Medicines For Children: Symbols On Packaging

In the future, the symbols on the packaging

The implementation in practice will, according to experience, is only gradually. But for consumers, such as for Doctors, the new regulation has a very practical help to the Council of Europe: the medicines have been specifically approved for use in and adolescents, in the future, a special recognition Symbol on the packaging. The print on the package should show at a glance for which age group a drug is approved, where it is expected to be a total of five age groups.

Until the beginning of next year, the corresponding standardized symbols are to be developed. Then the pharmaceutical companies will have two years, their packs and the pack to adjust supplements. In principle, it is advisable that parents should let a treatment of their children with medicines from a doctor or pharmacist to advise – and, if it is \”self-prescribed\” supplements.

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  • Medications for children: medication must also be on.
  • Medicines for children: symbols on packaging

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