Fiber-Rich Food – Table And Overview


In addition to vitamins, minerals and proteins and also dietary fiber to play for a healthy a crucial role. Although they are for the body of indigestible, but that does not mean that you have no important function. So bear in fiber, rich in food, for example, in a high degree the health of the intestinal flora by toxic and harmful substances from the digestive tract of the locks. Also ballast substances, ensure a more sustainable sense of satiety, which should be especially interesting, if the would like to lose weight. What other tasks do ballast substances in the body accept and what foods ballast, especially substance-rich, we can tell you here.

What is dietary fiber?

Fiber is a special group of carbohydrates, for the body, indigestible, and usually multiple sugars (polysaccharides). They are found predominantly in plant foods and come in different forms. General distinction between two fiber groups:

    water soluble fiber – this fiber is composed almost exclusively of D-Fructose. It is fruit sugar compounds found in foods, for example, in the Form of Fructans (mainly Inulin) or Polyuroniden such as Pectins or alginates.

    water-insoluble fiber – fiber that is not soluble in , are also referred to as ß-glucans. They consist of D-Glucose or grape sugar molecules, and are substances, for example plant fibres (Cellulose) and Mucus, such as Pentosan, or Lichenin.

The functions that take care of dietary fiber in the human body, are extremely versatile. One of the main properties of these carbohydrates, however, is that they promote the digestion and utilization of food. In addition, ballast bind to substances in the gastro-intestinal tract, cholesterol, bile salts and toxins, so that they can be excreted more easily. All in all, supports a fiber-rich diet, so a high degree of cleaning of the intestinal flora, blood, and bile, causing not only digestive complaints, but also gallstones, heart and vascular diseases prevention. Furthermore, various medical studies suggest that foods that contain a lot of fiber, contribute actively to the prevention of dental caries, Diabetes, and colon .

What ballast the importance of cloth as a rich food for Slimming, so the positive effects can be explained by the fact that dietary fiber bind in addition to salts, toxins and cholesterol, and also large quantities of water. This has the consequence that the food swells porridge in the digestive tract are better and in this way for a longer-lasting feeling of satiety. Of course, you should drink sufficient so that this effect can also really help with weight loss. The same applies to the cleansing and digestive function of dietary fiber, which can recur without adequate fluid intake.

Facts: nutrition medical studies to follow are widely used some of the diseases of civilization, sometimes so strongly in the industrialised countries, because a lot of modern food contains too little fibre. In particular, as regards food, cereal-based, separates often the literal wheat from the chaff.

Fiber-rich food groups at a Glance

The most important and sometimes only significant supplier of fiber are plant foods. However, there are strong differences with respect to the actual fiber content. Here is a small Overview of plant-based food groups that contain relatively a lot of fiber:

Cereals and whole grain products

Cereal products are the undefeated leader in terms of fiber. Need to differentiate, however, between wholegrain and white flour products. While whole-grain products, namely the whole grain of different cereal species such as rye, oats or spelt is processed, white flour is only made of ground wheat grain seeds, which contain, in contrast to whole wheat, only a few dietary fiber grains. The secret of fibre-rich cereal products is, therefore, in the co-processing of the cereal bowl. Of course, unground cereals (e.g., Corn, Flaxseed or brown rice) is one of the high-fiber grain-rich whole foods. With regard to the type of fiber in whole-grain products, cereals in addition to digestive Cellulose usually also blood pressure-lowering and intestinal flora detoxifying mucus substances. Particularly stand out here, by the way, wheat and oat bran, and flax seeds, as they contain the most fiber.

Legumes and nuts

Place the fiber-rich foods peas and lentils are very clear beans. Also, nuts (e.g. peanuts, hazelnuts or almonds) contain valuable fiber. Just mucus substances for the cleaning of the intestinal flora are included in said food very abundant. In addition, many of the sleeve have fruits and nuts with a high content of Pectins, which are used in medicine for the treatment of diarrhea and heavy metal poisoning, as well as to the lowering of the cholesterol value. In terms of nuts, hazelnuts have the highest amount of fiber.

Fruits and vegetables

In spite of their high proportion of Cellulose of fruit and vegetables have different cereals, legumes and nuts, and relatively few dietary fiber. A few fiber-rich there are exceptions but still. For example, root and cabbage vegetables because of its superior fiber content is sometimes very appreciated and it is not uncommon for the regulation of the digestion. Similarly, blueberries, Kiwis, and dried fruit, essential fiber suppliers. In addition to water-insoluble Cellulose they contain large amounts of water-soluble Fructans, which apply, among other things, as a well-tolerated, a Sweetener substitute in Diabetes and many with weight loss have helped.

Fiber-Rich Food – Table

Fiber-rich foods are characterized by a fiber content of at least 3 grams per 100 grams. Thus, the indigestible dietary fiber can be as easy as possible for you excreted, it is just when many vegetables and cereals is advisable that food chewing well and through before consumption in water to soak and / or cook enough. A good example of this is flax seed, and oatmeal, which are inserted for better digestion like only in warm water.

What are the days to ballast requirements as to materials, so nutritionists recommend an amount of about 20 to 30 grams per day. Finally, a selection of particularly fibre-rich foods and their fiber content:

FoodFiber content in grams/ 100 grams
Oat and wheat bran 49.3 g
Flaxseed39.0 g of
Black root17.0 g
Rye 13.4 g
Spelt 9.9 g
Almonds 9.8 g
Figs (dried) 9.6 g
Oats 9.5 g
Dates (dried) 9.2 g
Plums (dried) 9.0 g
Barley 8.7 g
Corn 7.7 g
Hazelnuts 7.4 g
Peanuts 7.1 g
Sultanas (dried) 5.4 g
Blueberries 4.9 g
Walnuts 4.6 g
Brussels sprouts 4.4 g
Natural rice 4.0 g of
Kiwi 3.9 g
Carrots3.4 g
Cashew nuts 3.0 g
White cabbage 3.0 g
Cauliflower 2.9 g

Table 1: examples of foods that contain a lot of fiber, in grams


Ballast substances are for the health of the intestinal flora is of utmost importance. Also have a lot of fiber-rich foods, purifying and circulation-enhancing effect, thereby preventing, in particular, heart and vascular diseases reliable. Foods that contain a lot of fiber, are whole grain products, legumes and nuts. Thus, fiber-rich foods can exert their positive effect on intestinal flora, blood vessels and heart but also, it depends on the right preparation, good chew, as well as a sufficient fluid intake.

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