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What is Requip?

Requip (active ingredient: Ropinirole) is a medication which is in its effect similar to that of dopamine – a body’s own substance, which takes, among other things, the influence on the control of the muscles. Requip is intended for the relief of discomfort as a result of the Restless Legs syndrome (restless leg syndrome), or Parkinson’s disease. You can order Requip online with dokteronline.com cooperating pharmacies.

What is Requip used for?

The syndrome of restless legs is a disorder in the power in the Seats, or a tingling, itching, or aching feeling in the legs Are felt. The complaints pass away as soon as the legs moved, causing the Affected to feel a persistent urge to move the legs. Restless Legs syndrome is as such a harmless, however, associated with unpleasant symptoms such as insomnia. Requip counteract these complaints, and relieves the urge to move the legs, resulting in a better night’s sleep is guaranteed. Requip is also used against ailments as a result of Parkinson’s disease. Often this is done in conjunction with other drugs.

How to use Requip?

Requip is used for the treatment of Restless-Legs syndrome, should be taken the drug for a maximum of three hours before bedtime. Take the tablets Whole with some water. To the stomach-the intestine-to counteract the complaints, it is advisable Requip in connection with a bit of food to take. In many cases, the body must be accustomed to the active ingredient. The doctor will prescribe a low dose and the dosage then gradually dose increase until a proper Maintenance is achieved. Only after this familiarization phase, Requip can exert its optimal effect. Should be occurred after three months, still no improvement of symptoms, consult a doctor.


Requip online with Dokteronline.com cooperating pharmacies in different Strengths available. The usual dosage recommendation for the initial treatment of the Restless Legs syndrome is as follows:

  • Adults: once a day 1 tablet x 0.25 mg. After a few days the dosage can be increased. Follow the dosing recommendation of your doctor.

For the use of the drug for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease a dosage recommendation. Requip is not suitable for under the age of 18 years. Read leaflet before use the pack.

Side effects

The use of Requip may be associated with side effects, although not every Person has to be affected. The most common side effects of Requip include:

  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Dizziness, Fatigue;
  • Increase in the with the Restless-Legs-syndrome-associated complaints.

Consult a doctor as soon as side effects make you noticeable, and even then, should there be complaints, which are not listed in this leaflet.

When you should not use Requip?

Requip is not suitable for every Person. You can dispense with the use of Requip, if you:

  • Are allergic to or any of the other ingredients of the drug;
  • On a serious liver or kidney disorder.

Discuss the use of Requip with your doctor first, should you suffer from psychological complaints, heart disease or other health problems. Requip in interactions with various other medications. Inform your doctor on other medications you use.

Pregnancy / Driving Ability / Alcohol

Requip is not suitable for use during pregnancy or lactation. The Requip side effects associated can affect the responsiveness. You waive participation in the road traffic, should make complaints such as dizziness or drowsiness if you noticeable. The consumption of may cause possible side effects or strengthen. They even, therefore, during the intake period, their consumption of strong alcoholic beverages.

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