Healthy Diet – About Food And Health


Healthy – about food and health

The personal eating habits will win in the today’s time more and more importance. Many of the recommendations from the media and create confusion – in what foods are healthy, how many vitamins your body needs? It is established that the diet affects the own health is crucial. In addition to an active movement of the food to that of the two basic factors with which a long and healthy life can enjoy.

Food shortages and malnutrition are common causes of chronic diseases. Special diets such as vegetarianism need to have the certain Knowledge, not in the long-term damage. Even without meat, a balance is in the foreground – that is, substances that are included in animal foods, should you cover, in any case, by Alternative.

What to look for in the diet should pay attention to

  • 1 What you should know for the diet
  • 2 Heavy consequences due to unbalanced malnutrition
  • 3 when possible, avoid vitamin supplements
  • 4 to Prepare your food as fresh as possible

Excessive consumption of red meat, according to a study by the American journal Archives of Internal Medicine to an increased risk for stroke, type 2 Diabetes, and some types of . The teeth are particularly affected by increased sugar consumption – the tendency to sweeter food. According to the world health organization (WHO) increased the caloric needs of the average people in the industrialized countries since 1960 to almost 20 percent. Less and less movement due to the office activities without any physical effort, this can bring unpleasant consequences. So pay attention to your personal needs and adjust your diet individually. At an early age, the eating behaviour determines growth and development. Many semi-skilled habits be adhered to for a lifetime – this applies, of course, the food. Teach your children from an early age, to saturate properly.

Severe consequences due to unbalanced malnutrition

High that must be treated in some cases with medication, otherwise it may follow the wrong diet. Decisive for the own health, the drinking is also a behavior. , caffeine, and sugar should you take in moderation. Europe compared with the rest of the world, with an average of 5 litres of alcohol a year per adult.

Health consequences of poor nutrition:

  • Stroke
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cancer ( including colon, lung, prostate)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Psychological damage caused by Overweight
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Osteoarthritis
  • reduced fertility

When possible, avoid vitamin supplements

As balance, you should the absorption of trace elements and minerals. Depending on the gender, age, and way of life, different needs arise. Some substances, like iron, are excreted in the case of an Overdose from your body just, only in very rare cases, complications. Of course, the recorded items do not cause disease in the rule. It is different in the case of vitamin preparations. The Journal of the American Medical Association, shows in a study that regular Vitamin E intake in the artificial Form, can lead to increased prostate cancer. The risk was increased for male subjects, 17 per cent – and that is not uncommon. Vitamins in their pure Form in the food are much more effective. Often is not yet researched exactly which substances what cause. Therefore, you should take possible non-food worked.

To prepare your food as fresh as possible

The longer a food is in fact treated in the industry, the more harmful substances can get inside. The flavor enhancer glutamate leads, according to a study by the University of North Carolina to Obesity. The artificially increased appetite, ignored the signals the body that enough food has been taken. Obesity can lead not only to the aforementioned ailments such as hypertension and Diabetes, and also cardiovascular diseases. In most cases, the Psyche suffers. Osteoarthritis and reduced fertility are also possible. The risk of disease increases with age, due to a conscious eating behaviour, however, much of this can be avoided. The techniker Krankenkasse has, in its recent study from the year 2012, that food should be at 45 % of the participants “delicious”, 35% of the subjects, however, “healthy”. Try to combine Healthy and Delicious – so you are always right.

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