Stop Smoking – 10 Tips For Quitting


Establish motivation

Only those who are really motivated manages cessation and also keeps really through. Think about the benefits it has for you, quitting smoking: less bad breath, better taste while eating, less coughing, increased life expectancy, no smelly clothes and no smoke-filled apartment more. Perform these benefits frequently reminded. Better yet: Write your personal motivation on a notepad and read it before, if you are tempted next time.

Celebrate the farewell

Celebrate the farewell to the cigarette! Some have everything reminds them of smoking, remove from the home and the work environment – cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays.

Otherwise it does even good when they pick up a last ashtray brimming with old cigarette – a deterrent!

Avoid stress

People who are under and time pressure, attacks tend to be more for a cigarette. Place the beginning of the end of your smoking career not just in a predictable stressful time. Thank the goodbye is by tilting in professionally quieter periods lighter.

Rituals replace smoking

The motto: Do not omit, but replace! Let yourself nice things come up that may be exchanged for the usual cigarette – and enjoy the new. The morning cigarette against an apple. The stress cigarette against a short break, the five-minute office training or feet-high Place and more.

Use nicotine replacement

As with the smoke removal nervousness and insomnia increase in many, it is advisable to use a nicotine replacement product in the first few weeks. This allows the withdrawal symptoms and cravings reduce for a cigarette. There are nicotine gum, -pflaster, -inhaler or -nasensprays. The latter, however prescription and not available in Germany.


The painful experience of many who are Non smoking: The pounds on the scales upward climb. Therefore you should make before the last cigarette thinking about their . Intuitive grab namely many straight to the false substitutes, such as the chocolate. Avoid high-fat and high sugar foods.

But not try to simultaneously remove solid and quit smoking. Two tackle so hard to reach targets at once, is for most people an excessive burden on them. You probably have more success if you take the nicotine and the weight problem sequentially addressed.

Spoil yourself

Reward yourself in between themselves. After all, you really take from addiction farewell, and that’s not easy. The money that you save by eliminating the cigarettes, you should invest pleasurable and useful: A new music or new clothes can also support the new life and a new self-esteem.

Complete Betting

It is best to give equal all know that you are now Non smoking. This gives your friends the ability to be considerate of you and it increases the pressure. If friends or acquaintances still offer you cigarettes and thus try to bring you back into the club of smokers, connect with them from betting. This increases their chances of winning at each of the rejected cigarette.


You will wonder how athletic you are again, because finally gets your lungs properly air breathing and can supply the body with oxygen. At the same acts contrary possible weight problems.

Prevent relapses

Play through conceptually possible critical situations. Consider in advance, when you particularly difficult renunciation of the cigarette. How might you react in this situation differently? What could you do to compensate? Anyone who has previously prepared effective strategies will better hold. A thought is particularly dangerous: The illusion of having control over smoking. “Only once a train” of the cigarette of another increases the risk of relapse enormous.

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