Upper Abdominal Pain – Causes And Remedies


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While the lower abdomen back pain mostly on the organs are located in the lower abdomen, and indicate pain in the upper abdomen more on organic problems in the upper abdomen. The causes of pain in the area of the upper abdomen are found, often in harmless stomach upset or digestive problems. But they can also be signs of a serious disease. You read in this guide, which can be the causes for this kind of abdominal pain and what you can do in case of an emergency.

What causes upper abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain have their origins mostly in the abdominal internal organs. Among the organs in the upper abdomen stomach, small intestine, liver, spleen and gall bladder primarily. In addition, the stomach closes in the upper area of the ribs, floors, and so these come as a source of Pain into consideration. Furthermore, a distinction must be made in the upper abdomen pain in terms of location. The pain can occur both to the left and right as well as in the middle. The pain location can already give first hints on possible causes:

  • Abdominal pain upper middle: In the middle of the upper abdomen location of pain tend to be rare. They suggest that in the case of the case but mainly on diseases of the pancreas, stomach ulcers, or of the gastric mucosa. Further, it is possible that the pain may occur here as a result of Stress, as well as an alcohol or drug. Thus, the own life is a crucial factor in the development of abdominal pain.
  • Upper abdominal pain right side: pain in right upper abdomen page are typical for diseases of the in the upper right abdomen the nearby gallbladder (e.g. gallstones or gallbladder inflammation). Similarly, liver diseases (e.g. cirrhosis of the liver) for pain in the right upper abdomen, half in question, as also the liver to a large extent is stored in the factory. This is mostly to liver capsule pain, as the liver has no receptors for pain. In addition, the magnification could provide for a displacement of other organs.
  • Abdominal pain upper left and pain in the left half of the upper abdomen often indicate a disease of the spleen. This is not unlike the bile and the liver in the right, but the left upper side of the belly. In addition to the Pfeiffer’s glandular fever, or a spleen also car be crack here-immune diseases as possible causes mentioned. These are characterized by systemic disease and can affect the metabolism of the spleen.

In addition, there are in the upper part of the stomach, of course, also institutions, cannot be clearly assigned to one of the upper abdomen side. It is meant especially of the gastro-intestinal tract, which extends through the entire abdominal cavity. It can cause, therefore, according to the complaint, stove to the left as well as right – sided and Central abdominal pain. It looks similar to the ribs of arches. Here, the localization of the pain depends greatly on the location of the present complaints. In addition, it is also possible that abdominal pain caused by Radiating pain in other areas of the body. For a better Overview, we have summarized the most important causes and their source of Pain for you:

  • Biliary diseases: As already shown, are abdominal pain in the left side of the upper abdomen can often be attributed to diseases of the bile. These include gallstones, Bile duct atresia, bile duct and gall bladder inflammation. In addition to colic-like abdominal pain are diseases of the bile also symptoms such as pain on Pressure, to be expected flatulence, and bloating.
  • Liver disease: in the left upper abdomen side localized abdominal pain are diseases of the liver. Well-known forms of the disease cirrhosis of the liver, Hepatitis, jaundice, liver cancer, and fatty liver are here. Since the liver is closely associated with the gall bladder, and can spread said diseases in the later course of the bile, what is the the upper abdominal pain, of course, intensified. Other symptoms of liver disease pain, fatigue, malaise, Nausea, and vomiting. Also, circulatory disorders may not be excluded in the case of a diseased liver. In the case of jaundice a yellowing of the skin also.
  • Spleen diseases: diseases of the spleen have their origin often in systemic dysfunction. This is, for example, in the case of sarcoidosis, well-known auto-immune disease, Boeck’s disease. It affects 50 to 60 % in the spleen and causes, among other things, painful inflammation, growths and swelling. The blood can tear diseases such as leukemia or anemia, such as tuberculosis, as well as a spleen or splenic cysts endanger the health of the spleen and upper abdominal pain favor.
  • Gastro-intestinal disorders: diseases of the digestive tract, which can lead to pain in the upper abdomen, manifest themselves primarily in the area of the stomach or small intestine. All the while, Enteritis, Crohn’s disease, stomach flu, stomach ulcers and inflammation of the gastric mucosa and the pancreas, and the like to provoke pain in the upper abdomen. Likewise, stomach, colon and pancreatic cancer as the cause cannot be ruled out. The abdominal pain occurs in the above-mentioned diseases, preferably centered in the upper abdomen. Accompanying symptoms such as digestive problems, loss of appetite, stool changes, Nausea and vomiting are also possible.
  • Damage to the rib arches: diseases of the Ribs, there are only a few. However, individual Ribs can be deformed easily and then lead to irritation of the internal organs. Rib fractures and postural problems are the most common cause.
  • other diseases: Also, if organs such as the heart, the lungs or the cecum is not in the upper part of the abdomen, diseases can radiate to these areas to get there. Just heart disease, and Appendicitis are far-reaching pain known, which is also in front of the organs in the upper abdomen.
  • unhealthy lifestyle habits: stress of everyday life and not reconditioned mental problems as causes of belly pain not to be underestimated. The same applies to unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as incorrect or poor nutrition, alcohol, nicotine, and drug use. The stomach is in such cases usually the first address for the appropriate pain and sends through you significant warning signs of a physical imbalance.

Treatment for upper belly pain

The treatment of upper abdominal pain is always dependent on the cause. To determine this successfully requires a different set of diagnostic measures. First, the doctor will carry out a detailed survey to the pain location, and possible influencing factors. Methods such as ECG, ultrasonography, and studies of the blood picture to follow. Especially the sonography is pain for the diagnosis of abdomen widely used and allows a reliable determination of the causes of Pain. To counteract them, in the therapy, then do the following:

  • Treatment through medication: inflammation and infection in the upper abdominal pain generally, a therapy with anti-inflammatory drugs. The use of antibiotics is usually optionslos, just because the organs in the upper abdomen need in inflammatory infectious diseases for rapid and comprehensive help, which can be with home remedies and “light” drugs hardly reach. In addition to the therapy by antibiotics, analgesics such as Ibuprofen, are also conceivable.
  • surgical treatment: Is an inflammation of the blind intestine or there is a serious organ damage, it can often help just SURGERY. Otherwise, a disease in the upper abdomen could quickly assume life-threatening proportions. After all, the liver, spleen, gall bladder and digestive tract to the body’s functionality are essential. In case of emergency, even a transplant or partial resection of irreparably damaged organ therefore, the shares needed, in order to prevent that it comes to a complete organ failure.
  • Organ discharge: Whether after an Operation or as a regeneration measure in the case of unhealthy life style, it is Important organs in case of persistent upper ends to relieve abdominal pain. This happens through a gentle diet, so, the waiver of indigestible food and alcoholic drinks. In addition, mild herbal teas made from anise, fennel, chamomile or lovage can calm the troubled stomach.

Upper abdominal pain – when to see a doctor?

Pain in the upper abdomen are due in the vast majority of cases, harmless causes, such as short-term stomach upsets, digestive problems, or time-limited stress of everyday life. As long as the pain symptoms do not persist longer than one to two days, according to experience, there is no reason to worry. Differently it looks, if the upper abdominal pain to be a chronic Problem. Here are the symptoms of a serious underlying disease could be due. You go therefore, be sure to see a doctor, if…

    …You are already suffering from an organ disease in the upper abdomen such as gall bladder inflammation. …symptoms such as Nausea, vomiting, or fever accompanying consumption. …To create them in addition, chronic fatigue or loss of appetite. …the abdominal pain is specifically and intensively in the left-hand or upper right abdomen may occur. …You will find in other areas of the body pain. …it comes to pain, colic-like belly.


Abdominal pain are often seen as a harmless side effects of an upset stomach, or indigestion. In some cases, a severe disease of the digestive organs is behind the pain. Especially in the case of upper abdominal pain diseases of the organs here come in the field of liver, gall bladder, spleen, as well as of the stomach or small intestine into consideration. While the liver and gallbladder problems in the upper lead belly commonly right-sided pain, splenic diseases, especially due to left upper abdominal pain. The stomach and small intestine cause often Central pain, or show a nonspecific symptomatology. Since each of the above-mentioned bodies, is involved in the life-support, we recommend in cases of persistent upper abdominal pain urgently to a medical examination (eg by ultrasonography). Chronic pain in the abdomen could here namely a serious malfunction in the body area that needs to be treated urgently.

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