Mental Illness – Information About Mental Illness


Mental illness – information about mental illness

Stress, never overcome Childhood experiences, fears of loss, or the insurmountable fear of diseases. The deep in the spirit-anchored feeling, to be accepted, to be Yes, even hated, irrepressible sadness that lays like a veil over a narrow and seemingly stoic inability to act forces.

The causes and manifestations of are as varied as the people themselves. However, in recent years, related diseases appear with the diseased Psyche more and more frequently in the media. What was concealed for decades, now seems omnipresent. According to the health reports, 2013, the DAK, the Doctors wrote in the last year of every 22. Employee due to a mental instability, ill. The number sounds low, but compared with the year 1997, in which only one in fifty of a medical certificate stating a psychosomatic reason, the number is frightening. However, even when the disease can be measure, such as the likes mentioned in the media, Burnout is not a mass phenomenon. Behind the reveal people’s disease a , which has often a deeper cause lies not rare.

Before depression and other mental illness no one is immune. This shows, for example, one of the media’s effective and sad examples in the recent history. The professional goalkeeper of Hannover 96-Robert Enke, committed suicide at the end of his long-standing Passion for suicide. Thanks to the openness with which the family of the Gatekeeper, as well as the Association dealt with the disease, was improved in the debate about mental illness to the public and the acceptance forms of the disease.

Symptoms of mental illness

  • 1 symptoms of mental illness
  • 2 causes of psychological disorders
  • 3 pension options
  • 4 list of the most common mental disorders

Diseases of the Psyche can not be in significant symptoms is divided, such as appendicitis or a common Flu. The symptoms are as varied and complex as the causes of the respective disease. So people complain of a Burn-out suffering, a long-lasting tiredness, an incredible state of Exhaustion that affects the body and the alike. Depressed people suffer on the other hand, lack of drive and an enormous sadness that threatens to engulf everything. Who suffers from manic depression, experienced a steady interplay between the bass and treble, where you tend to be the heights to lose control of themselves and life.

Well-known and progressive course, even for outsiders, clearly visible, are the symptoms of eating disorders. These diseases such as anorexia, bulimia and food addiction to be counted. To skinny sorry looking people have a distorted image of themselves and generally feel too thick. Even if you are suffering from heavy weight, you feel still too thick. The bulimia leads to strong Essgelüsten, the ends generally in the forced vomiting. Here, too, the weight and a disturbed body perception in the foreground.

Mental illness in Detail

Orthorexia (Health Compulsory)
Bipolar disorder (manic-depressive disorder)
Burnout (Burn-Out)
Depression (Depression)
Anorexia (Anorexia nervosa)

Other psychological disorders can manifest themselves in self-destructive, uncontrolled behavior. Other Symptoms are self-perceived by outsiders as strange. Victims suffer from constraints, to reveal this, for example, in washing, Counting, or order constraints. Some Affected will have to perform actions in a certain order for each observer nonsensical. The Affected is, however, firmly believe that Changes in the compulsive behavior will lead to a great evil.

Causes for mental illness

There are three main causes that stand in a close connection with psychosomatic diseases:

  • Genetic Predisposition
  • traumatic experiences
  • Stress/Overwork

While the constant loading can be relatively clearly seen, trauma tables experiences, often in Childhood, and are the victims themselves are not always known. The human mind has a tendency to repress traumatic experiences, so that is just disturbing influences in early Childhood lead over the years to no interference and with a Time to breakdown. In trade, the consequences of traumatic experiences as a post referred to circles-traumatic stress disorder. But also accidents, severe cases of illness in friends or family, or younger, negative experiences fall into this Disorder.

The abuse of drugs and can also lead to mental illness. Often an inverted image, and to be Concerned, however, try to transfer their problems with the aid of alcohol and drugs.

Pension options

Often stress can be prevented-related mental disorders. To external circumstances and experiences, no one has influence. In General a healthy, balanced lifestyle is one that promotes the physical and mental well-being, as well as the creation of oases of calm in everyday life. The “eat” of the anger and problems can have an effect on duration as a negative effect on the Psyche, therefore, should generally be tried openly and actively deal with problems.

Parents should make sure, in the age of the child, the self-esteem of the child. The child told of bad experiences in school, they should be taken seriously. Bullying in childhood can lead to years to a mental breakdown. In General, to observe the self-related persons and themselves. Anyone who feels that the life of the Railways, the thoughts turn only to the own weight, constant sleep disturbance, and nightmares occur, or sadness, determined the daily routine, you should consult a doctor and be open about the problem talk.

List of the most common mental disorders

With a mental illness is never to be trifled with. Often the symptoms of various disease blend images together, so that victims suffer from various diseases. Commonly, the following diseases are diagnosed:

  1. Eating disorders
  2. Anxiety disorders
  3. Burn-out
  4. Depression
  5. Borderline Personality Disorder
  6. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  7. Schizophrenia
  8. Bipolar Disorder
  9. Dissociative Disorders
  10. Impulse control disorder

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