What pills can be prescribed for concussion: a list of drugs


Usually, therapy is aimed at eliminating pain, reducing emotional tension, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, and preventing the exacerbation of chronic diseases.


A concussion is usually understood as an uncomplicated injury resulting from a head strike in a fall, accident, fight or sports. Appears in both and adults. Because of the damage, the brain changes its location for a while, receives a blow to the inner wall of the skull and returns to its place. However, some nerve cells do not keep up with the movement and stretch or break.

As a result:

  • nutrition of cells is violated;
  • vascular damage occurs;
  • small tears appear;
  • brain activity suffers;
  • hematomas appear.

Shaking changes are reversible.


The main signs of a concussion are headache, nausea, pallor, sleep disturbances. The severity of symptoms suggests three degrees of injury. When the first degree of possible loss of consciousness for a short time, literally up to five minutes. There is a loss of feeling of place and time, dizzy, before the appear flies. The man turns pale. Movement, speech is not violated. The treatment is carried out at home.

The second degree is characterized by a longer loss of consciousness, vomiting, impaired vision. It is manifested by tinnitus, numbness of the limbs, stunning. A person loses orientation, control over what is happening, is inhibited. Treat the victim can both at home and in the hospital.

In the third degree, a person loses consciousness for a longer time, having regained consciousness, does not remember what happened. His nauseous, he complains of dizziness, weakness, can lose his balance. Vomiting appears, it makes noise in the ears, darkness appears before the eyes. The patient is hospitalized.

What pills can be prescribed for concussion: a list of drugs

Sometimes the symptoms do not appear immediately. For example, with the growth of hematoma or edema after a stable state, a headache occurs, fainting occurs.

Concussion drugs that improve the condition after an injury depend on its severity.

First aid

Detection of signs of concussion in a person requires immediate assistance. The patient is placed on a flat horizontal surface. It should not be soft. If there is no reason to suspect damage to the spine, the patient is laid on his side, bending the lower leg and placing his arm under the head. This posture will prevent the tongue from swallowing and vomiting in the airways.

Open wounds on the head should be treated with an antiseptic solution, smear the edges with antimicrobial agents, for example, iodine. To relieve headaches, you can use cold compresses.

It is not allowed to prescribe and take medicines for concussion without a doctor’s prescription.


The main method of treatment is medication. The choice of tactics depends on the results of diagnostics, including radiography, computed or magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography. Patient is advised to have an eye doctor. Concussion medications are prescribed based on diagnostic results. Sometimes studies show no signs of damage.

Against pain in the head

In order to relieve pain symptoms, doctors will prescribe Analgin or Baralgin. However, if the pain is painful, incessant, very strong, use drugs such as Pentalgin, Medalgin, Maxilgan. Perhaps the appointment of Ketorolaka or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Against dizziness

The feeling of feeling dizzy after shaking occurs very often. It appears after the slightest physical exertion, with a change of posture or in a normal state when a person is lying. To relieve this symptom is used Tanakan, Belloid, Papaverin.

Against nausea

Children with vomiting and nausea are prescribed Zeercal. This drug can be used in adults. The use of metoclopramide is shown. These remedies are prescribed only as a symptomatic treatment. By reducing the symptoms of therapy are excluded.

Against sleep disorders

Concussion is accompanied by sleep disorders. More often it manifests itself in excessive sleepiness of the patient. It is treated with drugs that have ginseng, echinacea, eleutherococcus. So, use Panctocrine. These medicines are prescribed in small doses.

In cases where the patient is tormented by insomnia, he is prescribed Phenobarbital. Corvalol, motherwort will help to calm down. At bedtime, it is helpful to drink a cup of green tea or a decoction of chamomile.

Against psycho-emotional disorders

Tranquilizers will help to calm down when the patient has depression, phobias, irritability, and constant anxiety. Medications of this group: Nozepam, Fenazepam, Dormiplant.


In adults with brain concussion, tablets are used against increased intracranial pressure and edema. In these cases, diuretic drugs are prescribed: Diacarb, Arifon, Veroshpiron.

To stabilize the brain

Such drugs as Nootropil, Piracetam contribute to the recovery of neurons, the improvement of their nutrition, the normalization of metabolism, the activation of thinking and memory. For therapeutic purposes, glycine is prescribed.

Treatment with nootropic drugs is indicated to begin only 5 or 7 days after concussion. Injectables, such as Cerebrolysin, are injected intravenously.

To strengthen the vessels

Vasotropic drugs are aimed at increasing the stability and elasticity of blood vessels. They help to remove the spasm, normalize blood viscosity, activate the metabolism, prevent necrosis of the nervous tissue. Applied Actovegin, Dexamethasone, Vasotropin.

Vitamin complexes

Health recovery after a head injury is impossible without the use of vitamin-mineral complexes. To speed up the normalization of the condition, folic acid, vitamin B, C, magnesium, phosphorus is indicated. Can be used Centrum, Kogitum, Vitrum.

Special cases

Particular attention should be paid to the treatment of older people. In parallel, they are prescribed medications for atherosclerosis, for example, , , Rosuvastatin.

In the presence of chronic diseases, patients should take drugs against the underlying pathology, for example, hypertension, diabetes. Concussion of the brain can be a factor that will worsen a stable condition and lead to the exacerbation of these diseases.

If the patient has ever had seizures or epileptic seizures, an anticonvulsant drug is prescribed.


When prescribing the correct treatment, observing all the prescription of the doctor, the patient fully recovers. Otherwise, there may be some complications:

  1. Post-communal syndrome develops, including frequent bouts of pain in the head, sleep disturbances, irritability.
  2. Emotional disorders: lability, aggressiveness, impulsivity. The patient becomes depressed, he has phobias.
  3. Signs of vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  4. Sleep disturbance
  5. Drinking a person with can cause epilepsy.


To prevent the development of complications, it is recommended to drink tablets prescribed by a doctor. With a brain concussion, you need to get enough sleep, air the room before going to bed and during the day, exercise therapy, take walks.

The patient is recommended to stop smoking, heavy food, alcohol, strong coffee. In the early days it is important not to play on computers, not to watch videos. It is better to take a vacation, avoid heavy load, and spend the first two days in bed.

Severe cases are the basis for physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture.

Therapy prescribed by the doctor for concussion is complex. Tablets for concussion of the brain aimed at eliminating pain, dizziness. They stabilize brain function, normalize metabolic processes, calm down. Compliance with the recommendations of the doctor will quickly forget about the injury.

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