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  • 4 What to consider in terms of sports high blood pressure?
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Sport is for the health of the circulatory system, heart and vessels is extremely important. Also in the case of high blood pressure regular fitness training can contribute to the strengthening of the body. So the cardiovascular can be, for example, the risk of death from hypertensive by appropriate endurance training by up to 70 per cent reduce.

However, you should choose your sports activities as a high blood pressure patient very carefully to be increased because of great effort, the risk of suffering a heart attack. You’ll learn in this guide, which sports are suitable for patients with hypertension and what you should consider when Training for your heart.

Which sports represent also in the case of high blood pressure is not a Problem?

In principle, it is not recommended in case of hypertension of sports, the strain on the heart and the blood pressure rapidly. Strength training (e.g. weight lifting), but also combat sports and diaphoretic team games, such as Hand – or football, or only as a result of high blood pressure consequently, useful. With a view to a possible heart attack, you should refrain from sporting activities, connected with enormous changes in pressure. These include scuba diving, mountain climbing, and skiing at extreme altitudes.

Moderate endurance sports training high blood pressure however, the physical capacity and protecting your heart from harmful effects of everyday efforts. The risk to suffer a heart attack due to high blood pressure, regular exercise reliably reduce. For this reason, stress training are endurance, and light-weight become an integral part of many therapy concepts for high blood pressure. Here is a small Overview of the most suitable sports:

Running sports such as: Hiking, hill walking at low altitude, but also Nordic Walking and light Jogging are high blood pressure is a good physical exercise for the circulatory system, heart and vessels. Are recommended for Hypertensive three to five Running sessions per week with a maximum duration of about a half-hour.

moderate strength training: While excessive force high blood pressure is more than dangerous, it is capable of moderate strength training to reduce hypertension by up to 4 percent. Important is the correct technique, however. The strength exercises should be made, for example, not too many times in a row repeatedly, and a compressed breathing be avoided during the exercise to avoid. It is best, therefore, as a Patient with hypertension in the fitness Studio to a professional strength coaches around. This can provide you with targeted guidance and know how much effort a Person may be expected to take with high blood pressure during strength training.

Sports: Cycling is recommended in case of high blood pressure. Make sure, however, to take only the level of the travel routes in the attack, because altitude will mean for the heart, a burden that ultimately drives the blood pressure up. Alternatively, Cycling on the home trainer, it is conceivable. Here, the Route can still be better to vote, and by the blood pressure during the journey reliably.

Cross-country skiing: As with Cycling, Hypertensive patients should pay attention to when cross-country skiing on a level track, and an exercise in high altitudes to avoid, because of the changed pressure conditions have a harmful impact on the heart and blood pressure. In addition, the thin air means a poorer oxygen supply to the body. A circumstance favored a heart attack.

Water sports: in General, types of such as Swimming, Paddling or rowing for high blood pressure is to sports, nothing wrong with that. However, the temperature of the water 24°C shall not fall below. Extreme water cooling could otherwise lead to shock reactions and narrowed blood vessels, which transported a hypertension and in the worst case, even a heart attack can trigger. Be recommended, therefore, water temperatures of 27°C to 29°C.

How does physical stress on the blood pressure?

No matter what sport it is – any Form of physical exercise creates a increase in blood pressure values. A systolic blood pressure of 190 to 220 mmHg is regarded as normal. However, the load limit by regular exercise can be gradually increased, so that physical effort leads to less and less to high blood pressure and high blood pressure tips. For Hypertensive patients, a more than desirable effect that protects the heart.

Sports is generally not even positive for the blood pressure?

And the answer is clearly: Yes. Not only that, Sport makes for a better condition, and thus the risk of developing high blood pressure decreased. In addition, risk factors in the Form of Obesity, vasoconstriction or oxygen by exercise deficiency in the blood how to fix. Not least, regular exercise promotes endurance and resilience of the body, what makes it high blood pressure and heart attack is significantly harder to develop.

What to consider in terms of sports high blood pressure?

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  • If you are affected by high blood pressure, you should exercise sporting activities only in consultation with your treating doctor. A stress ECG is reliable guidelines for the recommended duration and type of sport can be pre-set.
  • The Severity of the hypertension is also crucial when it comes to determine how your individual training programme designed needs to be. While mild to moderate high blood pressure means hardly any limitations for sports activities, is provided in the case of heavy hypertension caution. Without proper Precautions, and compliance with physician-prescribed load limits could threaten a heart attack.
  • Another important factor for the determination of a suitable training concept taking blood pressure-lowering forms of medication. Since the heart rate is reduced by regular practice of Sport, in addition, is thinking in the long term, through an adjustment of the drug dose. Here, too, a consultation with the doctor is absolutely required to make in respect of the medicines are no errors.
  • It is especially important to medical care for hypertension patients with a weak heart. To act on its own in this case means to put your life at risk, for heart failure, and myocardial infarction with congestive heart failure much faster than in hypertension without the accompanying disease.

Conclusion – moderate exercise for high blood pressure is healthy

If high blood pressure or non – Sport strengthens the heart and blood vessels sustainable and, therefore, generally speaking, for all people. Hypertension patients in Particular are likely to make in the exercise of sporting activities but on the fact that you can expect of your sensitive heart too much. Without consultation with the doctor, you should not start with high blood pressure therefore, if you want to prevent a heart attack or similarly dangerous consequences. When strength training in the gym, you should also take advantage of the help of a Coach, to protect your heart in the best way possible.

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