Magnesium-Containing Food Table And Overview


Anyone who complains about cramps in the calf, does not suffer rarely magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is, among other things, for the functionality of muscles and nerves, which respond in case of a defect only too happy to convulsive behavior. Apart from the prevention of cramps, the mineral Magnesium has important functions in the . So magnesium help foods, for example, the brain power and physical efficiency. A focus is in terms of Magnesium on the female body, because women have needs as athletes have a higher in Magnesium. To take care of the mineral daily, in sufficient quantity, therefore, is in many ways essential. Here you can read therefore, what is the daily requirement of Magnesium the human body and the food groups, particularly foods that contain magnesium supply.

What is Magnesium?

Magnesium (chemical element symbol: Mg) is a mineral from the group of alkaline earth metals, and is among the ten most common elements in the earth’s crust of our planet. Also in the human body Magnesium and its Compounds are very numerous and seem to be there at the functionality, as well as the structure of the bones, nerves and muscles. Not less essential Magnesium for the production of the body’s own proteins, and nucleic acids. Yes, even the digestion can benefit from the mineral. In addition, the mineral fuel is needed in the following constellations:

  • Athletes: Of great relevance is Magnesium, in view of its properties, for example for athletes, whose bodies are increasingly required minerals for muscle building. In addition, the increased contributes to sweat a higher magnesium loss.
  • Women: it looks Similar in women who consume during the second half of the cycle and in Menopause, relatively a lot of Magnesium.

Note: although Magnesium has a also has a positive effect on the activity of the gastro-intestinal tract, the additional intake of Magnesium for losing weight not an Option. You just ensure that there is no magnesium deficiency. So you’re already doing enough to facilitate the weight loss.

Magnesium deficiency – follow Overview of

The magnesium needs of the body, however, it is very quickly noticeable symptoms indicative of a magnesium deficiency (Hypomagnesemia). So the deficiency can cause the following symptoms:

  • Concentration disorders
  • Muscle and calf cramps
  • The weakening of the nerve, muscle and bone

Magnesium excess – follow Overview of

Not only is magnesium deficiency, a magnesium overdose (experiencing hypermagnesemia) may cause in the body complaints. Although a life-threatening Overdose of Magnesium through the daily diet is achieved, slightly high amounts of the mineral substance to trigger but may be any of the following symptoms:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • significantly lowered
  • Shallow breathing
  • Nerve and muscle twitching

Magnesium-containing foods for your diet

As already mentioned, is enough Magnesium in the diet for some groups of people are particularly important. In the case of women is due to more demand, that your body cycle due to more minerals consumed. In order to keep the metabolic functionality still upright and the female body healthy, women must be more important Magnesium and iron. The same is true for athletes, whose magnesium consumption power due to above average. Other factors which suggest an increased intake of Magnesium, , Diabetes, Keep a diet and taking medications that bind to increased Magnesium in the body. Regardless of the need for a magnesium-containing food should be put especially on the following food:


The highest content of Magnesium grains. Especially pumpkin and sunflower seeds, with up to 534 mg of Magnesium per 100 g unbeaten at the top of all magnesium-containing food. You Flaxseed as well as the South American grains Quinoa and Amaranth to follow. Of course, grain products such as whole-grain biscuits or whole grain pasta as not to be despised magnesium suppliers. In them of Magnesium appears with a salary of 125 to 180 mg per 100 g are also very abundant.

Note: with regard to the keyword diet, and is full grain so twice as healthy and useful, because both of Magnesium, as well as the fiber content in whole grains cleanses the intestinal flora.


Place 2 of the magnesium and fibre-rich food nuts of all kinds. Whether hazelnuts, cashews or peanuts are, they are all very magnesium-containing foods and should not be missing in the daily diet. In addition, nuts are extremely healthy and offer just lose weight a safe Alternative to candy. The magnesium content of individual nut varieties may vary between 155 and 270 mg of Magnesium per 100 g.

Note: it is Recommended at this point, too dry fruit can buy it is not without reason, often in the nut-fruit-Mix. Dried fruit includes an extra 50 to 100 mg of Magnesium per 100 g, and adds to the mineral content of the nuts making it ideal.


Great competition to get grain and nut varieties in relation to their high Magnesium content of legumes. In particular, soy, chickpeas, and kidney beans should be 150 to 220 mg of Magnesium per 100 g of definitely on your dining plan. At best, you can enjoy the legumes cooked gently, so that the Magnesium of the preparation remains as good as possible.


With a view to their Magnesium content also chocolate has a positive effect on the health! However, it should be in the sweet Snack only to dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, and not just because dark chocolate is for people who want to lose weight, is better suited. While tender contains bitter chocolate with a high cocoa content, namely up to 230 mg of Magnesium, in chocolate with a low cocoa content (e.g. whole milk or Nougat) only to find little to no Magnesium. It is, therefore, also the mineral content of the chocolate on the purity of the chocolate products.

Interesting facts: Particularly positive to whole grain products, nut mixes, and legumes, and dishes of fruit, they provide other than Magnesium, other essential minerals and nutrients. Foods that contain magnesium-containing, therefore, often at the same time as iron, as well as protein-, vitamin – and fiber-rich products.

List of magnesium-containing foods

The daily requirement of Magnesium, it is important to cover the case of adults on the diet, between 300 and 400 mg. Women should take, in particular, during the second half of the cycle, as well as in the change of at least 350 to 400 mg, in order to prevent magnesium deficiency. The same is true for athletes and diabetics, as well as highly stressed people. Here are some foods with lots of Magnesium:

FoodMagnesium content in mg / 100 g
Pumpkin seeds 534 mg
Sunflower seeds420 mg
Flaxseed350 mg
Amaranth310 mg
Quinoa275 mg
Cashew nuts270 mg
Chocolate (70% Kakoanteil)Dark230 mg
Chocolate (50% Cocoa)Dark Chocolate195 mg
Soy bean220 mg
Millet170 mg
Full-grain rusks180 mg
Peanuts160 mg
Natural rice157 mg
Hazelnuts155 mg
Chickpeas155 mg
Kidney beans150 mg
Oatmeal130 mg
Lenses130 mg
Whole-grain pasta125 mg
Tofu100 mg
Dry fruit50 to 100 mg


For the preservation of metabolic functionality, as well as to the strengthening of bones, muscles and nerves magnesium-containing foods are essential. But also to increase the performance or promotion of brain fitness, and digestive Magnesium can help. Great value on a sufficient mineral nutrition for women, athletes, diabetics, and people who want to lose weight through a diet, should lay. The metabolism of the said groups of people is commonly characterised by an increased need of Magnesium, which is why food here according to their mineral and magnesium content need to be selected. Otherwise, it could not come to a magnesium deficiency, convulsions, sometimes only Wade, but also by concentration, as well as diminishing bone and muscle substance.

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