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When one speaks of high blood pressure?

A normal is at a lower value (diastolic) of less than 130 and a lower value (systolic) of 90.

If you suspect that your blood pressure is high, you should check him out. This can be done at your family doctor or even in most pharmacies. Your blood pressure is in the borderline area, you should lead, where appropriate, a table of this and the further course of action, discuss with your doctor.

Already at values of 130 to 139 85 to 89 is spoken from high-normal blood pressure, you can counteract the majority of which with life-style changes. In the case of regularly occurring values in one speaks of (arterial hypertension).

When should I perform a blood pressure chart?

If you suspect that you suffer from high blood pressure, this device by means of a regular measurement with a purchased or borrowed a blood pressure measurement or with a medically prescribed long-term measurement to be checked. This can be initiated in case of an emergency at an early stage in therapy, which can protect against the following diseases.

How to create such a table and what we can derive from this, you can be found on our page for the blood pressure table in more detail.

Why would you lower a high blood pressure with high blood pressure like Metoprolol?

Often a small high blood pressure is detected only by chance during a routine check at the doctor, as he mostly does not cause acute symptoms. Occasionally, a slight high blood pressure dizziness and bleed, a tendency to nose, headache, and increased fatigue found.

High blood pressure can manifest itself with blurred vision, a rapid tendency to sweating, shortness of breath during moderate activities, and perceptible palpitation.

The blood pressure is adjusted, this can ultimately lead to damage to the eyes, the kidneys, the blood vessels and the heart and thus heart attacks and strokes the trigger.

When can Metoprolol Tartrate be used prophylactically for migraines?

As a migraine-recurring head will be referred to attacks of pain that can last from a few hours to a few days and, often, sensitivity to light and noise, Nausea and vomiting are accompanied. The migraine called Aura may precede the seizures, with different symptoms.

In the case of frequent migraine attacks (three or more Times a month) or lack of effect of non-prescription painkillers, such as Ibuprofen or prescription drugs such as the Triptans, can be used for the prevention Metoprolol Tartrate.

If you want to suffer from strong migraines and Metroprolol prophylactically take, please discuss this first with your doctor.

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