg online no prescription (a painkiller and anti-inflammatory), Ibuprofen (pain killers), , and x – ray contrast medium had been found in the water, confirms Hermann Dieter from the German Federal environment Agency.

Medicines to many Paths in the water cycle

Example, , About 90 tons of the painkiller are consumed per year in Germany. However, 70 percent of the active ingredient of the body to leave again in a natural way and get into the wastewater. Thus, about 63 tonnes of Diclofenac pass through the in the water cycle. A man drinks his life long, on average, two litres of water a day, it consumes in 80 years, more than 50,000 liters of water. How many drugs he residue it absorbs, it is difficult to calculate.

Nothing is known about the possible responses that meet all of the residues of around 3,000 in Europe approved drugs. However, we know from the animal world, that in the case of fish, for example, the life of wastewater treatment plants outputs, according to the Estrogen (ethinyl estradiol, from the contraceptive pill) sex-conversions were observed.

A Problem, however, is in the opinion of the Federal environment office, also that ignorant, or too comfortable consumers dispose of non-consumed or expired medications simply in the toilet. And another Problem is thanks to the intensive animal husbandry: Due to the manure treatment in the meadows and fields, an additional burden of medicines used in veterinary medicine, antibiotics, hormones, etc. In the fish, antibiotics and anthelmintic can be initiated breeding directly into surface waters.

Need for research

Although the proven resources in the drinking water between 100 and a Million Times lower than the prescribed daily dose, Dieter explains. But that does not mean that they were harmless: A quantification of the risk on a scientifically sound basis, is not yet possible. I see here more research is needed.“

In particular, the impact that could result if consumers were, for many years, several of the active ingredients at the same time in low concentrations via drinking water, is still unclear. Improved methods of analysis would, in future, promote the wellbeing of residues of other drugs to light. As life expectancy increases and more and more medicines are available without a prescription available, will increase the toxicologists, according to the number of medication.

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