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Avodart over the counter

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What is Avodart?

Avodart is available as capsule with the active ingredient dutasteride. It is used for the treatment of benign prostate enlargements. The active ingredient inhibits a mechanism that leads to a growth of the prostate and prevents further discomfort. Sometimes it is used also in the case of hormone related in men, even if it is not approved for this purpose in Germany. The drug is a prescription, so your doctor will decide whether it is for your complaints. The active ingredient dutasteride belongs to the so-called anti-androgens. He engages in the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, the prostate can grow. Dutasteride inhibits enzymes that allow for the appropriate metabolic process. As a result, the level of dihydro testosterone is lowered. The growth of the prostate will be stopped and you will eventually be even smaller. The symptoms of a prostate enlargement with effective in combat.

What is it used for?

The prostate of the man is below the bladder and surrounds part of the urethra. It is enlarged, it squeezes on the urethra causing problems with urination. Also, patients must get up at night more often because the bladder empties incompletely. With the progressive enlargement of the prostate pain in the Affected and prone to urinary tract infections and bladder stones. Avodart is used to treat this bottleneck, and the associated discomfort, by stopping the growth of the prostate gland and even decrease the size. Avodart is primarily used in medium to severe symptoms.

How is Avodart used for?

In General, 0.5 mg of the active ingredient per day is sufficient for a therapeutic effect. You just take once a day, one unzerkaute capsule with some liquid. Taking time every day to be the same, in order to achieve a uniform active ingredient level. Also, you forget the capsule is then not so easy. You are at the intake, if you want to take the capsule between, or to one of the meals. The therapy effect occurs in some patients already in the very short term, while others can take up to six months.

Side effects

In addition to the desired effect of Avodart against prostate enlargement, the following effects can be even more likely to observe:

  • Erectile dysfunction and impotence
  • decreased Libido
  • Ejaculation disorders
  • Chest discomfort to the feminization of the breast.

Allergic reactions with rash, hives or Edema may occasionally occur.

When you must not use Avodart?

Of course, you should not take this medicine if you are sensitive or even allergic to the active ingredient dutasteride. For patients with severe hepatic impairment, the drug is not suitable. In the case of mild to moderate Liver dysfunction your doctor may decide, following a risk-Benefit assessment, the administration of Avodart. This balancing, he must make at a combination therapy with Alpha-Sympatholytic.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding/driving ability/alcohol

Avodart is only for men particular drug. Women should take it so. and young people are not allowed to use the drug. These groups of people should not come with the medication on the skin. In the case of a contact, you should wash the body, therefore, immediately and thoroughly. Your participation in the road traffic or the machine does not interfere with the drug.

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