What is dangerous intercostal neuralgia in a pregnant woman and what methods can be used to treat it during gestation

The reasons

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a serious restructuring, and neuralgia can develop against this background. A change in the position of the internal organs and the appearance of increased pressure on the nerve endings in different parts of the body are noted. When carrying a child, especially women with spine neuralgia often encounter women who have previously had abnormalities in the spine.

What is dangerous intercostal neuralgia in a pregnant woman and what methods can be used to treat it during gestation

The following factors contribute to the occurrence of intercostal neuralgia in pregnant women:

  • Deficiency in the body of vitamins of group B – against the background of its metabolic processes are disturbed and malfunctioning of the occurs.
  • Transferred infections – when they occur general intoxication, which in turn provokes of the nerve.
  • Diseases of the lungs.
  • Squeezing of the chest with the growing uterus – this can cause squeezing of the intercostal nerves.
  • Severe frosting – it becomes the cause of impaired blood circulation in the ribs and intercostal nerves. The course of the disease, which appeared for this reason, is the simplest.
  • Shingles – it is caused by the herpes virus, the same as chickenpox. During pregnancy, immunity decreases, and the pathogen becomes active.
  • Osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine – doctors call this disease one of the most common causes of the disease.
  • Strong – violent emotions or strong experiences can cause neuralgia not only in pregnant women.

To accurately determine the cause of the disease, you must consult a doctor.


Most cases of the disease occur in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, when the uterus is already greatly enlarged, the intercostal spaces become smaller, and the load on the spine is greater.

The main manifestation of inflammation (neuralgia) is severe pain, which is paroxysmal in nature. It goes in the direction of the nerve and is often confused with a heart attack or pain in the mammary glands. Even a slight movement leads to an intense attack. The pain is always burning and sharp. It is localized in the region of the ribs and can be given to the region of the back and the spine.

In the event of the first attack, it is recommended to immediately call an ambulance. Independently determine what is happening – pain in the heart or intercostal nerves – is almost impossible.

When shingles occur, changes in the skin appear in addition to the pain. She blushes and a rash appears on her along the nerve.


Serious difficulties in the treatment are due to the fact that many drugs are prohibited for use during pregnancy. This applies to a number of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. If possible, the doctor selects the drug for outdoor use.

The main therapeutic measures are as follows:

  • Rest – lying on a hard surface will reduce the intensity of pain and the frequency of attacks. If you can not stay at home all the time, you should lie down for 15 minutes every 2 hours. It reduces discomfort.
  • Novocainic blockade is done in exceptional cases, when the pain is so strong that it is dangerous for the unborn child. The procedure is carried out only by a doctor. The effect of the drug lasts for 20 days.
  • Applying ointments and gels of local action, which are allowed during the period of gestation of the child, – the penetration of their components into the systemic circulation is not very intensive.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – perhaps their use, if the pain is very strong and painful. The drug is selected depending on the duration of pregnancy, the state of the woman.
  • Physiotherapy methods – which procedures are needed, determined by the doctor. They give a quick and pronounced effect and reduce the number of drugs administered orally.

Early treatment can resolve the problem quickly. Launched neuralgia requires long-term therapy and proceeds with particularly severe pain. Without treatment, the inflammation of the intercostal nerve does not pass..

Folk medicine

For the treatment of intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy refer to the experience of traditional medicine. Good results are obtained using essential oil of fir. They rubbed the area of ​​the sick nerve in the morning and evening. The drug has a mild warming effect, and also reduces pain. If the oil is used for the first time, it is necessary to test for its portability on the skin of the inside of the elbow.

In the evening to facilitate the process of falling asleep, you can use a water infusion of valerian or motherwort. Regarding the use of such funds, although they are permitted for pregnant women, you should consult with your doctor.

With neuralgia, honey wrapping is helpful, which helps speed up the process of removing nerve inflammation in a pregnant woman. Carry out the procedure daily before bedtime (leaving honey overnight) until complete recovery.

Home therapy for neuralgia should be coordinated with the doctor.


Prevention reduces the risk of intercostal neuralgia. Preparing the body for pregnancy is necessary at the planning stage. A woman should perform special exercises for the thoracic spine, preparing it for new loads. Also requires quitting , overload. If there are problems with the spine, in order to prevent their aggravation, it is necessary to determine in advance with the doctor what measures will be taken to do this.

The occurrence of intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy is a fairly common and treatable problem. It is necessary not to start the pathology, but immediately begin therapy.

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