Eye Diseases – Overview Diseases Of The Eyes


Eye diseases – Overview diseases of the eyes

There are a variety of eye disorders, day-to-day actions enormously complicate. The German Federation of the Blind and visually impaired Association (DBSV) illustrates such difficulties in the simulation movies, it offers free of charge to Look at. The most common diseases are cataracts and glaucoma, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

However, many other diseases are prevalent in the society. Only this unknown, and are often treated incorrectly. The reason for this is that all diseases of the eye, directly affect the eyesight. It is therefore difficult to identify a specific disease based on the symptoms. The vision, drops quickly resorted to the glasses, without clearing the root causes – this helps in the short term, without having to eliminate the Problem in a sustainable way.

Symptoms of eye diseases

  • 1 symptoms of diseases of the eye
  • 2 causes of discomfort to the eyes
  • 3 pension options
  • 4 The disease of images in the Overview

Eyes diseases show different symptoms. They concern not only the eyes: the occurrence of visual impairment, for example, expressed by frequent headaches. Affected do not pinch the eyes together, notice that their vision is decreasing. As a result, the eyes and the head tire starts to hurt. In the case of serious diseases of the eyes themselves but alert: they start to flicker, flickering, or pain.

A common Problem sticky eyes. This occurs when the connective skin diseases. Your eyes itch, pain and reddened. Also in the case of horn are skin pain is a main symptom. In addition, your eyesight decreases. A retinal detachment, in contrast, is reflected by the fact that their eyes flicker, or light points in the view to hear. Similarly, in the case of Green Star: here, you can see colored rings around light sources. These diseases include the full range of normal eyes and visual fatigue. Nevertheless, the list of possible is endless, where symptoms are difficult to differentiate.

Eye disorders in Detail

Eye Infarction (Sehsturz)
Conjunctivitis (Conjunctivitis)
Green Star (Glaucoma)

Causes of discomfort to the eyes

Flicker in the views, points and circles in the field of vision, and reddened, watery, or dry eyes are a clear indication that your eyes are. But not always disease the symptoms. Often there are external influences, such as air conditioning, or to dry areas that cause your eyes tired. In the event of any complaints, it is not recommended, the way to the eye doctor hesitate for too long – because an early diagnosis can alleviate the consequences of serious diseases or avoid them. Possible causes:

  • Inflammation of the eyes or eyelids
  • Dry air, for example, by heating or air-conditioning systems
  • Overexertion of the eyes due to screen activity
  • Allergies
  • Presbyopia due to natural ageing of the eye
  • Vitamin A Deficiency

Pension options

The most important Preventive measures against dangerous eyes of the visit to the eye doctor diseases. A recommendation of the Ergo insurance group, in particular, Work should carry out regular checkups, if you spend a lot of time in front of screens. As screen-based work force, such Pension to you and must be offered by the employer.

Of course, you can also support the health of your eyes. You strain your eyes, if you look long focused on near objects. It is advisable to look in between once to more distant objects to relieve the eye. When Working on the Computer, you can moisturize your eye by blinking deliberately on a regular basis. So, you can prevent your eye starts to dry out and burn. Also darkness relaxes the eye: Close occasionally your eyes and hold your hands in front of the eyes. Such a small breaks reduce the hardships faced by their eyes everyday and reduce the risk to deteriorate the eyesight.

Additionally, you will support your eyes by eating a balanced . Particularly important are Vitamin A, seems in this context to be. It’s not directly in the natural food and should therefore be included by beta carotene, which is converted in the human body to Vitamin A. Beta-carotene supports the development of the Sehfarbstoffes in the retina. Particularly rich, this substance is found in carrots, hence the recommendation that carrots are good for the eyes comes. This sentence does not apply in relation to all diseases of the eyes. So you can keep your eyes healthy:

  • Short relaxation breaks between work
  • Regularly the eye doctor visit
  • A balanced diet in mind

The disease of images in the Overview

There are many diseases that can affect your eyes. These are described in more detail below. In advance here you will find an Overview of commonly occurring diseases of the eye, with the most dominant Symptom:

  • Conjunctiva, inflammation of the skin (Redness of the conjunctiva, watery eyes, itching, foreign body sensation)
  • Corneal inflammation (foreign body sensation, Burning, redness of the eyes)
  • Glaucoma / glaucoma (See colored rings around light sources)
  • Cataracts (Blurred Vision)
  • Hepatitis (yellow staining of the eyes, decreased vision in the dark)
  • Hail grain, barley grain (swollen eyelids)
  • Retinal detachment (Flickering dots in the view)

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