Top 10 Causes Of Death

The world health organization (WHO) regularly investigates what people around the world die. Particularly in developing countries, diseases that have disappeared in industrial countries today, completely, or at least with a few medication can be cured include. In richer countries, people are dying more frequently from the consequences of the so-called civilization diseases, such as gout or Diabetes. Diseases of civilization are caused by fat, sugary , and an unhealthy life style. The following list summarizes the ten most common causes of death worldwide in the year 2008.

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The ischemic or coronary heart disease is vessels disease of the heart wreath. In General, it is the result of atherosclerosis. In the case of ischemic heart disease the blood circulation, which means a decreased oxygen supply to the heart worsens. This, in turn, can have heart rhythm disturbances, heart failure, heart attack and sudden cardiac death. In the world of 7.25 million people died in 2008 on the impact of ischemic heart disease.

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