What to do if tortured insomnia with menopause


Features of sleep disorders in women

Often, patients ask the doctor to prescribe pills to overcome insomnia during menopause.

Sleep disorders in menopause has several varieties:

  • sleep apnea – breath hold in sleep for more than 10 seconds;
  • snoring – noisy, sonorous breathing during sleep, often associated with apnea;
  • restless legs syndrome – burning sensation, tingling, goosebumps during rest, which causes the desire to move them, does not allow to fall asleep;
  • long sleep (more than half an hour);
  • frequent nightly awakenings;
  • early rise (at 3-4 o’clock in the morning);
  • lack of sleep provokes narcolepsy – an unusual drowsiness with episodes of falling asleep “on the go.”

There are objective reasons for these violations, the doctor will try to find out why his patient cannot sleep.

These reasons are divided into 2 groups: hormonal and psychological disorders. We list the most characteristic of them.

Lack of estrogen

In addition to headaches, irritability, deterioration of the skin, hair, hypoestrogenic causes sleep disturbances, hot flashes during menopause.

What to do if tortured insomnia with menopause

The reduced level of estrogen makes the too sensitive, unable to disconnect from weak stimuli for rest and sleep.

Tides that occur at night, wake a woman, causing a feeling of heat, chills, heart palpitations, sweating.

Low progesterone

Progesterone is produced by the female body during the second phase of the cycle, preparing the body for a possible pregnancy.

It has a sedative, hypnotic effect on the nervous system. Due to lack of it, the risk of insomnia during menopause rises.

Psychological causes of insomnia

Hormonal changes in the body during menopause often contribute to anxiety, irritability, the emergence of all kinds of fears and even . This leads to sleep disturbance.

The lack of a full night’s sleep, in turn, will deplete the nervous system, aggravate psychological difficulties.

Implications for the body

A full 7-8-hour sleep is necessary to restore the strength of a woman. Lack of sleep at night inhibits the female nervous system, aggravating irritability, tearfulness, mood swings, anxiety, typical of the period of menopause.

Since often a woman at this age still works, sleepless nights reduce performance, attention, and create difficulties in the labor process. Accumulating psychological disorders, everyday difficulties can lead to menopausal depression.

The immune system should resist infections, but in a weakened insomnia organism it cannot function at a high level.

Insomnia carries an even greater threat to the cardiovascular system. Consequences can be increased , vascular spasms, cardiac abnormalities, stroke, heart attack.

Few sleeping people have a tendency to gain weight, risk of diabetes. If sleep disorders are present with apnea syndrome, then the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases (arterial hypertension, arrhythmias, heart attacks) increases.

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These unpleasant consequences can be avoided by knowing how to treat insomnia accompanying menopause.

Methods of getting rid of the problem

Since the reasons why insomnia develops during menopause, of a hormonal nature, its treatment involves 2 components: changes in lifestyle and drug therapy.

First you need to create new, effective habits that will help improve the quality of life and sleep:

  1. Principles of rational nutrition: the menu should contain whole-grain products, whole-grain bread, fruits, seasonal vegetables, sea fish, lean meat. It is necessary to exclude alcoholic beverages, strong coffee, tea, spicy, hot dishes. A glass of warm milk for the night will calm the nerves, will give the necessary portion of tryptophan, from which “sleepy” hormones – serotonin and melatonin – are produced. Dietitians recommend dinner for 2 hours before bedtime.
  2. Insomnia win will help regular physical exertion. Long walks, fitness classes, cycling will strengthen the body, nervous system, relieve stressful states.
  3. A clear mode of the day will help to cure a sleep disorder: you need to go to bed and get up at the same time. It is better not to go to bed during the day, but you can take a nap for 5-10 minutes to recuperate.
  4. Sleep hygiene – the creation of conditions for night rest. Ventilated room, linen from natural fabrics, the lack of a TV in the bedroom, bright light sources set to rest.
  5. Relaxation reduces . You can listen to your favorite quiet melody, read, take a warm bath with aroma oils. Action films, talk shows, the Internet should be postponed until the morning.

Normalize the hormonal background, relieve nervous tension will help natural plant estrogens, herbal teas, herbs for insomnia during menopause – valerian, motherwort, mint and lemon balm tea.

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