Medicines For Heartburn – Overview And Effect


  • 1 What resources will help in heartburn – for more information about each of the groups of active substances
  • 2 antacids and a slight heartburn
  • 3 H2-blockers in moderate heartburn
  • 4 proton-pump inhibitors in severe heartburn
  • 5 healing earth as a homeopathic Alternative for heartburn
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Pregnancy, chronic diseases of the digestive tract, or just the wrong food. For heartburn there may be several reasons. Still far more versatile the range of possible drugs that will help against non-stop Belching, and either a prescription or over-the-counter can be bought. It is important to pay attention to possible counter-indications for pregnant women must be careful in the choice of medicines against heartburn very strongly to the fact that the appropriate ingredients cause harm to the unborn child. A small Overview of the most common drugs and drug groups that help in the stomach discomfort in the Form of heartburn, we have summarized here for you.

What resources will help in heartburn – for more information about each of the groups of active substances

Under heartburn refers to stomach discomfort, which are characterized by the long – or short-term Regurgitation of gastric acid. Is caused of this Symptom is a stomach acid excess, which leads to a Hyperacidity of the stomach and, consequently, the gastric pH value in the acidic range below.

Stomach discomfort in the Form of heartburn can have either acute or disease-related causes. So the complaints, in General, difficult digestible food, alcohol, or coffee is short-term the stomach the reason for this is that in the digestive tract of too much stomach acid is produced, and a Person may need to vomit so unnaturally often. The heartburn lasts for longer and for no apparent dietary reason, due to the excess stomach acid, possibly from a pregnancy, in which the production of stomach acid out of balance. Similarly, the stomach-intestine-diseases like acid reflux disease, and infections of the digestive tract as a trigger for the heartburn out of the question. Depending on the cause of different substance groups in this case are for the treatment.

Antacids for mild heartburn

To treat one-time heartburn, you can buy in the pharmacy without a prescription a Antizidum. The term refers to medicines which can bind the acid in the stomach within a few minutes and the annoying Belching quickly. Common ingredients of the Antizida aluminum and magnesium compounds, and Calcium and magnesium carbonate.

Usually antacids for heartburn are over-the-counter in the Form of chewable tablets, drinking powders or Gels both in pharmacies as well as drugstores. Known especially chewable tablets, which are particularly gentle here. Like most of the antacids, the dose is either 2 to 3 hours after the last intake of food or right before going to bed. Disappeared, the dyspeptic symptoms and the Auftsoßen to the application should be relatively fast.

Contraindications and side effects: although antacids are harmless, should be taken these drugs during pregnancy and in the presence of renal insufficiency only in consultation with the doctor. In combination with fruit acid, Vitamin C and other medicines (e.g. antibiotics) is required in relation to interactions of antacids caution. Known side effects of the drugs, in particular, in the case of an Overdose of preparations on aluminum hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide base, are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Edema formation
  • Hypertension
  • Hypernatremia
  • metabolic alkalosis

H2-blockers in moderate heartburn

Antihistamines, which do not bind to the stomach acid for heartburn such as antacids, but their secretion is to prevent, in medicine as an H2-Blocker. Their ingredients, usually cimetidine, Famotidine and , dock in the case of an Overproduction of stomach acid directly to the H2 receptors of the gastric mucosa. In this way, the gastric pH is raised by an unnatural acidic in a neutral state. A case of heartburn due to too much stomach acid extremely remarkable effect that lasts thanks to the use of H2-blockers for up to 12 hours your choice. Is achieved, the pH-value-increase due to special substance characteristics of the drugs. They prevent the production of gastric acid binds skin important histamine at the H2 receptors of the mucus, whereby the formed amount of stomach acid reduces.

H2-Blocker, is considerably stronger than antacids and are, therefore, even if over-the-counter, pharmacy only. Be offered to you as a shower-, Film -, or chewable tablets, which may be in the medication, either in a pure form or combination products. Due to the fact that the stomach running acid production, in particular, at night, at full speed, is the intake of H2-blockers, especially in the evenings. Most often, the H2-antihistamines are tract used for heartburn due to acid reflux disease, and ulcers and infections in the gastro-intestinal.

Contraindications and side effects: are very strong medicines, the help in addition to heartburn, other stomach complaints, and in appropriate doses have to be are often. In any case, the drugs from should, as well as pregnant and lactating women are taken. Combining revenue with other drugs require a medical assessment. The most common side effects of H2 blockers are:

  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Itching
  • Headache
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Dizziness

Proton pump inhibitors for severe heartburn

Inhibit the production of stomach acid by blocking the so-called proton pump. The term is colloquially referred to an enzyme in the parietal cells of the stomach, which is important for the Transport of gastric acid into the stomach, and thus instrumental in the formation of heartburn involved. Common active ingredients of proton pump inhibitors (PPI) are Dexlansoprazol, esomeprazole, , omeprazole, pantoprazole.

Active ingredients such as omeprazole, raise the stomach pH heartburn on the most sustainable, and are thus suitable for the treatment of chronic causes as a trigger for this Form of stomach complaints. Be ulcers used for acid reflux, severe gastrointestinal infections, and major gastrointestinal. Its duration of action extends over up to 3 days after the First dose. This is done by means of capsules, Film or chewable tablets about 1 to 2 hours before eating.

Contraindications and side effects: proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole are the most powerful drugs against heartburn and other stomach complaints. Therefore, you are not only in pharmacies, but normally require a medical prescription. Pregnant women, Nursing mothers, and children, as well as patients with liver and kidney diseases do not stop taking it altogether. Furthermore, the drugs should be administered, never together with platelet aggregation inhibitors. In addition, PPI, or are suspected to favor the osteoporosis disease, as with inhibition of the proton pump is also reduced absorption of important bone minerals. Further potential side effects can be:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Sleep disorders
  • Blurred vision
  • Changes in the skin image
  • Changes of the liver values

Healing earth as a homeopathic Alternative for heartburn

Not always the case of stomach disorders such as heartburn and unfailing need to vomit are immediately thought of powerful drugs. Often a gentle, healing herbal home remedies help to neutralize temporary Excess of stomach acid and thus the pH value of the stomach to compensate. Especially healing earth is recommended in this regard. The conventionally made of mineral mixtures such as loess, loam or clay-derived medicinal product, thanks to its special surface texture in the same position on the stomach acid surpluses reliably, to bind and to get out of the body.

To take for heartburn healing earth is slurried with water and then drank. The preparation is such as antacids, over-the-counter in the pharmacy or drugstore available, and even in the case of pregnancy or in children no side effects.

Overview of the most important medicines against heartburn

Active ingredient groupPreparationsApplication
AntacidsAncid, Gastripan, Glysan, Hevert Like, Hydrotalcite, Magaldrat, Magastron, Magmed, Marax, Megalac, Rennie, Simagel, Simaphil, Talidatacute heartburn
H2-BlockerCimetidine, Famotidine, Macrogol HEXAL® plus electrolytes, ranitidine, Pepcidmedium weight, disease conditional heartburn
A proton pump inhibitor.Agopton, Antra MUP, Gastracid, Lanzor, Nexium, OMEP® HEXAL, Rifun, Pantazol, Pantoloc, Parietheavy, disease conditional heartburn
Healing earthArgila clay, Bullrich’s healing clay, Logona lava earth, Luvos-healing earth, Sivash-healing earthacute heartburn


Sometimes stomach complaints such as heartburn can be due to a mere change of diet habits to avoid. Also, there are individual cases, numerous gentle remedies, over-the-counter in the pharmacy or drugstore. Severe gastric diseases, however, usually demand stronger drugs, which are often over-the-counter and only after prescription by a doctor should be taken. Carefully selected medicines against heartburn in the event of a pregnancy, osteoporosis, or kidney failure and, in the case of heartburn suffering children should be. Here are the side effects of strong drugs could be against heartburn very unfavorable.

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