Inflammation – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


Inflammation – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Inflammation can arise at virtually any body. Most commonly it meets layers of the skin, mucous membranes and bones, these, however, as the regions of the body, the most responsive, sometimes on sensitive to inflammatory stimuli. Now, does not have to excite but necessarily concern, because often it is only a short-term stimulus-response in the body. Chronic, as well as unusually large inflammation you should, however, as a precaution, a doctor to examine him.

What causes inflammation?

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Basically, it is inflammation (Inflammatio) is a reaction of the immune system to certain irritants and foreign bodies. In this case, the immune system triggers on the one hand, increased blood flow and tissue permeability in the affected parts of the body, primarily in increased vascular pressure, to the outlet of the blood water and/or white blood cells from the vessels caused. On the other hand, a local cell decomposition associated with the inflammation, the amino acids in the surrounding tissue and so the tissue-pH value of the Entzündungsherds in the acidic range transferred. It is a substance creates imbalances, which adversely affected the functionality of the tissue layers.

For the above-mentioned inflammatory processes of various inflammatory substances that are responsible will be distributed at the appropriate irritation propagated from the immune system. The increased Gewebsdurchlässigkeit in Inflammatio is based on the enhanced release of tissue hormones such as histamine, Serotonin, or Interferon. You can change the tissue composition such that layers of fabric are fabric more permeable, which for example for the removal of foreign substances is important.

In addition, certain proteins such as Fibrin and acute phase proteins play a role in the body for foreign material defense, blood clotting and pain perception responsible. The protein is the inflammation of the typical burning pain, due to as well as the changes in blood flow behavior.

Divide the inflammation, according to different criteria. Here is a small Overview of the most important opportunities for Differentiation:

Classification according to extent of

local inflammationthe inflammation is limited to a part of the body
systemic inflammationthe entire body is affected by the inflammation

Classification according to fluid secretion

serious inflammationthe inflammation is associated with large collections of protein-rich fluid in the inflammatory focus
fibrinous inflammationthe inflammation is associated with large accumulations of fibrin-rich fluid in the inflammatory focus
purulent inflammationthe inflammation to fester and thus is heavily contaminated by foreign bodies. A visual inspection by the physician is absolutely necessary

Classification according to progression of the disease

acute inflammationa sudden-onset inflammation that usually quickly dies down
perakute inflammationsevere Form of inflammation, which also occurs suddenly, if left untreated, however, leads already after a few days of the death
subacute inflammationa first Acute inflammation , which later can take a chronic course
recurrent inflammation of thethe inflammation occurs repeatedly (e.g. in case of allergies), and can be a chronic Problem
chronic inflammationmost disease-related inflammation, the developed, either through a gradual development of chronic properties, or, generally speaking, not heal can

Causes for inflammation

Influences on the body, the immune system with inflammation responses, there are various. In the first place, bacterial, or viral pathogens that cause the majority of infections are here, of course. But other irritants can inflammatory processes within the immune system. For details, please refer to the table below:

    Pathogens: For gastro-intestinal inflammation, but also inflammation in flu-like infections, and major injuries bacteria or viruses are usually responsible. However, parasitic pathogens, and fungi can cause inflammation. When it comes to inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, are not rare intestinal parasites for the health problems. Furthermore, some of the body’s own metabolic products, such as uric acid crystals inflammatory stimulus factors.

    Infectious diseases: The disease field, which is most commonly associated with inflammation is the infection. Whether inflammation of the urinary tract, in the digestive tract, ear-nose-throat area, or the conjunctiva of the eyes – they all arise in the context of an infectious disease. Especially by an inflammatory infection of the body are at risk in this regard, openings through which germs and pathogens easily inside the body. These include the mouth, ear, nose, and body to the excretory organs, openings, wounds, and are also badly cleaned Injury.

    chemical stimuli: chemicals, such as, for example, of toxic or corrosive acids and alkalis can be made substances that compromise the health, well-known. For the organism, these substances are also chemical irritants that promote inflammation. In everyday life, appropriate stimuli, often in the Form of additives, pesticides, and plasticizers to meet us. In addition, the majority of animal-, plant -, and insect venoms, as well as the chemical ingredients of some medicines inflammatory properties. It both chemically treated food and clothing, as well as drugs and environmental pollutants as chemical cause of inflammation therefore out of the question.

    Inflammation in Detail

    The medical term Inflammatio of inflammation goes back to the Latin Verb inflammare, which means inflame’ or ‘ignite’. And indeed, inflammatory reactions cause not infrequently a burning sensation on the affected part of the body. Also common is redness and skin changes that persist for usually up to the complete healing of the inflammation. Overall, you have to expect a inflammation with the following symptoms:

    • Tiredness and fatigue
    • festering inflammation
    • Fever (systemic inflammation)
    • Joint pain (osteoarthritis)
    • swollen lymph nodes
    • Redness of the skin and mucous membrane changes
    • Itching and Burning
    • Headache
    • Muscle pain
    • Sweats and chills
    • Nausea and vomiting

    Caution! Festering inflammation in combination with vomiting, high fever, sweating, or chills are often a sign of infection. You are looking for, therefore, their health picture for the sake of given the complaint immediately to a doctor.

    Diagnosis and therapy of inflammation

    External inflammation of the skin or of the conjunctiva of the eye can your doctor pure look diagnosis. Less obvious forms of Inflammatio, for example, in the urinary tract or the gastro-intestinal tract, require specific laboratory tests or diagnostic imaging procedures.

    So allow it to determine the blood tests and swabs, individual Inflammatory agents. X-rays and ultrasound are in turn used to determine the exact location of inflammation occurring in the body. An allergic or autoimmune reaction, the inflammation should be responsible to help Further Allergy tests in the cause of research. Depending on the findings, the following treatment methods can be applied:

      increased nutrient intake: in case of uncomplicated, such as chronic inflammation, prevent infection, it is first important to provide the body with appropriate nutrients. In question are the vitamins A, C and E, which considerably reduce the risk of infection and also strengthen the immune system come here. Also minerals such as zinc oxide in a inflammation for relief. A good tip zinc ointment that is used especially in inflammatory skin diseases like to use is here.

      to recommend medicinal herbal actions: the healing ingredients of certain herbs in the case of Inflammatio. Especially comfrey, chamomile, lavender, Calendula and thyme have anti-inflammatory properties, which even chronic inflammatory diseases. It is inflammation of the mouth, throat and neck area, to help you in addition, St. John’s wort and Aloe Vera.

      Cooling and immobilization: joint inflammation, but also inflammation of the skin or of the tonsils to react according to experience well on cooling measures, for example by ice or ice packs. Inflamed joints in Particular, you should not strain in addition to strong. Store the appropriate parts of the body on a pillow and treat your afflicted joints a little break, until your body is back to full health.

      Medications: Some causes of inflammation (e.g., serious infection or auto-immune diseases) that require drug therapy. According to the complaint, picture-inflammatory anti-inflammatory Drugs such as and antiseptics, antibiotics and antipyretic drugs such as Paracetamol are here in addition to inflammation of the possible. An Allergy or autoimmune disease, for the inflammation responsible for Doctors prescribe in addition, often and immunosuppressants. These appease the defense reactions of the immune system, causing inflammation processes are reduced.

    Important: Just with regard to Immunosuppressants, in the treatment of inflammation caution, because natural functions of the immune system to suppress, can impair health in other ways. It is, therefore, on a moderate dosage of the medication.

    Inflammation – tips for preventing

    • Well avoid inflammation, such as infections, as a result of an injury. For this purpose, it is important that you clean a wound after their formation immediately and thoroughly, if necessary disinfect. Only enough sterile wounds before the Migration of inflammatory germs largely safe, what’s to prevent the immune system from inflammatory reactions.
    • Food, textiles and detergents of any kind should be checked before use, always on the aggressive ingredients, which could cause damage to health. Information about a possible pre-treatment of the products with chemical substances are extremely useful and prevent in addition to inflammation of numerous Allergy symptoms. Anyone who has professionally, with a strong irritant or even toxic chemicals, which had recommended an appropriate protection clothing, so that inflammatory reactions in the body due to polluted working environment have no Chance.
    • Allergy sufferers should avoid with a view to inflammatory immune processes of the immune system, logically corresponding to all the genes. If you are unsure whether you have an Allergy exists to provide Doctors with proven Allergy tests, which may help you to find triggers, or exclude. The physical health is not at risk in the case of an Allergy usually, however, chronic inflammatory reactions of the immune system should not be yet avoided, in order to weaken the body due to constant high alert in a sustainable way.
    • Car-immune diseases are treated in terms of threat, chronic inflammation, very sensitive. It often helps, therefore, if affected, develop a certain sensitivity for your immune system and its reactions. In some disease cases, changes in Diet or Environment, achieved here with good success. The best example of this skin diseases such as Dermatitis or eczema is known atopic eczema, which are symptoms sometimes, due to chronic Inflammation. Both auto-immune diseases can benefit from targeted intakes of certain nutrients and minerals, and respond positively to stays in the salty sea air.


    Our immune system reacts to germs, allergens and other irritants, almost by default, with inflammation. It is, therefore, a natural defense function of the body, which, however, can quickly take the upper hand, when the appropriate inflammatory stimuli are not fixed. In the worst case can then be made of an initially harmless inflammation of a chronic complaint, which is associated with infections and the health tremendously at risk. Therefore, make sure that the potential of inflammation to be treated on or in the body quickly, and try to avoid known anti pathogen to the extent possible.

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