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What is Hytrin?

Hytrin reduces the narrowing in the urethra, which the urine can flow. Complaints, as a very frequent urge to urinate, can be reduced. The medicine, the muscular wall of the prostate and the bladder neck is less tense. can be grouped into the group of the so-called Alpha-Blocker. The active ingredient in this drug is Terazosin.

What is used is the medicine?

Hytrin is only suitable for men. Doctors prescribe the cure for an enlarged prostate (Bengine prostatic hyperplasia). In addition, the medicine men will be prescribed for short notice surgery on your prostate. A further application of the drug treatment of elevated . Hytrin helps the dilation of blood vessels, causing the blood to better flow. This ensures that the blood pressure drops.

How to use Hytrin?

Hytrin is taken before bedtime. If you are the dose to forget once, then you can take the drug the following Morning. But never a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose. If you occupy too much of this medium, then this can lead to low blood pressure. In this case, contact your doctor.


The dosage is different for each Patient and is determined by the doctor based on the severity of their disease. The initial dosage is usually one tablet with 1mg. After three days the dose is increased to one tablet with 2mg. Then you take this dose for the next 11 days. After that, the doctor will determine what dose is the right one. Often, these doses are 5 to 10mg per day. If Hytrin is taken for a long time, then start the treatment again.

Side effects

Hytrin can cause a number of side effects. This does not, however, occur in any case. Possible side effects are:

  • Dizziness;
  • Headaches;
  • Sleepiness and fatigue.

In this leaflet you will find a full list of all possible side effects.

When you must not use this medicine?

Hytrin may be taken in any case, if you are sensitive to Hytrin, and other Alpha-blockers or to any of the ingredients of the tablet. In this leaflet you will find a complete Overview. In addition, Hytrin should not be taken if you have Liver disease or certain heart diseases.

Driving / Alcohol

During treatment with Hytrin, you may experience a feeling of dizziness. In this case, you should take distance from traffic and any dangerous apparatus to use. can increase the side effects, such as dizziness,. For this reason, you should moderate the consumption of alcohol during the treatment as far as possible.

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