What you need to know when pinched a nerve in your hand: methods of treating neuropathy


What you need to know when pinched a nerve in your hand: methods of treating neuropathy

The risk of injury to a limb is high in athletes, elderly people using crutches, teenagers who love computer games, newlyweds, hugging in an uncomfortable position. An inaccurate sharp movement can cause acute pain or stiffness. If you feel discomfort, pain, numbness, tingling, or loss of movement in your hand, you should consult a doctor.

Causes of pathology

If a nerve is suspected, consult a surgeon or a neurologist. The lack of timely medical care and treatment of the disease leads to irreversible consequences, including the complete or partial loss of physical activity and disability. Any pain syndrome indicates the presence of dysfunction in this part of the body. Self-treatment without the correct diagnosis leads to the development of complications.

Causes of pinching the nerve in the hand:

  • dislocation, fracture;
  • untreated injuries;
  • long stay in a tense state;
  • activities associated with the work of hands, lifting weights, using vibrotools;
  • sleep in an uncomfortable position;
  • inflammation from adjacent tissues;
  • effects of surgical interventions;
  • walking with crutches;
  • one-sided long-term squeezing of the limb – carry bags, backpacks on the same side, walk with crutches.

Injured limbs (fracture, dislocation) possible damage to the nerves passing through it. If you do not turn to a traumatologist in time or do not treat the pathology, violations develop, physical activity is lost, pathological irreversible consequences occur. There is a chance to wake up with pain in your hand if you sleep in an unnatural uncomfortable position.

Intoxication with , toxic substances can cause damage to the . Draft and hypothermia cause degenerative and inflammatory processes. People who do not let go of a computer mouse and keyboard are also susceptible to this disease. Elderly people using crutch are constantly at risk of getting a shoulder injury.

Clinical picture

Symptoms of a pinched nerve:

  • partial or complete loss of movement;
  • muscle weakness;
  • burning;
  • acute or aching pain;
  • numbness;
  • tingling

The pathology is divided into types, depending on what kind of nerve was infringed:

  • Long-term work with manual vibro-instruments provokes the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a neurological disease characterized by pinched median nerve, which is located between the bones of the wrist. The main symptoms are the deterioration of the sensitivity of the fingers, acute persistent pain, the inability to bend the brush into a fist.
  • When the ulnar nerve is damaged, there is aching pain, the sensitivity of the fingers disappears.
  • In case of radial neuropathy (damage to the radial nerve), it is impossible to bend the hand, mobility is limited or absent, the appearance of the “drooping hand syndrome” is characteristic.

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The main diagnostic method is an examination by a neurologist. He conducts a sensitivity test and performance limb. When performing special exercises by the patient, the doctor determines which department has suffered. After finding out the place of pathology, electroneurography is carried out, which will establish the conduction velocity of the nerve impulse. Additional appointments will be consultation with the orthopedist and traumatologist, an MRI, x-ray of the forearm, shoulder joint and hand.

The main task of the doctor is to find out the cause of the injury and, based on the results of the research, to prescribe complex therapy.

Hand Neuropathy Treatment

The complex of measures for neuropathic hand pathologies depends on the severity of the disease. Begin with conservative treatment, in the absence of improvements, refer to surgical methods. The standard scheme – drugs, physiotherapy, wearing orthoses, therapeutic exercises.


In case of limb injury with tearing or stretching of nerves and ligaments, it is recommended to wear orthoses that restrict the physical activity of the damaged area. The duration of the use of orthopedic products is regulated by the attending physician.



  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Relieve pain, and swelling. Administered in the form of gels, ointments or solutions for topical use (Voltaren, Bystrumgel, Dolobene, Dimexidum, Ketonal) .In tablets (Diclofenac, Naiz, Nimesulide, Amelotex, Ketonal) injection (meloxicam, , Deksalgin, Movalis, Ksefokam) .
  2. Preparations containing vitamins of group B. Regulate the central and peripheral nervous system, participate in the processes of nerve excitation in synapses (Neuromultivitis, Milgamma, Complegam).
  3. Muscle relaxants in tablets, injections (Mydocalm, Sirdalud).
  4. Corticosteroids.

Apply drugs only needed after consulting a doctor.

Other methods

Additional measures in the form of physiotherapy, physiotherapy and manual therapy will speed recovery. Massage will improve blood circulation, ease symptoms, relieve spasm, relieve nerve roots. Good results are shown by the use of acupuncture, electrophoresis, paraffin therapy, magnetic therapy.

Therapeutic gymnastics is shown in the period of recovery, rehabilitation and as a preventive measure. Surgery is resorted to in the absence of results of conservative treatment or nerve rupture.

In some cases, recommended classes with a physiotherapist. He will conduct a course of stretching exercises to relieve nerve pressure and reduce pain. The first time to exercise is necessary only in the presence of a doctor and with his help. In the future it is allowed to engage in their own.

It is permissible to be treated at home, following the prescription of a doctor. With the right approach and timely treatment, neuropathy is completely curable.


Folk ways:

  • compresses with propolis tincture;
  • turpentine baths;
  • bandages with blue clay;
  • lotion with goat milk;
  • baths with amber, oak bark, horse chestnut;

Before using folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to make a correct diagnosis and not to suffer even greater harm.


Measures to prevent injuries and neuropathy of the hands:

  • avoid prolonged static position with a tense limb;
  • follow the weight, to prevent obesity;
  • exclude being in a draft, hypothermia;
  • engage in preventive physical therapy (it is especially important for people who spend a long time in a sitting position at a computer);
  • comply with the principles of good nutrition, take multivitamins, eliminate alcohol and preservatives;
  • follow safety regulations when working with weights;
  • prevent prolonged unilateral compression of the limb;
  • Do not overload your hands with long-term work with manual vibrotools;
  • seek medical attention in a timely manner.

A pinched nerve heals for a long time and causes discomfort in the form of disability, pain and deterioration in the quality of life. Strict adherence to the doctor’s prescriptions will speed up recovery and eliminate the negative effects of the disease.

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