Dust Particles Make City Dwellers To Be Allergic


What was for a long time of speculation, is becoming more and more a certainty: to blame for the increase in allergic diseases and air pollution. Especially the fine dust particles in the diesel exhaust particles seem to play in the development of allergies in several respects an important role: First, you can respond, regardless of the contact with the substance to which a Person is allergic, the mucus of the respiratory tract membranes an inflammatory response – similar to the one that occurs in hay fever or allergic .

Diesel soot, and summer Smog as a pioneer of allergies

In people who are allergic to substances such as Pollen, strengthen the soot Particle in addition to the production of antibodies and neurotransmitters, which control the allergic reaction. Result: By the action of the diesel soot you are suffering from particularly severe symptoms. In the meantime, there is even evidence to suggest that the exhaust gases can cause in humans with the corresponding genetic predisposition to an allergic Hypersensitivity that would not occur without the diesel exhaust.

Professor Dr. Heidrun Behrendt, member of the management Board of the German society for Allergology and Clinical immunology (DGAKI): It actually looks as if it is only the additional burden of diesel soot lead in some people, an Allergy develops.

City-dwellers are more likely to have allergies

Underpinned this study’s results through the comparison of people in urban areas with people from rural, low-traffic regions: the Case of city dwellers allergic, more frequent colds and Asthma-related symptoms demonstrate as in the case of the country’s population. In this case, the risk of Allergy is greater, the greater the traffic load. Anyone who suffers from allergies, should consult, according to information from Professor Behrendt a and allergologically trained specialist. An allergist can diagnose allergies clearly and appropriate therapy.

Hyposensitization as a treatment option

“Often therapy is the use of specific immune, a causal treatment is possible, for example in the case of pollen allergies,” says Behrendt. In the case of specific immunotherapy, also called hyposensitization, is injected, the physician to the patient over a longer period, solutions containing the substance, the this is allergic. This can accustom the immune system to the Allergy triggers, and, for example, when the Pollen is flying, no defense reaction. In the case of pollen allergies, the success rate of treatment is up to 90 percent.

Diesel soot makes the Pollen more aggressive

In addition to its effects in the human organism, diesel exhaust can also affect the Allergy triggers, and more aggressive. Pollen in industrial areas and busy roads are not conspicuous are strongly attached to dust particles from the diesel soot. As a result, the Allergy trigger may be potentiated.

For the allergic reaction responsible proteins, called allergens, enter then propagated to the surface of the Pollen, explains Behrendt. As a result of the interactions between Pollen and diesel soot is a dangerous, with great Allergen amounts of enriched dust-air-mixture. The fine dust particles can carry allergens into the smallest Airways. Of severe asthma triggered attacks.

The same mechanism is also made for short-term, regional Asthma epidemics, which was observed after a spring or summer storm: the rain sources of the Pollen, break-up and release of allergens in large quantity. The allergens bind to the fine particles of dust, together breathe with you, and in the lungs the allergic reaction.

Also nitrogen oxides and ozone suspicious

A different connection between air pollution and allergies are researchers at the Technical University of Munich Dr. Ulrich Pöschl on the track. The scientists are concerned with oxides of nitrogen and ozone, both pollutants which are also set in the first line in road traffic. Obviously, a mixture of nitrogen oxides and ozone may change in the air of Allergy triggers, so that the human immune system developed very rapidly, a Hypersensitivity to it. The allergic reaction to these allergens is also particularly intense.

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