Sedatives for the nervous system of adults and children: a list and rules of application


Pharmacies sell many sedatives, the choice of which depends on the severity of mental disorders and the age of the patient.

General information

Stress, phobias, anxiety, depression – the constant companions of life of modern man. The result of psycho-emotional becomes insomnia, the treatment of which often requires the use of antidepressants.

A curious fact! According to the World Health Organization, more than 160 million people experienced the effects of depression.

To normalize the mental state, you need to use sedatives that inhibit excitability, eliminate irritability, aggressiveness.

There are 5 classes of sedatives:

  • Sedative, created on the basis of valuable plants. Have a sparing effect without causing addiction.
  • Neuroleptics with antipsychotic action. Used for the treatment of neurasthenia, arousal.
  • Tranquilizers are synthetic drugs with a strong psychotropic effect. Addictive.
  • Antidepressants are powerful remedies for fighting depression.
  • Barbiturates are medicines that inhibit the functioning of the central . Addictive.

Before starting the therapy, it is necessary to understand why a person has medication with a sedative effect. If a patient suffers from insomnia, as a result, irritability attacks increase, then it is enough to take over-the-counter sedatives. Means restore the functions of the vegetative system, eliminate tremors in the limbs and excessive sweating.

Note! Sedatives do not affect the lining of the brain intensively. This distinguishes them from sleeping pills.

Acceptance of potent neuroleptics or tranquilizers is required for serious mental disorders. Calming drugs are used for the treatment of neurasthenia, neurosis. Drugs enhance the therapeutic effect of antidepressants, sleeping pills. This allows to reduce the dosage of drugs and prevent the development of side effects.

Sedatives for the nervous system of adults and children: a list and rules of application

OTC sedatives

Pharmacies sell a number of sedatives that reduce nervousness. Products come in various forms: drops, tea, pills, herbs. The choice of a particular dosage form depends on the causes of the disorder and on the susceptibility of the organism.

Nervous agents for the nervous system can be selected independently with minor neurotic problems. For this fit light sedative drugs. Medicines reduce the excitability and sensory susceptibility due to the slowing down of nervous reactions.

Herbal preparations

Means with a natural composition used to restore the nerves for many years. Medicines are safe, they do not harm the body. Many of them can be taken by .


From the extract of valuable plants produce tincture, tablets. From the rhizomes and stems prepare broths and teas with a sedative effect. Allocate a remedy containing medicinal herbs and a number of vitamins: Dream interpretation. The drug effectively reduces nervous excitability, promotes rapid sleep, struggles with the effects of stress.

Note! Valerian has a cumulative effect, therefore, to achieve a therapeutic effect is required to take pills courses.

Tincture is more effective than pills, but because of the presence of ethyl in the composition, it cannot be taken while carrying a child. The medication should be used exactly as instructed, as an increase in prescribed dosages leads to a slower heart rate.


Plant extract is available in pill form, in the form of drops and alcohol tincture. Herbal preparations are also implemented, a component of which is motherwort.

From these fees, you can brew tea, which fights insomnia, normalizing the transmission of impulses. The effect of the use of medicinal herbs is similar to the effects of valerian.


Sedative preparations containing this plant are used to improve sleep and for the treatment of neurosis. Passionflower contains flavonoids and alkaloids that fight against nervous irritability, aggressiveness, and phobias of various kinds.

The peculiarity of the plant is its ability to provide an anticonvulsant and analgesic effect. Eliminates systematic headaches. Alora is a series of drugs that contain passiflora. They are sold in 2 forms (syrup, drops) and are recommended for use by women who are in the postmenopausal period.


Pharmacies sell alcohol tincture and pills. Medications affect the nerve receptors, restoring their structure. Nerve tablets are used for frequent stress. Doctors prescribe peony-based drugs for people with vascular dystonia and neurosis.


The pharmacy network presents pills containing the plant extract: Neuroplant, Negrustin. In addition to sedation, the drugs demonstrate antidepressant activity. Tablets fight with aggression, improve the emotional background, restore nervous functioning.

Combined Medicines

The list of sedative products includes drugs containing several natural ingredients and other excipients. Such drugs effectively soothe, eliminating the effects of neurosis.


Soothing pills contain extract of passiflora, lemon balm, valerian, hawthorn and other valuable plants. The tool is available in liquid form.

The use of Novopassita is recommended for emotional stress, neurasthenic dysfunctions, stress, manifested by pain in the head, insomnia. The drug is actively used in the treatment of migraines, climacteric disorders, intestinal problems, dermatosis.


Includes extract of valerian, lemon balm. One of the components of the drug is ethyl alcohol, so it is forbidden to use it during gestation and lactation. Contraindications include kidney disease, intolerance to the components of the drug.

Persen Forte

It is realized in the form of capsules, tablets. The composition includes extract of valerian, mint, lemon balm. The drug normalizes the process of falling asleep, struggling with anxiety, aggressiveness, depressive manifestations.

Capsules contain a higher concentration of valerian.

The drug is prohibited to use for pregnant and lactating mothers, babies up to 3 years old, people with low arterial indices and in diseases of the gallbladder. With long-term medication, difficulties develop with emptying.


Drops contain a combination of sweet clover, lemon balm, motherwort, coriander, hop cones. The drug reduces nervousness, anxiety, normalizes sleep.

Due to the presence of alcohol in the composition of the tool can not be used for women carrying a child, and drivers. Reduced blood clotting is a contraindication to the use of drops.

Phyto sedan

This is a series of combined herbal. Vegetable components are packaged in separate packages that need to be brewed and drunk on an empty stomach.

The second collection contains extract of motherwort, licorice, mint, thyme, valerian, oregano. Valuable plants have a sedative effect along with antispasmodic activity.

Strong sedatives

The most noticeable sedative effect is shown by drugs from a number of nootropic and tranquilizers, most of which are sold only by prescription.


The main active ingredient of the tablets is butyric hydrochloride. The substance promotes better conduction of impulses, improves the functioning of neurons. The drug eliminates such neurological disorders:

  • anxiety;
  • insomnia;
  • autonomic dysfunction;
  • neurasthenia.

Note! Phenibut is often prescribed for the treatment of chronic alcoholism and before surgery to enhance anesthesia.

The drug increases the effectiveness of hypnotics, eliminates dizziness, cephalgia. In pediatrics, pills are used to combat nervous seizures, stuttering, vestibular dysfunctions. Since the drug is able to provoke severe side effects, you need to take the pills briefly and under medical supervision.


Complex product containing mint, St. John’s wort, valerian, hops, pyridoxine. Available in liquid and tablet form. The tool reduces anxiety, fights emotional stress, phobias. The active components of the medicine restore the structure of the nerve fibers, normalize the emotional state.

The drug is prescribed for neurasthenia, hypertension, asthenia, climacteric disorders. Among the contraindications emit peptic ulcer, diabetes, asthma, diseases of the urinary tract.


Tranquilizer with intense sedative effect. Tablets normalize the psycho-emotional state, promote relaxation, elimination of anxiety. Afobazole is a sedative for the nervous system without a hypnotic effect.

Malfunctions in the functioning of the receptors provoke the development of anxiety and stress. To normalize the receptors, the body requires special proteins. The drug stimulates the activity of proteins, contributing to the restoration of the nervous system.

After completing the therapeutic course, patients note a decrease in anxiety, getting rid of phobias and tearfulness. Means fights against excessive sweating, dry mouth, trembling limbs, reduces the frequency of breathing.


A good sedative for the nervous system of an adult without sleepiness. Tablets normalize the emotional state, relieve aggressiveness.

Doctors prescribe Tenoten with neurasthenia, recurring stress, autonomic disorders. The drug contributes to the development of intellectual abilities, improves the process of memorization.

Alcohol based solutions

Sedatives in liquid form are faster than tablets. In case of emergency, drops quickly restore the normal state. Before use, you must add the prescribed dosage of the solution in water.


Alcohol tincture contains hop extract and mint along with phenobarbital and other components. The tool is recommended for anxiety, sleep problems, neurosis.

Long-term medication leads to the development of depression, dizziness, conjunctivitis, rhinitis. The drug is prohibited to use for gestation and kidney disease, liver.


The composition of the drops is similar to that of Valocordin. The drug has a sparing effect on the nervous system.

The advantage of Corvalol is the ability to reduce arterial indices, eliminate heart pain. The tool provokes dizziness, allergies.


Drops contain tincture of lily, belladonna, valerian. Indications for use are stomach cramps, vascular dystonia, excitability, cardiac pathology.

Interesting! In Soviet times, the product had a different name – Kremlin drops. They were used by people occupying high positions.

The drug is prohibited for ulcers, glaucoma, prostatitis, brain diseases. The drug is able to provoke allergic reactions, diarrhea, muscle weakness, heartburn, dry mouth.


The composition of drops includes oil of oregano, peppermint, phenobarbital. The drug effectively calms the nerves, slows the heart rhythm.

The drug is prescribed for neurasthenia on the background of the pain of heart disease, increasing the pulse rate. Valoserdin is used for problems with sleep, arterial hypertension, colic in the intestine.


The medication contains extracts of valuable plants along with sodium barbital. contribute to the inhibition of nervous activity. As a result, nervous tension and excitability are eliminated.

Preparations containing bromine

Bromides are realized in the form of mixtures or drops, which normalize regulatory processes, improving the functioning of the nervous system. Despite the prevalence of myths about sexual impotence of men due to the intake of bromine, the drugs are completely safe for men’s health. They do not reduce libido and do not affect sexual function.

Prolonged use of bromides causes intoxication. Therefore, the doctor must control the use of such drugs.

Adonis brom

The composition of the pills includes potassium bromide, adonis. The medication is prescribed for neurotic dysfunctions, accompanied by cardiac arrhythmias.

Side effects include allergies, rashes, digestive problems. Contraindications include ulcers, heart disease, pregnancy.


The tool has a sedative effect due to stimulation of receptors that inhibit the excitation in the brain structures. The components of the drug support the work of the cardiovascular system. Doctors prescribe Bromkamphor for nervous seizures, anxiety, sleep problems, pressure drops.

Homeopathic Medicine

These medicines differ from the usual sedatives in that they gently affect the nervous system. But the therapeutic effect of their use may be better.

Among the homeopathic products for adults can be distinguished means Calm, Nevrosed. Childish sedatives include Chalun granules, Kindinorm, Valerianahel drops. It is necessary to choose a medicinal product together with a doctor.

Features of the use of drugs

If necessary, emergency relief of the effects of stress take Diazepam, Seduxen. Tranquilizers have a powerful effect on the brain, triggering the processes of inhibition.

Pregnant women are advised to choose sedatives based on natural ingredients: motherwort, chamomile, valerian, lemon balm. Plants have a calming effect, without harming the fetus. Allowed to take Glycine, Persen.

Drugs containing ethanol are contraindicated during gestation and lactation.

In the climacteric period, a sharp change in the hormonal level occurs, which increases the susceptibility to stimuli. During menopause, women should use Climactoplan, Grandaxine. Products normalize the emotional background, eliminating the manifestations of depression.

Baby sedatives

Drug treatment of stress and neurosis is required for both adults and children. Often, even babies need to be sedated through pharmacological products. Doctors prescribe herbal medicine for children.

The choice of a particular medication depends on the age of the small patient. Since a child under 3 years is not able to take pills correctly, sedatives are prescribed in the form of syrup, powder.

If necessary, to eliminate the nervous seizures and sleep disorders in children can be prepared medicinal decoction. It is required to brew mint and chamomile and drink a drink instead of tea. To improve the taste is recommended to add to the broth a bit of natural honey. Such a drug has an antidepressant and anti-stress effect.

With a pronounced nervous tension, the child is given Persen in tablet form. Children from 6 years old are allowed to take Citral. The medicine contains motherwort extract, valerian, sodium bromide. For adolescents, stronger sedatives have been developed: Elenium, Phenazepam, Tazepam. They can only be used after prescribing a doctor.

Alternative ways to calm

If you do not want to use drug treatment, you can resort to popular methods. To normalize the state of the nervous system, you should prepare a tincture with a sedative effect. To do this, combine 5 grams of oats, valerian, hop cones, peony and lemon balm. The resulting mixture is added to 500 ml of alcohol and infused for 14 days. You need to take the medicine for a teaspoon twice a day for a month.

Herbal tea is no less effective. You can make your own sedative tea. For a drink suitable motherwort, lemon balm, chamomile, mint, valerian, linden. It is necessary to brew herbs, adding to the solution a little honey. It is recommended to drink this tea at night. It eliminates nervous tension, contributes to the normalization of the processes of falling asleep.


Pharmacies sell a number of sedatives that improve the state of the nervous system. The choice of a particular remedy depends on the degree of manifestation of the disorder and the age of the patient. It is recommended to use the recipes of traditional medicine along with medical treatment.

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