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Varicose veins are widespread in Germany. About 90 percent of the population have veins in the course of your life with this abnormal extension of the leg to fight. Although the disease is, however, nothing unusual in that, you should dismiss it not as a harmless, on the contrary. In the more frequent Occurrence of a cramp suggests not rarely suffer serious problems in the blood circulation in the calves and thighs. How these problems come about and what factors contribute to varicose veins, we will explain here.

What varicose veins are?

  • 1 What varicose veins are?
  • 2 reasons for Krampaderfleiden
  • 3 diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins
  • 4 tips for private Prevention and treatment of varicose veins
  • 5 conclusion

The medical term for varicose veins is varices. The word derives from the Latin word varix for ‘node’. Rightly so, because from the outside, large varicose veins are actually nodes in the shape. The medicine speaks, depending on the severity and number of diseased leg veins a varicose, which describes the onset of varicose veins. For an accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy measures, it is therefore important to distinguish between the following manifestations of varicose veins of the forms to be distinguished:

Trunk varicose veins: With approximately 85 percent of the stem to form varices is the most common Form of varicose veins. As trunk varicose veins large, nodular deformation of the large and small saphenous vein (Vena saphena). The two veins the main veins of the legs and are part of the superficial venous system.

reticular varices: Although they work in comparison to stem varicose veins inconspicuous, spider veins fast. They belong to the so-called reticular varices, and relate to deformation of the smaller skin veins on the outer upper or lower leg. Individually usually barely larger than 1 mm, through spider veins and other reticular caused varicose veins to varicose veins is almost always a red-bläuchliches, branched network pattern.

Side branched varicose veins: Also grid-shaped, a varicose veins the Prevalence of Side is branched varicose veins pronounced. As the Name suggests, these arise from the side of the rose vein branches. They can occur together, with stem varicose veins, or to the emergence of a trunk varicose veins suggest.

Causes for Krampaderfleiden

Not all the causes for the Emergence of varicose veins are not yet fully understood. However, the main factors can be divided into two different categories.

Primary Varicose Veins:

The veins in our legs have an important role in the physical blood transport. As the veins that control the flow of blood to the heart, you are, among other things, for the removal of oxygen-poor blood volumes from the leg region. The veins prevent the flaps of the return and therefore a congestion of blood within the vessels.

Primary varicose suffer (idiopathic varicose veins), when said venous valves can no longer perform its task properly. This can happen, for example, due to venous diseases, such as connective tissue of the venous insufficiency. The disease can be caused either by genetic Disposition or relevant life and creates disturbances in the transport of liquid to the blood veins.

Symptoms: Possible consequences of a connective tissue of the veins in a reversal of blood flow direction in the veins, as well as a related increase in pressure within the vessels are weakness. The longer the pressure continues, the more likely-like extensions and deformations of the vessel walls are sick. Aching and heavy legs and leg cramps after a long time or Are the most common symptoms are. Pressure-induced retention in the legs are possible.

Causes: Idiopathic varicose veins forms the skin in the superficial veins of the Leg or a combination of the veins. The pathological vascular wall expansion due to Pressure makes up a good 95 percent of all varicose veins and can have weakness in addition to a genetic connective tissue of the following reasons:

  • Lack of movement (e.g. seat-bound professional activity)
  • inappropriate clothing (for example, necking the end of the socks and shoes)
  • hormonal changes (e.g. pregnancy or Menopause)
  • Use of drugs (e.g. nicotine)
  • rigid leg posture (e.g., independent of the legs), or a Bend

Secondary Varicose Veins:

Less than primary secondary varicose veins. Their formation is based on a faulty back-flow of blood from the superficial to the deeper venous system, and just less than 5 percent of all varicose veins.

Symptoms: Similar to the primary and secondary varicose veins makes suffering through the pain in veins and cramps noticeable. The symptoms can occur depending on load and temperature of the legs to be stronger or weaker. Experience has shown that the symptoms towards evening are worse.

Causes: Secondary varicose veins occur principally as a result of a disturbed blood flow in the deeper leg veins. Triggers can be, for example, blood clots (thrombosis), or tumor diseases, the veins and blood vessels constrict, and thus blood congestion.

Diagnosis and therapy of varicose veins

A first diagnosis for varicose veins is relatively straightforward. The trained eye of the physician recognizes the pathologically deformed veins easily through the appropriate assessment of the legs. The varicose veins should not be visible from the outside, help methods, such as ultrasonography and venography, a special x-ray examination of the legs by intravenous administration of iodinated contrast agents. Common also called a duplex study is currently. The Doppler-technology-enhanced ultrasound allows Physicians more precise statements on the extent of the varicose veins make.

Further on the topic of varicose veins

In particular, with regard to the preservation of the connective tissue and the venous functionality, there are a lot of things, what can patients do in own responsibility against the formation of varicose veins. In addition to numerous home remedies for varicose veins especially these aspects are important in this context:

  • Should you already suffer from varicose veins, it is important to relieve the affected veins on a regular basis. High place your legs and feet after prolonged efforts. Any blood congestion can drain better, reducing the venous pressure decreases faster.
  • Also helpful for the of the blood vessels Kneipkuren. There are public thermal baths and natural spas, with appropriate Kneipangeboten. However, also private baths and showers for said water therapy is suitable.
  • Through sports, the legs and feet are calling for the blood circulation enormously important muscle pump strengths. In addition, movement relieves the discomfort of existing varicose veins. Devote to in their leisure time regularly for activities such as Cycling, inline skating, Swimming or walking.
  • Regular exercise not only trains the muscles of the legs. He also promotes the blood circulation and provides a higher flexibility of the vessels. For this reason, you should bring in a whole lot of movement in your everyday life.
  • Whether preventive or therapeutic purposes, avoid blood congestion within the veins through a correct posture. Your legs should not be bent too long, upright Seating postures and strong weight loads reduced our training, it goes to your blood vessels.
  • Nicotine constricts arteries and veins. Therefore, avoid cigarette consumption of artificially increased venous pressure, this leads ultimately to the formation of varicose veins.


Varicose veins can now be combated. With the correct treatment, so you have the opportunity, both to keep the health, as well as the cosmetic consequences as small as possible. If you take advantage of these opportunities and measures to take Preventive measures, the varicose veins of the horror!

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