How to get rid of headaches during breastfeeding and at the same time do not harm the child


Causes of antispasmodic attacks

Headache (cephalgia) has a pressing, constricting, paroxysmal character. The spasm can be localized in one area of ​​the head or compress it completely. Breastfeeding headache (HBV) can be caused by the following factors:

  • Sharp pressure drops. Pressing cramps occur in the morning, there is tinnitus.
  • Pains of tension caused by fatigue, overwork, .
  • Migraine, when the attack is localized on a certain side and causes emetic urges, fear of light.
  • Prolonged fasting, the result of which is the development of pulsating pain in the temporal region.
  • ENT pathologies. Cephalgia is localized in the frontal zone, aggravated by bending.
  • Osteochondrosis. Painful pain appears in the neck in the occipital region.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Decreased immune status.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Note! Women who underwent epidural anesthesia during delivery often diagnose painful spasms and tightness of the neck muscles after delivery.

If parents rarely air the room, stale air is formed, which causes oxygen starvation of the brain. An antispasmodic attack can develop in both a woman and a baby.

You can not tolerate the pain, but to take their own headache pills for breastfeeding is also prohibited. The attending physician will find out the true cause of the ailment by prescribing the required therapy.

According to Dr. Komarovsky, spasms of lactation are eliminated with the help of massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, folk recipes and medicines.

Drug therapy

The components contained in the drugs can provoke allergic reactions, intoxication, stomach problems in newborns. And potent chemical compounds inhibit the psychophysical development of the child. In addition, these tools reduce the production of breast milk.

To treat a headache with breastfeeding painkillers need after using other, safer means. If alternative methods are ineffective, Paracetamol, Citramon, , No-silo is usually prescribed.

Nursing mothers should not use drugs containing codeine, barbituric acid: Aspirin, Analgin, Sedalgin. Such drugs have a negative effect on the child, provoking serious complications.


Paracetamol is a common remedy for headache when breastfeeding. Since a painkiller effectively knocks the temperature, doctors often prescribe a drug for a feverish condition. The drug eliminates cramps caused by colds.

How to get rid of headaches during breastfeeding and at the same time do not harm the child

The substance is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, the highest concentration is reached after 30 minutes. The half-life of the components is 5 hours, after this time you can feed the child.

The daily dosage of the drug should not exceed 4 tablets. If you exceed the dosage develops nausea, , allergic reactions. Pills should not be used for liver pathologies.


With a headache, this pain reliever is possible when breastfeeding. The analgesic compound has analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity. The active substance of the drug reaches its highest concentration 40 minutes after taking.

Note! After taking Ibuprofen, it is allowed to feed the baby after 3 hours.

The drug is safe, it does not harm the organs and systems of the child’s body. A woman should not exceed the daily dosage of 400 mg. With the correct use of the means side effects are absent.


Headache with HB can be eliminated But-Shpoy. The active substance relaxes smooth muscles, eliminating cramps. Doctors advise to drink pills as a one-time help.

The drug is indicated for pains of stress arising from overwork. The therapeutic effect is absent in migraines, pressure surges, viral infections. The advantage of the drug is the absence of a negative effect on the functioning of the heart muscle.

In case of short-term use of tablets, it is recommended to switch to the mixture, stimulating lactation. If a long course is prescribed, feeding should be discontinued.


The drug can be used for headaches during breastfeeding only after consulting a doctor. The active ingredient of the drug is acetylsalicylic acid, which reduces blood clotting and damages the organs of the digestive system. With uncontrolled pills, gastritis and ulcer develop.

The composition also includes caffeine, paracetamol, having a stimulating activity. With prolonged treatment, sleep disorder develops. Doctors do not recommend using Citramon during pregnancy and lactation, it is better to replace the drug with a safer one.

Features of taking pills

When the need arises to use any medication during the lactation period, you must follow certain rules:

  • Drink the pill during the feeding process or immediately after it. This will prevent chemical compounds from entering the milk.
  • Strain the remaining milk.
  • Start feeding the baby from the other breast after an hour after decanting.

It is better to choose drugs, the active components of which are quickly evacuated from the body. When using potent drugs, a woman should stop lactating for a while, continuing to express milk. During this period, you need to feed the child with a mixture. You should contact a specialist for help in choosing the right product.

How to eliminate migraine

Usually in the lactation period, the intensity of migraine attacks decreases. This is due to a decrease in hormonal activity. But occasionally the spasms continue to grow, while the migraine can last up to 3 days.

The pain has a pulsating character, appears in a certain side. Soreness is manifested along with vomiting, photophobia. To eliminate the attack, you should use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Ibuprofen, Paracetamol.

With painful continuing spasms, is administered, a single dosage of which should not exceed 50 mg. The components of the drug are evacuated from tissue structures 12 hours after administration. Therefore, a woman needs to stop feeding the baby with breast milk.

Pressure problems

Hypertension is often diagnosed in new mothers. Pathology is dangerous because it leads to a stroke. All means lowering arterial indicators, get into the milk.

The list of approved drugs includes Methyldopa, Nifedipine, Verapamil. In the absence of a therapeutic effect, lactation is stopped, prescribing stronger medicines.

Pain stress

The most common causes of spasms in HB are sleep in an uncomfortable position, insufficient sleep, fatigue. The attack is manifested by throbbing pains that compress the area of ​​the temples.

To eliminate the pain you need to properly organize the day, to devote more time to rest. Sweet tea, head massage, walking effectively fight spasms.

Interesting! There are more than 40 pathologies that lead to the development of systematic headaches.

You can make a cold compress. With the alternate use of cold and hot for compresses normalization of vascular tone occurs.

Essential oils of lavender and ginger have an analgesic effect. Pain relief voltage can be removed through aromalampy, aromakureniy. Local application of oils, applying them to the skin in the temples area improves blood circulation, eliminating cephalgia.

Alternative treatment options

If cephalgia is not caused by serious diseases, the seizures can be eliminated without the use of artificially created drugs.

Before starting the use of pills, you should try unconventional methods of dealing with pain in the head during breastfeeding. Effectively eliminates painful attacks of cool shower, sweet tea, cold compress, massage of the cervical, temporal part.

It is required to protect the nursing mother from stress factors. A woman needs to walk more, avoid rooms with stale air, not be close to smokers.


Massage effectively eliminates pain after an overstrain, with vascular spasms, osteochondrosis. Manipulation can be carried out independently. But if you seek help from a specialist, the therapeutic effect comes earlier.

It is necessary to massage the neck area, the head with circular movements. It is recommended to carry out the procedure for at least 15 minutes.


When painful pains in the head apply a point effect on specific areas of the body. To eliminate painful attacks in the eyebrow area, occipital cavity, ear projections, thin needles are inserted. This procedure promotes the synthesis of endorphin – the hormone of joy.

Folk recipes

Among other remedies emit:

  • application of a cabbage leaf to the frontal part of the head;
  • the use of decoctions of marjoram, lemon balm, mint, rosehip;
  • the use of contrasting foot bath using essential oils;
  • lemon slice resorption, provided there is no heartburn and citrus allergy.

It is necessary to choose carefully the methods of treatment of pain in the head during lactation, any remedy with uncontrolled intake can harm the baby.

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