Hormone Investigation

Many of the body’s own active substances, convey messages and to influence metabolism, growth and reproduction. They are formed in many places of the body and in the blood or tissues are released. They are involved in a finely tuned control system. Disorders can be the cause of various ailments and diseases.

Hormones serve as information transmission within the body. They are usually formed by specialized cells in endocrine glands and released into the blood. Since they move with the blood stream or tissue, you need much longer than nervous to get to your destination. Once there, they bind themselves to specific recipients (receptors) and a specific chemical reaction, or Hiking in the cell and activate genes in the cell nucleus.

Division – diversity in a complex System

  • Image-to location: Some of the forms are formed of nerve tissue, e.g., in the brain and as an neuro-secretory hormones. The most common glandular hormones, the glands in the hormones such as adrenal, pancreas and thyroid are formed and released. The third type of tissue hormones, which are formed in tissues that fulfill many other functions, and often there directly. An example is the in the stomach formed Gastrin for digestion. The place of origin shows itself often also in the name of, for example, thyroid hormones.
  • Structure: hormones can be formed from proteins derived (peptide hormones, e.g., Insulin), or from steroids or fatty acids (steroid hormones, e.g., Estrogen).
  • The site of action and function: Supreme regulatory authority is of the Hypothalamus in the diencephalon. He checks the hormone concentration in the blood and decide whether it needs to be more or throttled. For this, he sends Messengers to the subordinate Bodies, which sit in the same house in the pituitary gland (hypophysis): Releasing hormones to spread the message that more work needs to be done, Inhibiting hormones to ensure that Overtime is to be celebrated. The work, from swarms of foreign service employees into the blood, he is in the Region for which responsible. They are to be recognized for all of the parties Involved on your behalf: the suffix \”trop\” shows that from the anterior pituitary gland come up, the first part referred to the competence, or the hormones that are produced. Unfortunately, this name understood only by the experts who else know that Thyroid is the thyroid, Thyroetropin thus acts on this? Therefore, there are also nicknames – abbreviations, such as ACTH, which are easier to remember and better on the lips (as for example, adrenocorticotropic hormone). These friendly ladies and gentlemen are required to wear at least the good news in the factories, that the short work is finished. There, the production is boosted by the conveyor belt hormones roles. This reach of the sometimes arteries clogged to the customer and unfold through the proclamation of your good news to their direct effect. Market researchers at the top of the regulatory authority to verify the number of hormones in the transport and the reaction of the consumer and make the circuit accordingly adjust. In addition, it is also operated at the lower levels, market research and so often on the small chain of command, the production is already adjusted before the power of experiencing the center of it. As in the market economy: overall, it’s all a matter of supply and demand.

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