Gerontology – Ageing And The Effects On Our Body


Each of us is aging with every passing day beyond the 30. Life year from our physical reserves slowly, until at some point no longer occurs in which the maintenance of all organ functions is as simple as possible: First restrictions.

What the science of aging?

In gerontology, ageing, science, and research on current problems of old people. The gerontology is still a young branch of science – the first German chair was only founded in 1986 in Heidelberg, Germany. Since many of the problems of aging must be viewed from different angles, belong to the gerontology different disciplines:

The best known are the geriatrics, the care of diseases, in old age, is certainly, in addition, the gerontological psychology and psychiatry, the mental disorders in old age is explored and treated, the social gerontology and gerontological sociology, which seek to give priority to social and sociological aspects, and the old-age assistance, which supported their institutions, the pragmatic older people. But also other disciplines such as demography, and Biogerontology, psychotherapy, senior management are represented in the four areas of \”Experimental gerontology\”, \”geriatric medicine\”, \”social and behavioral gerontology\” and \”social gerontology and old work\”, taught at the universities.

Why do we need the gerontology?

The people in Germany and Europe are getting older and older and the population numbers will change so that there are more and more elderly and fewer young people. This circumstance – so, more and more old people who are still getting older – is called the double ageing. The fastest in the group over 80 is growing Year – by 2030, approximately 6% of the population will be older than 80 years. The increase in the elderly population of our society on a number of tasks:

  • How to make in the future working life?
  • How to always Finance less-working people the pensions for more and more pensioners?
  • Represents the increase of a silver economy is a growing branch of the economy?
  • Can compensate for voluntary Engagement in the honorary offices an unemployment rate of older people in the recognition?
  • As to apartments, Offices, items of everyday life so that they fit in to this growing population group?

Gerontology tries to find answers to these questions – especially in the so-called old reports, which have to be presented in Germany since 1992, per term of each government (at the time of the 5. Old report). In them is represented by independent experts, the current situation of the elderly, the government is responding to these representations, each with an opinion or actual decisions.

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