Head Lice – Tips And Info On Head Lice Infestation


Head lice – tips and info on head lice infestation

Head lice are probably the most troublesome body parasites in the world. Not only that, it is sometimes more complicated to discover and re-loszubringen, in addition, they endanger their hosts by a range of communicable diseases. This appears in the first line through the stylet-like Beisswerkzeuge of the lice, with which you score the top layer of the skin to drink the blood of the Host, in the human body.

The group of patients that are being searched for most of the wingless insects, and they are . Alone in Northern and Central Europe, the annual incidence rate is about 10 per cent, while the Numbers in developing countries are significantly higher. Also, girls are affected much more often by Kopfluasbefall, which is probably to lead to your long hair back, which provide the parasite an ideal mode of Transmission.

How to spread head lice?

  • 1 How to spread head lice?
  • 2 head louse infestation in a timely manner to recognize a Reliable diagnosis of opportunities for children and adults
  • 3 Health risks of head louse infestation
  • 4 Themes: Theme World Head Lice
  • 5 the treatment of head lice and the application of the lice resources

As the most common mode of Transmission of head lice head close contact. However, the use of objects (e.g., combs, or pillows) that were previously in use of a head lice infestation Person suffering, for the parasite transfer in question. Cleaned up, it should be at this point, but with some errors related to Contexts of specific host properties, and an increase of head lice Occur.

Thus, the assumption that, in particular, people with sparse body care come as the author of the infestation by the head louse in question prevails in the population, for example. According to a representative study by the James Cook University the infection rates in humans, the offspring of your head and body care of the conscientious than others, however, are not low. The same applies to the mistaken belief that lice are rife with preference among people living in poor conditions, or in circles of people with certain foreign origins. On The Contrary. A Brunswick research found that the parasitic infestation of children with an immigrant background is by Far lower than in German children.

Furthermore, it is completely irrelevant whether a child has a particularly dense and curly or thin and straight hair. Rather, the risk is with the head in relation to the high Infection-to name louse situations in which persons in a confined space to interact. Herein lies, in addition to a lack of suitable treatment methods, and possibly also to the increased infestation rate of head lice in developing countries is justified. In Germany especially the community in this regard, institutions such as kindergartens and schools are of great importance, but to a rain of contact to many potential owners, make it the head lice.

Head louse infestation in a timely manner to recognize Reliable diagnosis of opportunities for children and adults

The longer the head remains lice infestation is undetected, the longer a treatment may fail because put the head lice once their eggs to the hair the thicket, quickly develops a persistent infection. It is important to identify possible signs as early as possible. This can be done in different ways:

Bite marks and itching The Bite and suction tools with which lice edit your victims to get their blood, leave, similar to mosquitoes in your tracks. Especially the lice saliva usually leads to immune reactions, resulting in up to 1 cm large swelling (poplars). You can skin either directly, through the exploration of the head, or on the basis of an intense itching identify. However, if such symptoms occur, at least in the case of a first-time attack, only 2 to 3 weeks after the head lice infestation, what delayed the diagnosis.

Exploring the head, the situation under the magnifying glass: The Crawling of the lice on the head can also be through a magnifying glass held. Because the head louse is barely larger than 3 mm, the Zoom Tracking is enormous and allows for a more precise assessment of the spread of the lice.

Wet combing with the help of a Läusekamms: another means to head lice identification of the so-called lice comb. The distance between its tines is different from conventional Comb, a maximum of 0.2 mm, which is just lice, larvae and nits can be very reliably detected. It is a good idea, the hair, previously to moisten and treat, if necessary, with a special conditioner, which prevents a premature Escape of the parasites.

Attention! In case of a positive diagnosis of head lice notification is compulsory in Germany. You have observed in yourself or your children a head louse infestation, employers, nurseries and schools to be informed immediately. In the case of diagnostic or treatment uncertainty, it is also recommended to contact the treating physician in conjunction.

Health risks of head louse infestation

Themes: Themes World Head Lice

Head lice prevention – tips to prevent lice Head lice recognize – what can be detected with a lice infestation? Counselor Head Lice

Apart from immune reactions to head lice can mean additional risks for the person Concerned. For one, it is not excluded, that strong Scratching leads to skin the itchy poplar trees to further damage to the head, which can go hand-in-hand with purulent swelling. On the other lice are considered to be Vectors of many diseases. These include the following:

  • Blood infections
  • Ulcers
  • Streptococcal and staphylococcal infections
  • Spotted fever and
  • Five-Day Fever

Treatment of head lice and the application of the lice resources

For the control of head lice there are two different options. During the mechanical removal relies on a treatment of the lice by Hand, includes drug removal of all substances that serve to reduce the lice infestation.

Mechanical removal: As in the diagnosis of the lice comb is also in the removal of the parasites is of crucial importance. Together with the appropriate hair care products that lead to reduced movement and ability of the lice, it can dissolve the special comb under the assumption of a permanent application of the infestation completely. However, the treatment often takes longer than under the use of medicinal substances.

Drug removal: to remove lice by appropriate agents, there is a wide range. To differentiate between here is

  • toxic chemical substances which attack the of the lice, and a similar mode of action as insecticides,
  • vegetable substances which have a toxic effect on head lice, however, from natural ingredients, there are substances, and
  • physical substances, the material composition of the locomotion and breathing properties of the head lice and inhibits.

Application note: The selection of the right product can sometimes depend on the developmental stage of the lice. In addition to funding for adult head louse specimens exist for both the larvae as well as for the nits stage of individual substances, whose action is aimed, on the individual form of appearance of the young parasites.

Available all for the elimination of head lice relevant tools are either in the drugstore or in the pharmacy. With regard to drugs and drug substances, a prescription by the doctor may be required.

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