Severe headache, or How not to become a hostage to your own head


There are a lot of ways to deal with painful sensations in the head, some of them do not involve the use of medicines. Everyone chooses a specific solution of the problem independently, however it is useful to have a general idea of ​​different ways to eliminate pain.

Headache tablets

If the home first aid kit has a broad-spectrum pain killer, you can take it. Almost all drugs begin to act within a couple of hours after ingestion. That is why it is advisable not to miss the first signs of an impending attack. The principle here is simple – the earlier the pill is swallowed, the better.

When the pain has reached its peak, you can reduce the suffering with the help of Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naproxen. But do not abuse the pills and take them daily, especially if the doctor has not prescribed such a course. There is a high risk of replacing the cause of pain, when the drug itself becomes a source of prolonged and debilitating painful conditions.

In addition, the drug due to the increased frequency of its reception may cease to act properly – the pain will not be relieved. If the medication stopped helping, you should stop taking it and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

First Aid Cases

It is important to know in what situation without prompt treatment to medical care is not enough. When it is impossible to remove the headache, and other symptoms appear on its background, this can be evidence of a serious problem. There are many options:

  • heart attack;
  • inflammation of the meninges;
  • encephalitis, etc.

If visual disturbances are noted, speech, movement is difficult, there is nausea, vomiting and high temperature, it is better to immediately call the ambulance brigade.

Caffeine intake

Almost all simple painkillers contain as one of the components caffeine. This substance can remove the pain in the head, but can be addictive with everyday use. Then the opposite picture will be observed – pain in the head will only intensify.

Doctors recommend using caffeine and drugs based on it no more than twice a week. Coffeemen sometimes have painful sensations in case of a sudden refusal to take a drink regularly. Constantly dilated blood vessels of the brain during the abolition of narrowed, which causes the characteristic discomfort. Those who drink a lot of coffee, it is desirable to gradually reduce the amount of drink drunk per day.

If you have a headache, attacks occur regularly, then it makes sense to consult a doctor. Caffeine ingestion should be completely eliminated.

Plentiful Drink

It should drink plenty of fluids, especially in the hot period. Dehydration is one of the characteristic causes of pain. Vomiting and hangover after taking a significant amount of is direct evidence of this. At the first appearance of unpleasant sensations in your head you should drink a glass of , then drink it in small portions throughout the day.

The amount of fluid you drink should be increased, if active sports are conducted, it is hot outside if the baby is breastfed.

With the tendency to migraine to drink ice water is undesirable – this can provoke an attack. In addition, hypothermia of the throat often causes colds. Water at room temperature will be optimal for balance.

Regular rest

To relieve a headache will help complete rest in a quiet and ventilated area. Closed curtains and off lights – mandatory conditions for quality rest. A relaxed state will reduce pain.

Relatives can help relieve a headache, which for some time will provide the patient with complete peace, will not make noise and distract the rest. Short, but deep sleep in such a situation will only be on hand.

The position of the body during the rest must meet certain requirements – you need to relieve the neck muscles from tension. If lighting interferes, you can use a special eye mask.

Severe headache, or How not to become a hostage to your own head

The temperature and humidity in the room also play a significant role. Someone will help stay in a cool room, others may need a quilt and even a heating device.

Muscle relaxation

An effective way to quickly get rid of a headache at home without taking pills is to alternately relax all the muscles in the body. This procedure will alleviate the pain symptoms.

A comfortable position, deep breathing and alternation of tension with complete muscle will quickly give the desired result. One should gradually move from muscle to muscle – here the very fact of concentrating on certain parts of the body will distract from unpleasant sensations.


You can get rid of a headache with a cool compress. A soft-tissue non-forehead bandage often reduces soreness. This method gives a tangible result when it comes to unpleasant sensations in the temporal region and in the nasal sinuses. The bandage should be moistened with water periodically, otherwise the tissue heated by the body will not give a therapeutic effect.

Compress with a long action is easy to prepare, if you put a soaked piece of cloth in a bag, and put the latter in the freezer. Applying to the forehead will help to narrow the vessels, and the melting ice will not create discomfort due to the package.

If a painful condition arises due to anxiety, stress, or overexertion, then it is recommended to take a warm shower (apply a warm compress).


Tension in the cervical region occurs due to a banal fatigue or due to a serious disease – cervical osteochondrosis. Depression and anxiety can also cause pain. The massage is aimed at improving blood circulation, which is especially important for relieving tension in the muscles. The procedure will give a visible result if you follow simple recommendations:

  • massaging movements are carried out in a circle;
  • a point is selected on the temple, which is started to knead clockwise, then against it;
  • you can move from the temples to the forehead and back;
  • pressure should not be strong, and the movement must be performed smoothly.

Massaging the nose bridge helps to relieve migraine symptoms and painful sensations in the nasal sinuses. Do not leave without attention and scalp. It will be useful to do this under the shower, soaping hair with shampoo. An alternative to shampoo will be argan or coconut oil.

To massage the neck and shoulders, you need to take a comfortable sitting position. The palms are placed on the shoulders so that the fingers look at the shoulder blades. Take a deep breath, head down. Impact on the muscles begin to tight compression of the fingers, gradually moving to the base of the skull. Finish the procedure by stretching the shoulder and neck muscles, strongly tilting the head forward.

Another way is possible if you have two tennis balls on hand. They are laid in a sock, lay on their backs and place an improvised invention under the occipital bone. During the first minutes there will be a feeling of discomfort, which will be replaced by relief from feeling unwell. The method is especially good for pain caused by sinusitis and sinusitis.

Breathing exercises

Complete relaxation and proper breathing exercises can solve the problem of a headache without taking any medications. Daily gymnastics will relieve tension, return you to a comfortable state of health and help you relax.

A cool place is suitable for practice, perhaps without lighting. First, you should get comfortable – sit down, leaning against the back, or lie down. If the body is wearing uncomfortable clothing, it is better to take it off. You need to breathe deeply through the nose, lingering on a breath for a couple of seconds. The exhalation is slow until the lungs are completely free from air.

Natural remedies

Any natural remedy should be used with extreme caution and after prior consultation with a doctor. Folk remedies help to reduce headaches, but can cause severe allergies, and not cope with the main trouble. The remedies also have hard contraindications, which is especially true for pregnant women in the early stages and for breastfeeding mothers.

Herbal therapy gives a good effect, but always have to clearly monitor adverse reactions. If they are found, the reception of the folk remedy should be immediately stopped. It makes sense to find herbs in capsules, since this form of release will allow you to constantly comply with the dosage. The main tools that really reduce headaches include:

  • ginger root;
  • coriander;
  • whitewash;
  • tea;
  • willow;
  • pyrethrum.

Ginger helps not only to cure a headache without pills, but also to negate the nausea and vomiting that accompany an attack. Studies have shown that analgesics containing ginger do a better job than placebo.

Coriander seeds reduce the detrimental effect of the inflammatory process on the head. They can simply be chewed, added to food or tea. There is coriander extract on sale, which is ingested.

Podbel, according to several studies, is able to eliminate headaches and reduce the total number of attacks. The averaged values ​​of the experiments show that taking two capsules daily (25 mg each) reduces the number of seizures by 60% for 3 months. Industrial production makes it possible to eliminate harmful substances from whitewash, therefore it is simply undesirable to use the plant.

Brewed on passionflower, lavender and rosemary tea helps to eliminate unpleasant sensations in the head area. Chamomile and mint have a calming effect.

In the pharmacy network you can find pills of willow leaves. They reduce the number of migraines, if you take the medicine according to the specified scheme.

Pyrethrum is available in the form of capsules and tablets. It can be added to tea and put in food, given the bitterness of the plant. People taking feverfew have diametrically opposed opinions about this medicine. No serious side effects were noted after taking the drug. But it should be borne in mind that the plant can cause nausea, pain in the tongue, problems with the digestive system. After long-term use, a sudden failure can cause headaches and sleep disturbances.


It is considered an effective way to deal with pain in the head. Essential oils — chamomile, marjoram, lavender, sage, etc. — are used to carry it out. Oil can be used during the massage, which will enhance the effectiveness of both methods. Essential oil can be added to the water before taking a bath. The procedure, carried out in the evening, is able to calm and relax the body tired for the day.

A good result is a mixture of olive oil with five drops of rosemary, lavender and nutmeg oil. The mixture is rubbed into the neck and the entire upper back.

Normalization of power

Quality food and their proper preparation – a pledge of no trouble in the form of headaches. It is quite legitimate to say that the head can be treated with food. First of all, regular meals will not develop hunger, which can cause headaches.

Among the products that provoke a migraine attack, highlighted:

  • hard cheeses;
  • chocolate;
  • Red wine;
  • monosodium glutamate.

If it is noticed which product provokes pain, it is removed from the diet. Almonds are beneficial because they contain a lot of magnesium. The latter relieves the vasospasm. Magnesium is also present in bananas, avocados and cashews.

In case of sinusitis, spicy foods can help, which will relieve nasal congestion. Spinach is rich in nutrients that lower and eliminate the symptoms of hangover. The plant can replace greens in salads, it should be added to sandwiches.

Preventive actions

Pain in a responsible approach is easier to prevent than to deal with them. It is important not to forget about preventive measures. First of all, you need to ensure a quality and long-lasting sleep. For adults, it is 8 hours, while referring to a night’s sleep. During the day you can sleep a little after a hearty lunch.

If you can not sleep, it makes sense to reconsider your lifestyle. Before going to bed, it is undesirable to spend time at the TV screen or in front of a computer monitor. Excited psyche does not allow to fall asleep quickly. Drinking coffee at night is inappropriate, because caffeine accelerates heart rate and does not contribute to relaxation. The light in the room where you expect a night’s rest, it is better to mute in advance so that the body can tune.

Strengthening muscles and straightening posture will have a beneficial effect on well-being, reducing the risk of the onset and development of painful sensations. Independent pilates, yoga, stretching exercises will give a good result. But first you should visit an osteopath or a doctor in physical therapy gymnastics.

An important warning factor is a well-organized workplace. The position of the body during work has a direct impact on the future well-being of the person. All the details of the desktop must meet the requirements of height, ensuring the correct fit. An unsuitable table is best not to use.

During work, it is necessary to give yourself short breaks, otherwise the tension headache is sure to take by surprise. Do not interfere with charging for the eyes and changing the position of the body.

If you do not manage to reduce the headache yourself, then this is a serious reason for going to the therapist. Perhaps he will prescribe a full examination in order to find out the hidden causes of prolonged illness. Despite the external oddity recommendations, it is necessary to enroll to the dentist. The cause of the seizures may be hiding in:

  • the presence of strong caries;
  • involuntary clenching of the jaws;
  • jaw displacement;
  • inflammatory process after tooth extraction.

An optometrist and an otolaryngologist should also be included in the list of doctors visited.

Phasing out and drinking alcohol will cleanse the body and minimize the frequency of pain in the head. Carbon monoxide, which is part of tobacco smoke, can enhance discomfort. Nicotine also constricts blood vessels, worsening the blood supply to certain parts of the brain. Passive smoking also contributes to the occurrence of seizures, especially when it comes to migraine or cluster headache. Therefore, it is worth minimizing your stay in areas where there are many active smokers.


Having an idea of ​​what to do in case of severe pain in the head, you can manage to make the right decision on time and help yourself or your loved ones. It is hardly possible to cure chronic migraines, but it is quite possible to reduce the painful symptoms. The use of traditional medicines for headaches and the use of unconventional products should be carried out only after consulting a doctor. This is especially true during pregnancy in women, regardless of the trimester.

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