Spleen Pain – Causes And Counter-Measures


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Spleen pain is caused mostly by diseases of the spleen, such as a spleen ago crack, or spleen . There are also other causes for the pain in question. What are these and what are the measures for the treatment of spleen pain are useful, you will learn in this guide.

What causes spleen pain?

The spleen (Lien or Splena) is a body that meets in the body for many functions. The Pulpa alba known spleen involved are nodules of immune reactions. The spleen reticulum alias Pulpa rubra is for the removal of old cells in the blood. In addition, the spleen plays in the formation of new blood cells an important role. Therefore, spleen disease and spleen pain are harmful to the physical health.

Noticeable pain in the area of the spleen in the left upper belly half behind the costal arch. Here, the Organ lies below the diaphragm and protected by the Ribs. As already indicated, is the cause of the pain is often a disease or injury of the spleen. However, the adjoining Organ or a rib, or a blood disorder can be responsible for the pain. Overall, this can be the causes for spleen pain:

  • Splenic infarction: splenic infarction is when a functional failure of the spleen or a large-scale death of the spleen tissue is present. The infarct is usually lead to the closure of the splenic artery (Arteria lienalis). This is often due to vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis or an abnormal spleen enlargement. In the course of which the spleen suffers a lack of blood supply and oxygen. The pain from radiation in case of a splenic infarction and often in the groin area.
  • Spleen enlargement: The spleen known splenic enlargement describes a pathological enlargement of the spleen. They are characterised by a blood cell , spleen tumors, and a series of infections, and rheumatic diseases. Due to the larger volume it can lead to Organ and blood vessels, including the floods come. The pressure on the surrounding organs and the rib provokes the pain. A great danger of a Blood backflow is in the spleen.
  • Spleen congestion: a blood congestion in the spleen occurs when the spleen vessels are no longer able to conduct the blood completely. It is characterised by the portal vein is high pressure, which can lead to a spleen congestion to cirrhosis of the liver. Here the pain is radiate to the liver.
  • Splenic tear: injuries to the spleen often lead plan to a spleen. Is provoked by accidents and falls on the spleen, a tissue damage. Also a enlarged Spleen and associated splenic congestion can lead to long-term a ruptured spleen.
  • Spleen inflammation of the spleen (Splenitis) is often to be found in the capsule of the organ. As the causes of many inflammatory and are eligible. This includes mononucleosis, HIV infection, or irritation. Especially if a rib is chronically irritated, for example by incorrect or curved posture, is often a painful inflammatory stimulus from the costal arch to the spleen.
  • Blood disorders: In the field of blood, especially thalassemia, it should be mentioned diseases. The disease affects the red blood cells. These non-hemoglobin produce in thalassemia due to a Gendeffekts enough. So, it can lead to an enlarged spleen and splenic pain. In addition, blood cell cancer, or sickle cell anemia can cause pain in the spleen promote.
  • other diseases: in addition to a spleen enlargement can other organ enlargements lead to pain in the spleen. Swelling and inflammation in the area of the diaphragm, stomach, or intestine quickly call for a pain of lack of space show. A broken rib may cause irritation by bone fragments from the spleen or hurt. In this case, pain is also a spleen rupture and a spleen inflammation are possible in addition to Spleen.

Treatment of spleen pain

For the treatment of pain in the region of the spleen, a medical history of the patient is necessary. Here, it is asked whether the pain concentrated in the left upper abdomen half. Also, pre-existing conditions such as vascular or blood diseases need to be clarified. To hedge tactile examinations and imaging procedures such as ultrasound or CT. The treatment of spleen pain depends on the cause:

  • drug treatment: Is diagnosed a pre-existing condition, drugs are usually the only solution is to treat disease and pain. Conceivable anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. They are administered for severe pain along with a pain reliever.
  • surgery: tumor diseases, as well as vascular diseases, severe injuries and organ enlargements, often an Operation is necessary. Here, severely damaged tissue sections or wucherndes tissue is removed. The spleen should be on the verge of a heart attack, you have to expect a removal of the Spleen (splenectomy). The Organ itself is not necessary for survival.
  • Conservation: During treatment, a special conservation of the spleen is important. Just in case of injury, absolute silence must be maintained. After removal of the Spleen a strong, there are immunodeficiency and an increased risk of infection. To take and pathogens through Hygiene and vitamin diet prevent, is a priority.

Spleen pain – when to see a doctor?

Spleen pain are, in principle, a trip to the doctor worth it. To the danger that behind the pain is a serious disease hidden. Always consult with a doctor if you have prolonged pain in the left upper abdominal exercise.


The trigger for spleen pain may be in both the spleen nodules and the spleen, reticulum, or the spleen, its vessels. In addition, spleen diseases are not the only factors that can lead to the pain. Similarly, blood disorders such as thalassemia, injuries such as a rib fracture, and vascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis come as a cause of pain into account. To secure clarification of pain to visit in the left upper abdomen always is a doctor in the Spleen.

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