Folk remedies for headache: a loyal assistant at hand


Migraine attacks and tension-induced headache are common troubles that haunt a person. Discomfort in this case appears in the forehead and temples, as well as the back of the head. How can a headache be cured at home?

Temporal pulsation

The head can get sick for various reasons. If the discomfort is localized in the area of ​​the temples, then the likely cause is vascular disorders or migraines.

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To relieve soreness in the head, refer to the following simple ways.

Headgear affects blood circulation in the vessels, so it is immediately removed to improve circulation. Since the use of can slightly thin the blood, it should be drunk in sufficient quantity. Such an action will relieve a strong spasm. Blood flow can be improved by dumbly lying around with eyes closed, while wrapping your head with a towel.

To reduce muscle tension can be achieved by massaging several reflex points on the hands. They are arranged symmetrically. Thanks to simple actions it is easy to achieve dullness of pain. Head massage will help to get rid of pain. Acupressure should be carried out in the area of ​​the nose, to carry out circular movements with a slight pressure in the temporal area. The result gives a soft effect on the outer corners of the eyes.

Folk remedies for headache: a loyal assistant at hand

In some cases, a good effect will be observed if you use cabbage leaf, lemon pulp or a compress soaked in beet juice. By applying these improvised means to the temples, and placing the beet swab in the ear from the painful side, you can completely remove the painful attack.

Occipital pain

Pain in the back of the head most often occurs in the presence of cervical osteochondrosis or with . Relieve well-being simply by resorting to the following methods:

  • provide fresh air in the room;
  • lie down and take a comfortable position, completely relax;
  • put a cold compress on the forehead;
  • make a hot water bath for the feet;
  • to massage the head and neck;
  • put mustard plasters on the neck and temples, use a bath or dry mustard for the heels;
  • massage earlobes.

Dizziness and remedies against it

The very first action when dizziness begins is to lean on something, sit down or lie down. Otherwise, there is a high risk of falling and serious injury. You can make a massage, which starts from the neck and is brought to the ear area. The head thus leans forward.

If attacks occur frequently, then you should not rely only on the help of folk remedies. It is necessary to reduce the load and seek advice from your doctor.

Herbal infusions are the main treatment for vertigo. To prepare the infusion, you need to take mint, lemon balm, cook a decoction of them, which then mix with valerian root. Take the tool should be one tablespoon to three times a day. It is suitable for women experiencing headaches during menstruation and during menopause.

Another proven tool will be a mixture of pureed ginger root and lemon balm broth, which is insisted for 20 minutes. Take the infusion twice a day one tablespoon. A mixture of honey, vinegar and solutions of valerian, lemon balm and chamomile fights dizziness well. Infusion of oregano should be taken within two weeks.

There are other popular ways to treat headaches.

Use of essential oils

The ability of essential oils to have a beneficial effect on the human condition has been noticed long ago. They are used for therapeutic purposes when it comes to migraines, overexertion, etc.

Thanks to the use of essential oils, the vessels expand, the quality of cerebral circulation improves, and the spasm decreases.

In practice, often used lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, mint. Throbbing pain is relieved by thyme and lemon balm oils, ylang-ylang and chamomile give good results. If we are talking about the narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels (atherosclerosis), the headaches of this nature are treated with garlic and rosemary oils. Juniper oil and black pepper are also used.

Often a headache is accompanied by nausea, which can be removed with peppermint or ginger. Fainting spells are treated with oils of tea tree, nutmeg, geranium and pine. To get the proper effect, you need no more than 8 drops, and the fluids are used both separately and in composition with each other.

There are several options for using oils:

  • candles, aromatic lamps and inhaler;
  • baths with the addition of various compositions;
  • massage and rubbing painful areas with the use of oily liquid;
  • overlaying compresses.

Metal treatment

Metaltherapy is another alternative way to deal with headaches. At the same time, copper is used, which is able to “stretch” , improve the functioning of cerebral vessels, and put pressure in order. Therapy is the attachment of copper coins to painful areas – temples, back of the head, forehead. The duration of one procedure is 15 minutes.

Copper water is also prepared. To do this, take a few coins, fill them with water (one and a half liters), boil until the amount of water is halved. Compresses and lotions for headaches are made of prepared water. Drinking water is prepared in a different way – copper dishes are taken, filled with water, covered with a lid and left overnight. From the next day, the obtained copper water can be drunk one teaspoon before meals (3-4 times a day).

Herbal medicine

Headache treatment with folk remedies gives results that are not inferior to traditional medicine. First of all, it concerns the use of herbs. The most favorable effect is achieved only with regular herbal treatments.  

Thyme, linden, viburnum, St. John’s wort, other plants and their combinations cope with tension headache, unpleasant sensations caused by stress. It is necessary to take the same amount of mint, St. John’s wort and oregano, pour the mixture with hot water, put for 15 minutes in a water bath. The resulting infusion is cooled and applied daily.

For and calming the is used herbal collection, which consists of linden, oregano and nettle. Cooked infusion should be taken within two weeks, daily drinking a quarter of a glass before a meal.

When the headaches are caused by cold processes and throat irritation is added, then chamomile, linden, hips, cinnamon are used. A hot compress based on a special decoction will help with migraine attacks. You can cook it from the leaves of the plantain, mint, lemon balm, clover. Oregano, wild rose and currant branches are also added there. Compress is applied to the temporal region.

Herbs are suitable for external use – foot baths, compresses. Inside taken broths and infusions. As a rule, for every 2-3 tablespoons of herbs you need about 300 ml of boiling water.

A throbbing pain is removed by a fresh leaf of cabbage or plantain. Nausea and subsequent vomiting cause dehydration. You can restore the balance with:

  • tea from dried apricots, prunes, raisins;
  • potato or carrot broth (perhaps a combination of them);
  • a mixture of soda and salt dissolved in water.

Dill seeds, peppermint and herbal collection (valerian, chamomile, dried sugar) are suitable for improving stomach function and relieving the symptoms of nausea.

A hangover is also accompanied by a mass of unpleasant sensations, which are easily eliminated with the help of ginger root, chamomile, wormwood and oregano tea.

Clay vs headache

Clay – one of the most ancient folk remedies to help cope with pain in the head. The microelements contained in the clay have a beneficial effect on the body, creating a healing effect. The feature of the use of clay is that it can be taken in its pure form, as well as mixed with extracts of mint, lemon balm, menthol. This combination gives a pronounced result.

With the help of clay they make wraps or put an application on a painful area. The procedure is quite simple: the clay should be softened and brought to a pasty state. The resulting mass is distributed on a gauze rolled up in several layers, which is transferred to the place where the discomfort is especially strong.

Mud treatment

Popular recipes for headaches include wraps and applications based on mud. Also apply sand and stones. The long-standing method of clay therapy has the desired effect, mud therapy is a more localized treatment option.

The rich chemical composition of therapeutic mud helps to improve well-being in case of migraine or pain in osteochondrosis. Active substances and beneficial trace elements of dirt in combination with essential oils can quickly get rid of unpleasant pain.

Useful properties of salt

To get rid of the first symptoms of a cold, among which there is a headache, salt dressings are used. We are talking about the usual table salt, which is always at hand. A small amount of salt dissolves in water, the resulting solution is wetted with a piece of cloth (preferably wool). The head should be wrapped, and the knitted fabric should not be removed overnight. Folk healers also recommend making salt baths for the feet.

Sea salt is suitable for the preparation of salt baths or for inhalation. An effective way to reduce pain is to attach an icy canvas bag of salt to your temples, after removing it from the freezer.

Tea from pain in the head

It often happens that you do not have the right medicine at hand, and you need to go to the pharmacy for herbs or collection. If you have a headache, then the best available folk remedy will be the usual tightly brewed black tea with sugar. When brewing, tea leaves provide substances that can improve the functioning of the nervous system. In addition, a cup of tea will expand the vessels of the brain, providing it with oxygen. As a result, in such a simple way you can easily get rid of a migraine attack at an early stage.

Green tea helps to relax, to overcome the overstrain and the nervous exhaustion caused by it. Enhance the effect of tea is capable of honey, lemon, ginger. Adding mint, chamomile, lemon balm will calm and add strength.


This medicine, which often advocates of traditional medicine, comes in different forms:

  • pills;
  • solutions and drops;
  • ointment;
  • applications.

The drug is unique in its properties. It quickly expands blood vessels, relieves spasm, tones the body. Only regular use of mummy can bring blood circulation in the brain back to normal, and improve the functioning of the hormonal system. Take the mummy is necessary for the night, on an empty stomach, diluted means should be juice. Course duration is about 10 days. Dosage form in the form of a 3 percent solution makes it possible to instill mummy in the nose and get a quick effect.

It is important to remember that the popular folk remedy has contraindications, so you should carefully study the instructions before taking. Any folk remedy is good when used properly, so it is better to first consult a doctor.

Folk remedies for pregnant women

Pregnant women often wonder what folk remedies are capable of stopping headache attacks. Many medicines are banned for use in all trimesters of pregnancy, and the pain does not give rest to the expectant mother. Because of the hormonal adjustment of the body, headaches with toxemia are frequent troubles that await a woman. To the condition of the pregnant woman and her mood were normal, you should not forget about the acupressure of the cervical and head. It will be useful to conduct aromatherapy, gently rubbing non-prohibited essential oils into the temporal region.

Forbidden essential oils include rosemary, jasmine and mint oil. Do not use oregano, basil, juniper, calendula, wormwood, sage and other plants.

But chamomile, wild rose, mint will give a good result when it comes to pain in the head. Pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman. In order not to harm yourself and the child, before using this or that folk remedy, it is better to consult a doctor.

There are a lot of folk remedies that help reduce the headache or even get rid of it completely. Before using them, the best solution would be to contact a doctor, especially for pregnant women. It is believed that traditional medicine is much safer to deal with symptoms than traditional medical therapy.

That’s right, if you approach the question of how to treat a headache, with the mind. Do not forget about prevention – regularly ventilate the premises, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat fully and have a good rest.

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