Prednisolone is a man-made drug, which belongs to the group of glucocorticoids. This group is often grouped under the familiar name of \”cortisone\”. In its effects and side effects of similar to the one in the adrenal cortex of the human body produced hormone, Cortisol or hydrocortisone. It can be applied in many different dosage forms.

Prednisolone is available as tablets, ointments & co.

For the inside, and thus systemic application of the active substance in the form of tablets or as an Infusion or injection solutions. Prednisolone should only be used locally, so you can suppositories, ointments, creams or tinctures. These forms may include prednisolone or other compound forms, such as prednisone, the precursor of the Prednisolons, or the water soluble Form of prednisolone acetate.

What is the effect of prednisolone?

As the body’s own hormone , also prednisone effect suppressive immune, inhibits the immune system. Thus, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Prednisolone prevents migrating cells in the damaged tissue, and there is an excessive inflammation to cause reaction. The therapeutic Benefit of this drug.

In addition, prednisolone affect the carbohydrate metabolism and fat metabolism, which is why too high a dosage of prednisolone, or a long prednisolone therapy, unpleasant side effects can cause.

Areas of application of this Cortisone

Sometimes, a treatment with cortisone can be important or even necessary for life. An Overview of indications for the therapy with prednisolone is out of the question, we give you here.

  • Many allergies, such as a severe hay fever, allergic skin inflammation, allergic inflammation of the eyes, or even a severe allergic shock can be treated with cortisone, to prevent extremely excessive reaction of the immune system.
  • Lung diseases such as bronchial Asthma or a chronic obstructive Bronchitis (smokers ‘ cough) can be so severe that the Patient without inflammation could not breathe. Also, patients with other lung diseases (e.g., pseudo-Krupp) to a therapy with prednisolone dependent.
  • The so-called Addison’s disease can’t form the adrenal cortex in the human body enough Cortisol, there is a lack. The lack of glucocorticoid must be replaced by artificial Cortisone, such as the prednisolone.
  • A disorder of the brain crowds gland and causes a low Stimulation of the adrenal cortex. A deficiency of glucocorticoids in the body, is also here. Similarly, a common reason for a prednisolone therapy of chronic inflammation of the joints (arthritis) or diseases of the rheumatic form circle.

Prednisolone helps in autoimmune diseases

Most auto-immune diseases such as Lupus erythematosus or connective tissue diseases are treated with cortisone. This also includes the inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, as well as some inflammatory diseases of the kidneys.

Neurological disorders such as Multiple sclerosis can also be prednisolone treated. Also, some forms of head pain, or a loss of hearing can be alleviated in this way. After organ transplants, prednisolone is used for rejection prophylaxis. Acute rejection is already in progress, the active ingredient may also be used.

Nausea and vomiting are common side effects of chemotherapy. Prednisolone can treatments these side effects of some cancer relieve.

Prednisolone: Dosage

The doctor’s prescribed dosage of prednisone depends on the disease, its severity and other individual factors. Patients with many other diseases in the history of need a different dosage as a largely healthy patients. Especially in children, the active ingredient must be adapted precisely to requirements, size, weight, and age. Prednisolone should be taken in consultation with the attending physician and according to the statement.

The body’s own Cortisol has a circadian rhythm, that is to say, it will be increasingly distributed in the morning hours. Therefore, the highest dose of prednisolone should be taken in the morning, to be the natural Hormone similar. Prednisolone tablets should be taken with plenty of liquid, preferably during or directly after a meal. Severe side effects or allergic reactions to the drug occur, you should always consult a doctor.

Discontinuation of prednisolone

An abrupt Discontinuation of prednisolone may increase the side effects and the hormone balance of the patient’s mess. Better is a slow Cessation of medication with this active ingredient. It is referred to as \”tapering\”. Prednisolone should be slowly reduced in dose, until it finally dropped completely.

Instructions for taking

  • Each treatment with prednisolone should be regularly monitored by a doctor in a controlled manner.
  • In case of Allergy to prednisolone preparations of this drug should not be used.
  • There are situations in which the body to a well-functioning immune system is dependent to ensure that infections protected. Therefore, should smallpox in acute viral infections (such as, for example, lip herpes, and wind), eight weeks before or after vaccination, or swelling of the Lymph nodes following a tuberculosis vaccination no medication with cortisone to be taken.
  • In pregnancy and lactation prednisolone should only be taken if it is deemed by the physician is absolutely necessary.
  • Since prednisolone is engaged in the sugar metabolism of the body, it should be in a chronic metabolic disease such as Diabetes mellitus is not taken. Also in patients with osteoporosis or are difficult to adjust, , a careful assessment of need should be carried out.
  • Patients with a difficult to adjust, high should avoid therapy with prednisolone. If it is nevertheless necessary, regular medical checks are essential.
  • Also eyes medical checks should be carried out in order to detect side-effects in the area of the eyes quickly.
  • As a therapy with prednisolone may have effects on mood and concentration, patients can be affected and should not actively participate in road traffic or operate machinery.
  • When taking prednisolone, there may be interactions with other drugs, such as painkillers, blood pressure medications, certain antibiotics, Diabetes medicines, or the \”pill\”.

In spite of many warnings and possible side effects should not be forgotten, however, that cortisone is a survival of a necessary hormone. Treatment with prednisolone may alleviate many acute and chronic diseases very well.

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