How to enter a state of sleep paralysis and get out of stupor


Scientists have proven that paralysis is not dangerous for humans. Nevertheless, the emotions of fear and horror from the inability to move are quite real, so emotionally unstable people may suffer psyche. And yet, many dreamers are interested in how to cause sleepy paralysis, people in general are interested in the unknown secrets of consciousness.

Methods for calling sleep paralysis

There are many techniques that tell how to enter a state of sleep paralysis. Most of them are proven by trial and error of ordinary people. There are no scientific approved methods, so before practicing, you need to make sure that the person is ready to lift this veil emotionally and morally.

Method number 1

It was established experimentally that there is a correlation between irregular restless sleep and the probability of a stupor.

The duration of healthy sleep is an individual indicator, it varies from 6 to 9 hours. Frequent lack of sleep adversely affects the functioning of the whole organism. In addition to lethargy, irritability, decrease in concentration, having a genetic predisposition, it is possible to provoke the aggravation of pathologies such as diabetes and heart disease. When unstable sleep increases the risk of sleep stupor.

To provoke this phenomenon, it is necessary to disrupt sleep cycles. During the day you need to be active, even if it rolls fatigue and weakness. After in the evening you should briefly go to sleep. Waking up after 2-3 hours (for this you can start an alarm clock and not ignore it), you will have to force yourself to do something, you can sit in social networks, read a book, do household chores, and after another couple of hours go to bed again. Fall asleep lying on your back. A cause-and-effect relationship between provoking a stupor and a sleeping position has not been scientifically established, but it has been proven that people sleeping on their backs more often experience the phenomenon of paralysis.

Falling asleep, you need to keep one word in your head and mentally repeat it to yourself. Concentrating on it, the person will feel the full of the body, which will begin to sink into sleep. Here it is important not to move or move your . It is by eye movement that the brain determines whether a person is ready for bed or not.

Emerging flashes of light, flickering, incomprehensible visions and shadows on the border between sleep and reality are the forerunners of a sleepy stupor.

How to enter a state of sleep paralysis and get out of stupor

Method number 2

Another technique for experiencing sleep paralysis is built on how to deceive the body so that it “thinks”, as if the brain is already sleeping.

If you lie still for a rather long time, signals from the brain will no longer flow to the muscles. Until the brain sends an order to turn off the muscles for the final immersion in sleep, the body sends test signals to the , determining whether it sleeps. A person feels such test signals as a keen desire to change the position of the body in bed – to turn on the other side or lie on the stomach. In the normal state, if a person has not yet fallen asleep and wants to roll over, he simply does it without thinking about the process. A conscious change of position is recognized by the body as the fact that the mind is not sleeping yet, therefore the stupor does not occur – both the brain and the muscles work synchronously. After the mind has fallen asleep, the signals from the muscles do not reach it, the person does not move, the body switches off the muscle reflexes and plunges into sleep.

In order to achieve the effect of sleep paralysis, without actually being in a dream, it is necessary to ignore the incoming signal of the body to change position. Any urgent need – to scratch your nose, lie on your side, bend your leg, open your eyes, you need to ignore. To do this is actually not so easy, you have to overcome it. The desire to move can be so strong and unnerving that it sometimes turns into pain.

However, after about 30-40 minutes, we begin to feel heaviness in the limbs, pressure in the chest, as if someone had leaned over his whole body and does not allow him to move, sometimes auditory hallucinations occur – this is sleep paralysis. If at the time of its occurrence to open the eyes, there may be visual hallucinations, which are called dreams in reality. They are not always pleasant, visions of shadows, ghosts and something otherworldly are not excluded, but it is impossible to move and drive them away, because the body is already asleep and the muscles are paralyzed. If, without leaving a stupor, to fall asleep for real, there is an opportunity to achieve lucid dreams – controlled sleep.

It is important to note that the test signals of the body will be the stronger, the more strained the muscles were before they went to sleep and the more tired the person was. Therefore, wanting to cause the effect of a sleepy stupor, during the day you need to be active.

Method number 3

Another method is similar to the first technique – the body should be brought to exhaustion and extreme tiredness, and before going to bed, drink strong coffee. It is possible that this method will have to be tried several times in order to determine the necessary period of time for the onset of caffeine action on the sleeping brain in order to provoke the necessary reaction in it.

Immediately after falling asleep, the phase of REM sleep begins; if you pick the right time, the caffeine begins to act at this very moment. The person will suddenly wake up from a jump in the tone caused by the alkaloid and fall into a state of sleep paralysis.

How to get out of stupor

Talking about ways to achieve the phenomenon of paralysis, it is worth mentioning how to get out of the state of sleep paralysis. Exit Rules:

  • First you need to realize that extraneous sounds and visions are not mysticism, and there is nothing frightening about them, the main thing is not to panic, but just to relax.
  • To exit the stupor, you need to take a deep breath. By the way, sometimes the phenomenon is accompanied by difficulty in breathing, a person seems to forget how to breathe, and this can also trigger a panic state.
  • The muscles of the mouth are paralyzed, like everyone else, so you can make a sound with a nasopharynx, it will look like a bellow or moan.
  • The first to come to life are the muscles of the face, so the best thing is to just blink often, squint, move the tongue around the gums.
  • You should start moving from small areas of the body, for example, from the fingers, bending and unbending them.
  • Another simple way out of stupor – account to himself from 1 to 10, or retelling the alphabet, so the brain is quickly included in the work.

To get out of stupor after sleep, it takes just a few minutes.

Attention! Daily attempts to cause sleepy paralysis can provoke depletion of the body, since continuous full sleep is the basis of human health.

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