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What is taken?

The drug Carvedilol is taken to control , stable Angina Pectoris (chest tightness) and to treat mild to severe heart failure (heart failure).

Unfolds Carvedilol its effect?

Carvedilol belongs to the group of of the beta-blockers, their effect is usually very similar, and the Blockade of the beta receptors of the two stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. Nevertheless, there are significant differences in the effect on different areas of the organ system, since the beta blocking blocker different specific receptors. Further positive effects on metabolism and the cardiovascular system.

Carvedilol works by blocking specifically the Beta-1-Receptor and Beta-2-Receptor for adrenaline and noradrenaline. The Blockade of the Beta-1 receptor causes a discharge of the heart. The heart beats more slowly and more evenly, thus it can fill more effectively with the blood and into the body pumps. In the case of the Blockade of Beta-2-receptor in the muscle is influenced in the Airways and the blood vessels.

What is the effect of Carvedilol on the Alpha-1 Receptor and other positive factors?

The peculiarity of Carvedilol is that it acts only on beta receptors, but also specifically the Alpha-1 Receptor. This Receptor is located mainly in the cells of the blood vessel walls and the narrowing of the vessels responsible. He is blocked by Carvedilol, dilates the blood vessels and the blood can flow better. The drops and thereby also the risk for Vascular occlusion. In addition, Carvedilol, has shown antioxidant effects in that it causes the cells of the vessel walls stick throw is achieved. Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator.

In addition, it has been shown in studies that Carvedilol has a protective function in terms of reactive oxygen radicals. Free oxygen radicals are formed during metabolic processes in each cell. These oxygen radicals are involved in the pathogenesis of calcification of the vessel walls (arteriosclerosis). Normally the body is able to eliminate the oxygen radicals on its own. If, however, the repair and detoxification function in the body is already impaired, can damage these radicals are the vessels. Carvedilol showed a protective function with regard to the formation of vascular deposits (called Plaques) of Cholesterol components. The walls of the vessels remain elastic and, therefore, their calcification is prevented with the increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

When should Carvedilol be taken?

Carvedilol should not be taken if you are allergic to the active substance or other ingredients. It must also not be used if a low blood pressure below 85 mmHg. The drug Carvedilol is excreted via the liver. In the case of serious disturbances of liver function, it should not be used. Serious heart rhythm problems or a decreased heart rate below 50 beats per Minute are also contraindications, in which Carvedilol should not be used. Since Carvedilol has also an effect on the Beta-2 receptors located in the muscles of the upper respiratory tract, may Carvedilol in bronchial asthma will not be applied.

Can I order Carvedilol without a prescription on the Internet?

When Carvedilol is a drug that is by prescription only. You can get it only on prescription from a doctor. He plans the treatment and how you the medicine to take. If your blood pressure with Carvedilol can issue you with the Doctors of DrEd, a follow-up recipe.

A intake during pregnancy and lactation is possible?

Currently, there are no clinical studies as to the effect in Pregnant women. In animal studies it has been shown that the development of the newborn is affected in the womb and after birth. Therefore, it is recommended that Carvedilol in pregnancy not to take. In General, beta-blockers affect the blood flow to the placenta (placenta), and thus the supply of the unborn child. It can lead to a reduced supply of the Unborn child with developmental disorders, prematurity and Immaturity, as well as intra-uterinem Death. Furthermore, it can occur in the newborn side effects such as low blood sugar or low heart rate.

Are there any impacts on the concentration and ability to drive when taking Carvedilol?

So far, there are no studies which prove that Carvedilol has a negative impact on the concentration and ability to drive. Nevertheless, it may come in taking to side effects such as dizziness, fatigue and blurred vision, the Use of a vehicle affect. Especially these unwanted effects may occur if treatment with Carvedilol only just begun, the dosage can be increased or the drug was changed. Also the additional consumption of alcohol can enhance these unwanted effects.

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