How to prepare and take folk remedies to improve cerebral circulation


There are countless recipes that use a variety of herbs, fruits, honey products. Some fees are sold ready-made in pharmacies, others can be made independently.

With atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is associated with the deposition and accumulation of cholesterol on the inner walls of blood vessels. This is an important connection for the human body. It contributes to the conclusion of toxic substances, prevents the occurrence of malignant tumors, activates the production of hormones, is involved in ensuring the strength of the cell membrane.

With some endocrine diseases, pathologies of the kidneys, liver, obesity, , malnutrition, low physical activity, there is an excessive production of cholesterol. In this case, the excess is not absorbed from the intestine and is not excreted from the body, but accumulates on the walls of blood vessels, leading to their narrowing.

To prevent the formation of lipid plaques, improve cholesterol, various folk remedies are used. In severe form of the disease, they can not replace the prescribed medication, but, nevertheless, significantly improve a person’s condition.


One of the effective folk remedies are tinctures and oils made from garlic. They help dissolve blood clots and cholesterol plaques, eliminate toxins, normalize blood clotting, increase the elasticity of the vascular walls.

Proved its effectiveness garlic-lemon oil. To prepare it, take a head of garlic, rubbed it, pour 200 ml of unrefined sunflower oil. The resulting mass insist day, occasionally shaking. After 24 hours, add lemon juice from one fruit, mix and leave for 7 days in a cold place. The daily intake of the resulting oil – a teaspoon three times a day before meals. Course duration – 3 months. After a thirty-day break, treatment is resumed.

Pound the unpeeled head of garlic and one lemon fruit, pour 500 ml of boiling . The resulting mixture is set for four days, decanted, drunk two dessert spoons before breakfast.

Mix 700 ml of wine “Cahors” with gruel made from one garlic. Seven days insist on weight, take two tablespoons before meals.


The fruits of this plant eliminate headaches, eliminate toxins, lower blood sugar, treat vascular and heart diseases.

Tea is made from dry berries – they can be crushed or left whole. Brew in boiling water one tablespoon and drink on an empty stomach up to three times a day.

From the leaves of periwinkle, horsetail, hawthorn flowers and white mistletoe prepare tincture. The components are mixed, pour 200 ml of cold water, insist three hours. Poured into the pan and boil for five minutes, leave to infuse for another twenty minutes, decant. Drink before meals one tablespoon.

The recipe for healing broth includes one tablespoon of hawthorn flowers, horse chestnut, vinca leaves, nettle, sweet clover, raspberry, dogrose. The mixture is poured over 200 ml of boiled water, decanted after a two-hour infusion. Drink a quarter glass three times a day.

One kilogram of hawthorn berries is ground with 800 g of sugar and twenty grams of citric acid. Place the mixture in a glass container, put a paper circle soaked with on top, cover with a lid. The resulting dish is removed for storage in the refrigerator and washed down with tea.


The fruits and leaves of this tree growing in the Crimea, Asia, Krasnodar region, restore the elasticity of the vascular walls, reduce pressure, improve blood microcirculation, promote the removal of lipid plaques from the vessels, calm down.

Infusion is prepared from one tablespoon of fruit and a quarter of a liter of boiling water. Pour broth into a thermos, leave for six hours. Before use, decant. Drink one spoon three times a day after meals. The duration of treatment is 21 days.

The tincture is prepared from 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 50 g of flowers. Keep three weeks out of reach of the sun, cool place. Every two days shaken. Each time before taking pre-mix one tablespoon of medication in a glass of pure water. Drink once a day. Duration of treatment is two weeks.

From 50 g of dried fruit and 50 ml of vodka, you can prepare an alcohol tincture. Fruits and vodka are placed in a container, tightly sealed, left for 40 days, do not forget to shake every other day. Storage should be carried out in the dark at room temperature. Filter tincture after 40 days. Before taking diluted with 30 drops of funds in a tablespoon of water. Take thirty minutes before meals for one month. After that, make a five-day break. Conducted 4 courses.


The plant is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It does not allow cholesterol to be deposited in the vessels, restores memory.

Dried flowers of the plant in the amount of 20 pieces pour boiling water, leave for a quarter of an hour. Daily allowance – two or three mugs. The treatment lasts one month.

For clover tincture use 40 g of dried flowers and half a liter of vodka. The mixture is set to stand for ten days, then decanted. Every day, take 30 ml before meals. The course lasts three months, after which it is recommended to take a ten-day break.

How to prepare and take folk remedies to improve cerebral circulation

To reduce pressure

Vascular pathologies, in particular hypertension, are a common cause of impaired blood flow. The action of herbs to improve blood circulation in the brain contributes to lowering .

Herbal Fees

From 3 tablespoons of peppermint and motherwort grass, 2 tablespoons of lemon balm and juniper cones, one spoon of dill to cook the mixture. Put 2 tablespoons of the resulting mass in a thermos, pour one liter of hot boiled water and leave for 4 hours. Take before meals a hundred milliliters in the form of heat.

To improve cerebral circulation prepare herbal drug. You need to take a hundred grams of tincture of valerian root, motherwort, peony, hawthorn, 50 ml of lemon balm and eucalyptus, 50 ml of eucalyptus, 25 ml of mint, 30 ml of Corvalol, 10 pieces of cloves. The ingredients are mixed, insist two weeks. Half an hour before the meal begins, thirty drops are stirred in half a glass of water. Take twice a day. The duration of treatment is from one to three months.

Celandine rubbed, the resulting juice is poured into banks. Place in a refrigerator for storage. Take 30 minutes before meals. To do this, 3 drops of juice diluted in 100 ml of pure water. It is recommended to take before breakfast and before dinner.


Aronia fruits are used to make an infusion. They take two teaspoons of fruit, pour boiling water into them, insist, decant and drink. In the same way they prepare an infusion of black currant, blueberry, cranberry.

Especially useful is considered viburnum. It is used to reduce pressure, reduce blood viscosity and improve blood flow in the brain. It improves metabolism, strengthens and restores capillaries. It has various vitamins, phosphorus, iodine, potassium. Kalina is used for cooking broth, jam, juice.

So, to get a decoction, the fruits of viburnum in the amount of 2 dessert spoons are kneaded, poured with a glass of hot water, put on a fifteen-minute water bath, cooled, and decanted. After that, add another glass of hot boiled water. Drink four times a day to 60 ml.

Soft drinks

It has long been known that needles reduce headaches, cleanse blood vessels, soothe, reduce pressure.

Tea is made from pine or spruce needles (sprigs are usually left). One kilogram of raw material is put into a three-liter saucepan, water is poured into it, boiled for a quarter of an hour, left to stand overnight. Before the broth begins to boil, you can add currant or raspberry leaf. It is recommended to take up to 5 months.

To prepare the juice, spruce, cedar, pine or fir needles are harvested, washed and dried. In a container made of glass, coniferous raw materials and sugar are laid in layers. The last should be the sugar layer. The mixture is left overnight, mixed in the morning, set for 10 days in the sun. The juice gradually settles down, it is poured into bottles and kept corked at room temperature.

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Treatment of disorders of cerebral circulation folk remedies can be an effective way to get rid of the disease. Herbs and fruits of different plants improve hemodynamics, clean the vessels of the head. With a rational and healthy , adherence to an active lifestyle, juices, decoctions, tinctures prepared from them can significantly improve the condition and quality of life.

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